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  1. Great dramatic series. GS played their tails off and left nothing in the chamber. Vanvleet killed it this series. Probably don't win without his 3's. Fun watch for sure.
  2. Well, Durant out maybe a year. If he'll ever be the same player, as yet to be seen. He's got a "p!ayers option" for next year during his rehab. Knick fans; officially business as usual...
  3. No Clay, no chance. Not an all time team. Just great shooters. When they are all healthy. But Green is a beast, heart of the team. Vegas is bleeding in this series.
  4. I don't blame you the bitter. Very strange season for the Celts. Big changes coming over there. But Danny is a good gm, and they'll land on their feet.
  5. Milli just couldn't finish quarters. Always letting the Raptors close the gaps. A big lack of coaching adjustments on the Bucks side was apparent as well. Toronto made the changes to reel in the freak after game two, and the other coach did nothing I could discern to adapt. I expect he will be fired after the finals, as he should be. Maybe we Knick fans will get to join the party in a couple years, if they play it right for a change.
  6. Maybe I should have asked a question? Is anyone going to even watch the finals? Your teams are done, and now your nterest is gone? I'm a Knick fan, but I still find it easy to watch any good series. With KD gone, this could go seven. And I'm tired of the soft warriors winning championships...Not the best team ever, Not even close.
  7. Having used both methods with dozens of species, I would choose a fly rod every single time for maximum enjoyment. But that's just my opinion.
  8. Done.
  9. Leonard against Clay. Not a bad match up. Should be a competitive series, if Toronto can hold onto home court. GS may also take a game or two to shake off the long layoff. Should be fun.
  10. I think Embid is still calling for the 3 ball ! Unreal how stupid the last 4-5 Sixer plays were in that game. And that's why they go home again...
  11. Sixers are the fourth best team in the east, but for chemistry's sake. If embid miraculously could play the whole series healthy, and stsy in the box - they have a punchers chance. It's going to take a year or two for them to reach the finals.
  12. I just keep a flower watering can full by the garage, and lean setup on fence & rinse the rod and reel as I take it back home every night.
  13. After Mondays game, that's what the Philly's bring? Well, I'm not even sure the throwing over someone's head will get Phill's motivated. Didn't look like it, as the Mets looked more willing to back their pitcher.. Today is early, but It's a big gut check for philly. I think Vargas is up-our#5.
  14. It'll be interesting to see how Phill's come out tonight. They were flat as a pancake last night. But then again so were the Mets, except the arms..