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  1. It seems the scenarios you are producing are not probable. 100 ft from WMA parking areas is approx. 34 yds. Out in the middle of nowhere is not considered a WMA parking area in my opinion. In fact almost every WMA I hunt that have parking areas are almost directly on main roads. All aside nobody will enforce any new or existing law. I don't think its unreasonable that there isn't crap all around your vehicle when you step out. Of course nobody is going to pick it up out in the brush, briars and swamps; but 35 yds from the parking lot seems like a no brainer to me. If every bird dog jumps out of the car and immediately needs to crap near the parking area it gets messy real fast.
  2. Any chance you shoot lumenocks or one of their competitors? I noticed you said new to bow hunting; if you do not I would highly recommend them. Especially in low light they can help you determine exactly where you hit the deer when your arrow is released. Sounds to me like you may have hit the dreaded "no mans land" above the lungs and below the spine(high blood on leafs). If it didn't stop or lay down the blood trail you describe sounds almost identical to one I shot 6-7 years ago. I had a lumenock on and watched the arrow hit high just below the spine. The deer bounded; then walked off like nothing happened. I have seen pictures of deer shot later on with healed up wounds in that exact location.
  3. Wow beauty. Good luck today hope you find him.
  4. Nice job! Big antlers would be nice but filling the freezer for the season is always first priority for me too. Archery for me in MA didn't start until this morning as well; since I do not get out to zone 10 and up too often. I have been hunting in CT for a couple weeks though and have passed on a couple does with fawns(which is personal preference I don't like to shoot) and one lone doe that was just a little too small(approx 70 lbs). Got busted by two old does one morning that I planned on shooting the lead one and right before she stepped into a shooting lane my wind shifted and the one behind her set off the alarm. Off they went stomping and blowing.
  5. How do you store hens for the season? Picked one about 8-9 lbs a few days ago and have more than I can eat all at once.
  6. For them to keep riding the Mcgregor gravy train I am sure they hope he makes short work of Khabib. Personally I am not so sure he will; but it would be in the UFCs best interest that he did. After all the speculation that he may never fight again; or he won't be as good when he comes back; a win on this fight would keep him the main attraction for substantially longer than a loss and the inevitable "I told you so" that will pursue.
  7. Saw an absolute corker cape buck shot on youth day posted on social media. Did you end up finding any young hunters to bring out?
  8. Thanks everybody for the confirmation. Cool to see up close. It did not have any noticeable injuries that I could find. I have no idea. It was a good distance into the woods not near any homes.
  9. Just added the photos.
  10. Found this dead hawk today about the size of a mourning dove. Thinking maybe sharp-shinned hawk after google searching. Can anybody confirm this? I was out scouting for hunting season and stumbled upon it. No sign of being hurt.
  11. Great looking bucks. I don’t have any trophy deer yet. Not Mass but just got this mount back about a month ago. My NH free range black bear. Shot it opening afternoon of deer season last year.
  12. Sorry I did not mean to say you were calling me a racist; I was just stating that my beliefs on immigration are not rascist. I am surprised that your wife has had such problems. Most people that I know with spouses from other countries( which is a few) have not had much problems with the process. I think a re haul of the system would be beneficial to everybody but to just "open borders" would not.
  13. So you do not agree that this illegal immigrant; I will call him what he is; could have been stopped from his actions aboard this fishing vessel if he were to have been kept incarcerated or even deported until trial? What logic is there behind letting him out on bail; he is not a documented citizen so he could easily slip out without facing his consequences. It isn't like he was pulled over for speeding. My stance on immigration is pretty simple; if you do it legally then I am all for it. This country isn't made up of all whites. I am not being a racist; which is usually the next step for people that don't agree with strict immigration policies to bring up. There are reasons a lot of people in this world want to come to America; which I won't get into. If we let them all in without vetting; then America will end up like the countries from which they come. By the way; I think those that employ illegals should be held accountable as well.
  14. It would have been. Too early in the year for me to be dropping the hammer on one that small though; probably went about 65-70 lbs dressed. Still had most of its summer coat; where as the old does that came in later were fully grey winter coats.