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  1. Have this old giant used 60 shipped if you are intrested
  2. I'd say an 11-foot is a bit big to match with an 8K Saragosa might be better off with the 1201 m if you're in the Lami business I have one that I used the fish the beaches with it's a solid blank can take a beating and has really nice action and won't break the bank
  3. Haha good one Captain !
  4. Human chum slick !
  5. Close please thanks adoboboy & sol !
  6. Your pick 40 without the Yankees or 50 for lot let me know
  7. Going 2 let it ride another day if no one takes them I can do that thanks
  8. Heavy blurple bullet Heavy black like new 2 Yankee 2 Tsunami & old Gags 60$ shipped
  9. Ok deal I'm down 4 that Thanks will send pm
  10. I'm Intrested in white also ...intrested in any SS ? I would offer my 2 wood & one of these for yellow & white
  11. Now that's funny HD !!
  12. BM has been fished & kinda beat from storage SA is like new ...