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  1. Sold this afternoon thanks
  2. Camp koa
  3. Driven past there many times I thought it was either crater or blue mountain.
  4. Crater lake
  5. Lots of great info. I appreciate it. And yes the Flatbrook is awesome to fish especially when you get off the beaten path. My family has had a place up there for over 50 yrs we never fished the Delaware but the plan is to start trying.
  6. I have some access close to me just below the Dingmans bridge was going to start there.
  7. Not looking for specific locations. I have a place in walpack valley nj. What are some of the targeted species up that way on the Delaware. Thanks
  8. Not sure on the hrs. Owned the boat for 2 years put about 100 hrs on in that time. I’m available to show the boat whenever.
  9. New Bedford mass it’s business as usual.
  10. 2800 empty
  11. 1983 sex ox. New 65 gallon fuel tank new helm and cable new mercury controls comes with 1998 200 mercury and dual axle trailer. Paint the bottom and go fishing. Asking 4K
  12. Tired of the whining about commercial fishing
  13. Way more than 14000 this week. Fluke price is around 2 bucks to the boat now for larges
  14. Your right let’s just import everything. Commercial fishermen aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some of the anti rants on here are comical. Worse than a bunch of broads.