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    Avid fly fisherman and sufcaster. Fish for stripes more nights than i sleep.
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    The fine art of music and cigars. Camping at Shag. Fish once and awhile...
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    Restrain my demented mind by finding new and interesting places to fish. Then fishing.

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  1. Good read here this morning..
  2. So it's now a circle you guys have at it.
  3. Pretty sure you print out a shipping lable from Simms to send them out. Two pair of G4's for me in the last 20+ years fishing stripes and the trout rivers. Both new and older (back ups now,) function as advertised. Before G4'S, I don't think I ever made a whole season dry with the crap that was out there.
  4. Check Famous Smoke while your at it. Big box sale. Saw some LaGloria Wavells there. $47 for ten sound's pretty good.
  5. Killer bees, killer lawns, killer corona.. what a turd of a year so far!
  6. Great quality cigar. I'm smoking a Fuentes as well, "Work of Art".
  7. St Francis, good recommendation., if you decide nows the time. What's your diet like by the way?(gin & tonic?) T& P
  8. People choose dogs. Cats choose people. Learn to let go.. you're dumb butt will give it all away one day.
  9. Almost all Cubans for the last dance. Cohibas (Esplendidos, mostly), but a few others as well. And that nice pantela in episode 9 or 10, well that's a Trinidad fundadores.
  10. #6 by the looks of it. Excellent choice!
  11. To all the Rocky Patel guys - 50% off, 5 reward points on 15th anniversary, 20th anniversary both natch and Maduro, Decade natch and Maduro.. "Small Batch Cigars" site (my fav.) Sign up, log in. ROCKYNEWS gets you the deal. //Good until midnight only!!//
  12. Interesting op. Maybe I had this Ballmo all wrong.
  13. I taste advantages in the 67-68% range, especially in Cubans. But other smokes as well. I find high % cigars to smoke moist, and spongy, muting subtle flavors. Lightly packed cigars get soft and tight while packed cigars can pop. As well I keep an eye on the foot of the smoke, for fluting. If I'm not comfortable with moisture content, I let the cigar sit for a bit (anywhere from two hours to over night).
  14. Good, but they would've saved some gas then. Two strikes probe. Wasn't going down.
  15. So, you seem to have the prejudice outlook. But jthen ust maybe, the cops could have investigated the allegations and evidence. But that would have interrupted the perps wind sprints?