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  1. I just noticed that this post had over 4000 views already Once everybody begins their live reporting on the canal hawgs complete with go pros and pro staff recognition; the rest of the capes shoreline will be a ghost town ready for quiet fishing.
  2. As an avid deer hunter; and somebody that does not take turkey season too seriously; I think one of the major differences right out of the gate is there are not turkeys in every section of woods like many seem to believe. You could point to any spot on a map and I would bet I could go there and find sign of local deer herds, bigger woods being harder to hunt than smaller woods. That is not the case with turkeys; they use a very specific type of terrain. Especially at this time of year. I would venture to say more than 70 percent of the woods I scout don't have active turkey populations. Add into that people that like to feed the local turkeys bringing them more and more each year into yards and neighborhoods; it is much tougher in my opinion to find a legally hunt able turkey than it is a deer. I don't think I would say a mature tom is harder to hunt once they are found than a mature whitetail but they are not dumb by any means.
  3. No of course not but you can avoid the boats that don’t put in the effort to target the big ones; even if you do not catch them. Thanks for your help; if I end up doing a trip with anybody I’ll be sure to post pics.
  4. That is also good information to know. I figured like most fish the big ones were not easy to come by.
  5. Thanks I will take a look; I won't have overnights to fish though I will only be in each port for approx 8 hours.
  6. Have any of you guys fished halibut out of Ketchikan or Seward? Cannot find much online besides actual charter boat websites. Leaving for a 7 day cruise; followed by 4 day land tour through Denali this sunday. I have been throwing around the idea of doing a charter one day while in Seward or Ketchikan. The season appears to be open while I am there but cannot find whether the fishing is sub par or very good during the end of May. I am mostly looking for recommendations on Captains that are out there to target large halibut and have years of experience. Not boats running the smallest of baits to catch anything that bites. I wouldn't expect to catch giants but like charters at home; I am positive there are boats out there to just put fish on deck no matter what it is; and then boats that really know their fishing and know how to target higher quality fish.
  7. Don't expect anything different this year. It will be worse most likely.
  8. First time out for me this am all week. Didn’t go out until 830 pulled into park and had a tom standing there. It walked off and I Didn’t see or hear anything else all morning walked a pretty large loop on some powerline/gas lines. Lots of boot prints so I’m thinking the pressure has been on.
  9. Not the horror show I was imagining. Guys will be plopped down on that bench with sand spikes stuck in the grass all summer. Nature observers won't get the chance to sit and enjoy the view with the smell of rotten pogy coming from the guy asleep beside them.
  10. Is a bulkhead being poured? I don't understand why the rip rap would be pushed into the canal or removed; if it wasn't being filled back in with something solid. You can't just pour a big pile of loam on the end of the lot if the solid structure that is there is being taken away. Sounds like a wash out in the making.... Is it just going to be grass and a dirt drop off into the sand flats? Maybe I am picturing this scenario wrong; anybody got pics..
  11. Pretty quiet...anybody getting in on some turkey action? I have only made it out 2 times since my first bird. Had one bird busted by another hunter that came in from the other direction. I plan on getting out again in the next few days to hopefully knock down a bird and call it quits.
  12. I can't get the hang of mouth calls. I keep a couple on me and have been able to seal the deal the last 10-15 yds when my guns up and I can't move with just a couple of clucks. I depend mostly on my box call to locate; then slate calls to finesse them in. A good reed call does sound spectacular; and is much easier to run and gun with. Wish I could get it down.
  13. MA allows trapping of beaver; the problem is that it is a PIA to do so with the traps that are allowed; box-cage style. This is why there are not nearly as many trappers in the state anymore because they have been discouraged to do so by not being allowed to use the most efficient traps possible; conibear/body grip.
  14. I hunted out that way for the first time on opening morning. There was a lot more posted property than I was expecting to see. I was able to find a bird but already mentioned how he busted me.
  15. Had a very eventful morning after missing yesterday mornings hunt. At 515 am I made a last minute decision to hunt a spot I had seen turkey tracks in the snow while shed hunting about a month ago. I have never hunted here before so wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as I got in the woods I could hear birds gobbling in the distance. I made my way to them; which ended up being about a 15 minute walk. By the time I was within a couple hundred yds it was full light and they had already flown down. For the next 2 hours I listened to 3-4 birds gobbling their faces off; cutting each other off; just going nuts. They would not budge from their position though; which was approximately 200 yds from me. I couldn't do anything but hold my ground because of set back limitations a house that is way back in the woods by itself kind of had me pinned to where I set up. I used my box call and two separate slates. I didn't want to call too much so would go silent for 15 minutes at a time. I was beginning to lose hope when I heard a hen cutting much closer to me now. Then the gobblers sounded off and were 100 yds closer than before. Just like that I believe the hen they were with went on her way; because I hit my slate two more times and two birds went nuts; 75 yds then 50. Within seconds this bird appeared in view in full strut. I poked him at about 30 yds as he was eyeballing my decoy and my hunt was over. 10.5” beard 1” spurs. No weight I was racing against the clock to be to work by 9. This went down around 7:45