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    Avid fly fisherman and sufcaster. Fish for stripes more nights than i sleep.
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    The fine art of music and cigars. Camping at Shag. Fish once and awhile...
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    Restrain my demented mind by finding new and interesting places to fish. Then fishing.

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  1. Mess with the barn, get the horn.
  2. Buffet, exactly what i
  3. Where are you located? there’s no venmo..
  4. Yes, bottled headache’s. The ipa one tastes ok. Still a headache.
  5. Get home, hose down rod & reel and any wet hooks. Put back in the garage or back in truck period. My gear will out live me anyway.
  6. Hope those saggy cans don’t bring down the poles. Still cant be worse than what they have now.
  7. My wife calls the catbirds “Sylvios”, after the Sopranos hairdo. Two pairs of orioles already here as of the 1st. Last year was more than a dozen before the summer was out. Lol, hope I don’t get 2 or 3 dozen this year. I’m buying jelly by the case already. side note: my next generation red bellies have also been on the jelly as much as the orange halves so far this year.
  8. Appeal Time!

    Now I think the juror can be jailed (ironical). Maybe some hard time and restitution for the court costs. You think he spent his stimulus yet?
  9. Ha, did my maters today as well Markushook! Three as well. One cherry, all heirloom. Smoked a Millenium robusto, and got a little dizzy at the end. Nice dizzy.
  10. I received hair “twisters”, the ruler, a boot one time even -lol. Where’s my monaay? I’m much better now.. IYBT
  11. Mets canned Chile. Davis that is.
  12. Kap took a knee because he was a washed up QB who needed a second career. He figured BLM cash was easy and the rest is history. I also figure there are plenty of deplorables to go around. Lots of them on display burning and looting.
  13. Keep on winning.. and fantasizing about nazi’s and bigots.
  14. Cant get it out of my head.. if your not a child of the 70s, why would you understand?
  15. No, just another who’s served this country who doesn’t see things quite the way you do.