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  1. Northeast? I had them do a half bear mount for me two seasons ago. It took them about a month longer than they had originally told me. This buck was a couple weeks past their expected date as well; but the quality is worth the wait.
  2. Picked up my 2018 buck this am from Northeast Taxidermy. Couldn’t be happier. Hoping to bring them more business in the coming months.
  3. Another thing fairly new in the fishery is that the only large schools of big bass in the entire state and sorrounding states happen to congregate in just 2 areas instead of being spread out along the hundreds of prime big fish structure. Southwest ledge and the canal produce most of the commercial quota these days. Less decent fishing everywhere more confined fishing to the places still producing.
  4. The article said 8000 dollars in fines were handed out; not that each person was being fined anywhere near that. My guess is 250 dollar fines for 30 or so people. That’s a slap on the wrist to most; especially if they were stacking for the next commercial day.
  5. I spend a lot of time shed hunting after ice out up until around turkey season in the spring. I don’t really step foot in the woods during the summer so its also when I do a lot of my scouting for the next year.
  6. Doe permits paid for. A little over a month away from out of state archery season openers. Can’t wait. Just built a new display shelf for my shed collection this weekend. I used a matching set I have as the shelf brackets and an oak plank as the shelf.
  7. If there were loads of commercial sized fish around everybody would be fishing. That’s always the excuse, “I am able to find fish so the fishing is fine” 25 percent of the quota at the beginning of August tells the real story...
  8. I have waded that bar a few times. I can see how it takes guys out. If you get knocked off by a wave set your in a cranking current pretty much instantly.
  9. And southwest ledge...
  10. I do. But there’s usually an excuse. Bad weather; not enough days; numbers are wrong; etc.
  11. Surprised nobody has made mention recently of the quota. As of today; perhaps slightly behind but probably not too far off 164,280 lbs of the 869,280 lb quota has been filled since the season opened 1 month ago. Approx 18.9%. If the month of August goes at the same pace the quota is going to be far from filled this year. After looking at previous years charts on it seems like end of July should be closer to 50%. What are the thoughts of those spending time on the water this year? I have been out very minimally.
  12. I was dressed for the rain. The lightning was what had me worried it was insane. Bolts coming down in all directions spider cracking down and striking in multiple locations at once. The night ended better for somebody else back at the parking lot as I was loading up a couple hours later the only two cars parked near me I could tell weren’t fishermen. After about 15 mins of loading up I see a guy jump out of one car into the other and take off pretty quick. Can see the lights still on in the car he jumped out of and a blonde girl is tying her hair back up before she leaves.
  13. I wasn’t so lucky. I was fishing the east end about 3/4 of a mile from my truck and got stuck in it. Was just heat lightning for a while then it seemed almost out of nowhere bolts downpours and thunder that shook your entire body rolled in. I made the decision to drop the rod and hunker down low sitting in the rip rap against the bushes and watch it pass instead of peddle back with 2 lightning rods attached to my bike. It wasn’t very fun; white out rain; spider cracking lightning horizontally across the sky over the power plant before splitting off and striking down vertically. Watched a ton of police cars go flying off towards sandwich as it was subsiding and heading further into cape. Never been outside during such a storm and don’t plan to be again
  14. I would appeal his decision in the district court. Only towns I have heard of like that are mostly inner cities not wealthier outer cape towns. You have 90 days from the denial of your application whatever it may be for; to appeal it. If he has no reason to restrict you personally then your odds are decent that his ruling could be overturned. I read an article not long ago that something along the lines of 60 percent of firearms licenses appeals in this state get overruled in court in favor of the applicant. The other 40 percent had legit reasons to be denied; mainly criminal arrests.
  15. I was going to say the same thing. Also you can carry loaded while in your car as long as it is under your direct control. Most towns that are not cities still have zero problems with issuing Ltc Class A. As far as the glovebox goes MA gun laws were written by 2nd graders IMO. I have a feeling a good lawyer could prove your innocence but I would not want to be the guinea pig. Transport and storage have some pretty blatant grey areas as does many of the MA gun laws. A non loaded firearm can be stored in a “locked case; locked trunk; or other secure container” separate from ammunition. How a locked glovebox is any less safe than a locked box sitting in the backseat or trunk(that could easily be stolen) makes zero sense. Then you have the transport of large and non large capacity shotguns/rifles. One has to be locked in a case while the other does not during transit. Who the hell thinks of these things? Yet any gun can be left in a vehicle unattended as long as it is locked in a case; trunk; or secure container. Unloaded of course and separate from ammo.