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    Avid fly fisherman and sufcaster. Fish for stripes more nights than i sleep.
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    The fine art of music and cigars. Camping at Shag. Fish once and awhile...
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    Restrain my demented mind by finding new and interesting places to fish. Then fishing.

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  1. Frank, are you serious? Really?
  2. Aahhhh , you forgot Dukes of Hazzard and Daisy.
  3. I’m left of tailsniff. Wtf?
  4. You’re obtuse, and a liar. Possibly stupid as well. Make that definitely stupid.
  5. I’m that guy. But God bless you. Different strokes. I avoid bluefish where i can. especially on the fly. I’d rather catch fluke any day. Mad respect for blues, but i just as soon let them swim and chomp.
  6. 11 hits 11 runs. Serendipity
  7. ^^^^ C&R if you knew economics you’d know what you're really saying is you're losing 6 to16% year in year out. Which also makes you coming here to this thread and preaching money special. K?
  8. Scherzer takes himself out w/ 2 on in the middle of a hitter. Doesn’t look good..
  9. Try Pedialite (sp?). Drink less and better than GA.
  10. And.. McNeil serves up the wedge to the open shortstop position. Love the way he’s hitting this year.
  11. Nice win in #1. Diaz was in trouble, and Bader bailed him out. I think he learned that from Pete in the minors.
  12. Happy anniversary Tim and Carole, and the Markus pair. Sunday was 29 for Sim and i!
  13. They use what is in my photo of a fixed mag. PG