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  6. also i am aiming to catch trout, striped bass, and red drum
  7. 1.Just wondering any good places to fish around there. I would prefer not to wade and later i will be using the kayak. I preferably an area with little people/pressure and lots of stripers and drum. Also a place with plenty of room to cast. Oh and i will be using a 9ft. 8wt. 2.What are some good flies. I was looking around and it seemed like orange over black was a good choice for clouser minnows. What flies for stripers. and what flies for drum 3.Were is a good place to launch a 12ft. kayak in the sound that i will have access to stripers and drum. Is the manteo bridge launch area ok? 4. I built a stripping basket and started a salt fly box. I have pliers and scissors what other equiptment do i need? more questions to come.. THANKS
  8. I love the one with you answering the phone you should call it "business calls"
  9. Pics!!!!!!
  10. thirded!
  11. wow lefty my casting hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i always look up to your awesome casting skills! will you be going to the va fly fishing festival! I will be one of the youth kids hanging around there!
  12. sweet!
  13. got to love native brook trout down here in VA our brook trout have been here since the last ice age!
  14. It looks like a really cool kayak! I have been drooling over it with several other kayaks (U12) I really like the cockpit storage for small things like pliers, scissors, small fly boxes. Another kayak you could look at is the Heritage RedFish 12 it would be much cheaper?