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  1. The deal is a pretty good chess move - modern economies vs. Neanderthals.
  2. Gee and nobody ever said anything crass about Ivanka or Melania...
  3. He's got a better job than you do, son...
  4. First thing I do in every place I live is take the stupid restrictors out of every faucet in the place.
  5. He is calling for a mask mandate and will blame his loss on his lunatic voters staying home because they were scared of catching bubonic plague if they came out to vote and one person wasn't wearing a mask...
  6. No one agreed to it democrat scumbags decided it was cool because they can not win an election based on their metal-case ideas, moral hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.
  7. That kid is a badass.
  8. It is sickening how completely underhanded and dishonest democrats actually are - like Ted Bundy sociopaths..
  9. However many it takes for democrats to steal the election.
  10. I can't listen to the guy because he sounds like he is Benzedrine AND Dexedrine, concurrently! He probably says good stuff but I do not like speed-talkers.
  11. You know, once you've had a few of them, they don't look the same anymore...
  12. Trump is going to kick joe and commie-la's asses.
  13. If we lived in a just society that p.o.s. would be burning to death right now.
  14. God is in how you treat people that cant do you any good, and cant fight back...
  15. I think that when lots of old, racist, democrats say "President Harris" to themselves, they are just going to stay home.