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    Avid fly fisherman and sufcaster. Fish for stripes more nights than i sleep.
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    The fine art of music and cigars. Camping at Shag. Fish once and awhile...
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    Restrain my demented mind by finding new and interesting places to fish. Then fishing.

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  1. There’s nothing remotely common with pretending to be an addict and actually being down with the disease . Posers. Tool would be a better grab.
  2. Baty is a viable lefty dh since he doesn’t play every day. Maybe Mauricio should have been here already for a .500 team. We’re looking at next year now, and rookie AB’s are crucial.
  3. I’m done. I like Buck, but give me Beltran. His stubborn lineups are ridiculous at this point. And the lefty lefty bats are not the same as righty righty at bats. Righties hit righties/ Alverez-Vientos. I’m certain Vientos is relief trade bait at this point anyway. Play them.
  4. Let Buck be a casualty of his convictions…
  5. Next year 3 veteran guys need to go, and guess what? The rookies will still be green. Letting .500 team veterans play is just stupid.
  6. With the youth and talent here and a >300 million roster - one place to look - bye bye Buck
  7. What a joke. Hope Buck gives fatso a room and board when they lose their jobs.
  8. I’d rather the Mets respond by charging the mound. They’ve been hit far too many times in recent memory. If you throw at hitters in response, your pitcher and your team get penalized. Marte is a big boy, and he’s a veteran. Could scare some folks. Of course he was also broken by a pitch last year too. The Mets are just too comfortable losing and being downright humiliated. Sack up and make them sting a little.
  9. most hit team in baseball, least likely to charge the mound.
  10. In hindsight, no question. I would have gambled on 2023 and lost given current facts..
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