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    Avid fly fisherman and sufcaster. Fish for stripes more nights than i sleep.
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    The fine art of music and cigars. Camping at Shag. Fish once and awhile...
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    Restrain my demented mind by finding new and interesting places to fish. Then fishing.

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  1. Blake, no sense standing in the square for the stoning (again). Most of the twits have their own skeletons to face anyway, and shouldn't be casting a stone. You did get off way easy.. but the now is between you and your Maker. I'd fish with ya. So long as you don't burn the spot
  2. I will this time Mitchell. Previous batteries crapped out six months after 42 month (previous)warranty was up. Stock last about nine years cranking a diesel...
  3. Just put dual in my truck... Costco, but they shortened the warranty to 36 months. Probably swap em out in 34 to be safe. Pretty good price.
  4. ELO

    Everyone hates ELO? Good. Tells me they were good for at least something. Smoking out choads maybe? ELO made some uniquely composed different music, At that time most everyone was reading the same reviews from the same magazine.. playing the same 4-5 instruments. Rockaria !
  5. $500 extraction fee waived? To pull one tooth? Ah, generosity say's it all.
  6. Traveling Wilburys debut was pretty good...
  7. Glenn Gould, The Goldberg Variations
  8. Stellar D, punter, and RBs got it done. Goff looked overwhelmed. Good job, old man Brady.
  9. Rehab is just another rabbit hole in the addiction business.. A simple Google of "rehab patient brokering in Florida" gives you an idea. Commissions for bringing junkies with decent insurance- ( aka finders fees). Addicts getting thier drugs and cash through thier involvement in revolving rehab schemes. Ridiculous profits earned from unnecessary lab testing is also a huge problem.
  10. Fact is, Perdue went through great lengths to convince the fda and medical community that oxy addiction prescription risks were minimal ( flat liie). Demonstrable lengths. Culpability. Throw these powerful pills at people, and x amount will stick - and hard. The human condition remains. And where physical labor is requisite, like coal country, look out.. These purveyors also knew well they would make a fortune in both directions. That's why they worked so hard to keep the pills flowing. Maintenance cessation drugs are a lucrative lifetime Cash cow. See the subixone thread, harder to quit than the pills. Little money in methadone, so let's make something "better". Make no mistake- they have all the data. They even market to people with "opioid constapation syndrome" for goodness sakes. It all about the $$.
  11. Ah, "that smell" (of death). The tale of youth and seeming invincibility.
  12. The last paragraph is the most incredible to me. But rep.Marino was blocked in his attempt to head the FDA. Instead we now have FDA head Scott Gottlieb, who's ties to the industry go just as deep. He lobbied for the opioid industry for years (well documented) , making a fortune doing pharma's bidding in fighting regulations on opioids.
  13. This brings a bit of light to just how systemic & corrupt the whole distribution/ legislation network of opioids has been (still is?). Of special note is the revolving door between the DEA primary enforcers turning to jobs in the distribution side of things to great $(conflicting interests).. you know, the whole "know your enemy" thing. "Since the crackdown on the distributors began, the pharmaceutical industry and law firms that represent them have hired at least 46 investigators, attorneys and supervisors from the DEA, including 32 directly from the division that regulates the drug industry."