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  1. It was a heavy bird. You can see the body difference making the 18 it’s next to seem almost like a Jake. I Got my 2020 buck back a couple weeks ago.
  2. Congrats. Turkey hunting is a great way to get kids into the sport. My First ever successful hunt was a Turkey when I was 15. It was a good morning for me as well in the turkey woods. I Called in a riled up hen with 3 toms not far behind gobbling their faces off. I Had been working on them for about an hour before the hen began to take notice and come find out what the commotion was all about. After she had laid on my decoy at 15 yds; looking for a fight; I doubled up with a friend on 2 of the 3 Toms. It was his first spring Turkey. My bird went 24 lbs with a 10” beard. His was 18lbs with a 9” beard.
  3. I honestly don’t know. If i had to guess a lot of them probably are not; because they are not marked like others. Some places it’s so many that they must get permission.
  4. Very doubtful when sportsmen generate nearly 1 billion dollars a year in Conservation revenue. I never said mountain bikers shouldn’t be able to use the land; the other post did about dogs. I said they shouldn’t be able to ruin it. There are plenty of nature trails to ride already; why they have to cut a maze through each section is beyond me. I can tell you pretty much for a fact that the areas they take over push most of the wildlife out of until well after dark.
  5. I think mountain bikers may top them in my opinion. Seems like Since fat bikes came out the new “cool” is to mountain bike. I swear every time I walk into state land with trails; more and more trails have been blazed. The mountain bike trails are useless to everybody but them. They zig and zag so that if you pick a straight line in any direction and walk 100 yds you cross the same trail 6 times. They essentially ruin miles of wildlife habitat.
  6. I thought my season was going to end in quick fashion this morning. I had two toms coming in together gobbling their faces off. They stepped out at 50 yds giving my decoy the stink eye. Just as I slowly shifted my gun to the left because they came out further over than I thought; a hen between us I had not seen saw me move. She alarm putted and the toms instantly went into preservation mode and began to quickly walk away. I probably shouldn’t have but I let one fly at 55 yds and the bird wasn’t phased. My gun doesn’t pattern well past 35 but I had worked them for over an hour and at that point wanted to shoot haha.
  7. I don’t have the same gift for turkeys haha. Stayed local this morning and got on a gobbler my third stop. Spent 2 hours going back and forth with him stuck on a hen inside the 500 ft buffer. I just couldn’t pull them out and eventually he went silent. I headed back to my truck at noon and he had made his way behind me and was heading my way but never made it. I had a layup on him when I stumbled into him if he wasn’t 275 ft from the closest house. Good luck to all this season.
  8. The crowds do get wild. That being said squid don’t take screaming runs so even if you have guys 6 ft from you it doesn’t stop you from having a good time. The generator zones out the chatter going on around you and if you have a couple friends with you; you can create a decent buffer.
  9. That’s awesome congrats. I headed out this morning to NW MA to try and find a Turkey in hill country. It didn’t work out for me. I heard exactly zero gobbles and the mountains were pretty windy. Had a good time though getting away from the local feeder birds; and found this match set on a ridge top. Rodents had already hit them a little bit.
  10. Two seasons ago RI was loaded with banded rudders when chasing bones. Or I just got into the blitzes not sure which haha
  11. I will continue to rig eels the way they are meant to be. MA DMF is a joke. Commercial season was just voted on to be lengthened not only by days per week but the season as a whole. Whatever it takes to get the quota that hasn’t been met the last two years I believe. It can’t be the the obvious reason; lack of sizable fish. Go bust somebody else’s balls that is sitting on a jetty filling a bucket with shorts in plain daylight day after day all summer.
  12. The mountain lions must be eating all the trout.
  13. I live on a lake that browns would hold over extremely well in and probably grow to decent sizes. Depths to 60 ft and the state doesn’t put a single brown into it; only rainbow. It boggles my mind as to why. It was one of the salmon stocked bodies of water when the program was running too. You would think it would be one of the hand full to get browns.
  14. Perhaps I was mixing up this thread with the gibberish I scroll through from time to time in the tavern and pg
  15. You will have to battle TimS for it. Just break out your signature move; the cough and sneeze if he pokes for the eyes.