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  1. From the way I read it Mike is attempting to sell the business; which would include all his present stock and I assume connections with various companies; builders; etc. This does not fully equate to a "closed up shop". If somebody purchases the company as a whole we very well may see it right where it is; under new management. Wish nothing but the best for Mike and family.
  2. Contributing to the commercial harvest IMO is commercial fishing and the laws that are set follow that line of thought. You can split hairs all you want and say he isn't a licensed commercial fisherman; that may be true but he seems to be attempting to make the point that not being the person collecting a check makes him somehow more conservation minded when in reality it does not. Carl has multiple times in this thread prided himself on never selling a fish. Yet fish he caught were killed and sold. To some including myself; that could be seen as hypocritical. The OP is starting a conversation that details making the canal a rec fishery only; as well as possible stricter limits on even the rec intake. To me that sounds like he is getting eerily close to preaching catch and release. Maybe I am wrong about that part. To end it; I think the idea is a pipe dream that would only benefit catch and release fisherman the way I am reading it. I am not for limiting the resource to any ONE group; it should be regulated evenly which is a whole other argument.
  3. Sorry TimS but I disagree; apparently the state of MA does as well or they would allow commercial and recreational limits to be filled on the same outing. If you are on a commercial fishing vessel catching fish that are being sold and counted against the quota; you are commercial fishing. It doesn't matter who gets the money at the end of the day. You caught a fish that went to market; you are commercially fishing. Most guys allow non permitted guys to fish with them so they can fill their limit quicker. They don't charge you fuel or bait fees because you are making them money. If your a good fisherman they are looking at you as free labor. Not really sure how it could be looked at any differently. Preaching catch and release but fishing on every commercial day to get on the water for nothing is in my mind no different then collecting the check at the days end.
  4. Personally I don’t shoot at many deer on the run; so my Nikon does what I want it to do very well. I am sure there are better setups for moving targets. Shotgun season is only 2 weeks long here and I don’t really bring the gun to the range and blast away 16 dollar boxes of sabots too often; so I don’t see myself changing scopes any time soon.
  5. Only thing I wouldn’t fully recommend it for is jump shooting deer if that is what you mean by walking around. I can still acquire deer fairly quick but I would just shoot open sights if I planned on shooting the majority of the time at spooked deer running towards or away.
  6. I can't comment on any other recommendations guys are giving you; but I love my Nikon Prostaff 2x7x32. It is very clear; great field of view on the lowest power and you have the option to really dial it in for those long shots if you want. I could not imagine a scope that would "outshine" for what I do with it; still hunt and stand hunting. I can pull the gun up and acquire my targets pretty quickly. There is no legal shooting light that I have had trouble being able to see my target in; half an hour before sunrise and half hour after sunset I can see clear as day through it. I like having the BDC reticle option but I have not gotten the chance to shoot it past 100 so it is not a "must have". Only photo I have on my phone of the setup right now is of my gun laying on a deer I shot last week. Even on the saddle mount it performs flawlessly on my 870. Another pic added to show the accuracy I get with it. This was a 70 yd quartering away shot on a slow walk.
  7. IMO you would be better off trying to turkey hunt with the bow; once you learn how to shoot it.
  8. I do not do much pheasant hunting; but I deer hunt some pheasant stocked WMAs. I have spent hundreds probably thousands of hours in the woods. A decent chunk of that time on "pheasant grounds". I have had maybe one quick opportunity to make a shot with the bow if I had one with me. Most of the time I do not see them until they are flushed and in the air; when I see them at all. I would say do not get a compound bow if this is what you want to attempt. Go re curve or long bow and start practicing hard at fast moving targets reflex shooting no sights. The odds will definitely be stacked against you but not impossible. If you want to be successful in your first couple years with the experience you have; I would equate it to catching a surf caught 50 in the fishing world. Good Luck!
  9. "At least for now it has not been challenged, so Sandwich will remain Pot free, other then what is sold illegally" There are just as many if not more "studies" that show the medicinal and positive effects of mary jane. If that nonsense makes the people of sandwich "feel safer" than let them pretend anything they want. You only have to go to the Sandwich boardwalk any given night after the sun goes down to get a sense of what really goes on; legal or not; pot is the LEAST of my worries for the "young minds". Junkies roll in and out of that lot like its a taco bell. I can't tell you how many times I have seen them parked half nodded out; pulling in or leaving while fishing between the hours of 10 pm and 4am. There is substantially more pot in one year; and worse hard drugs; traveling onto Cape Cod than those legal stores will sell in a lifetime I'd bet on it. People need to educate their kids young; that is all you can do. 14 year olds won't be buying pot at these legal shops they will be getting it at school like they have been doing for decades.
  10. I noticed much fewer than usual on the deer and myself this year. The spring started off bad but even throughout the summer and fall; scouting and shed hunting; I was pulling way less ticks off myself than last year.
  11. Can’t quite see did he bust off an entire side or just part of it? Nice deer. I would be a little bummed watching a busted off buck coming right for me but I would shoot too haha. Mine had a busted g3 and a lot of bark in the antlers from recent rubbing.
  12. Thank you. I wasn’t in there for this deer. Most of my season was though; including the doe I lost. Not easy hunting. There hasn’t been a lot of guys most of the week when I drove by.
  13. Haven’t been on here in a while missed some nice deer posts; good job guys. My season has been a grind. A lot of hours in stand with a few opportunities. I lost a doe the final week of archery after making a high shot and hitting nothing vital. Haven’t lost a deer in years so I wasn’t feeling great. Well my season finally turned around on Thursday. I got down out of stand around 830 after seeing nothing all morning. The ground was wet and it was getting windy so I figured it was the perfect time to still hunt. Long story short I walked up on a doe that never saw me; I sat down and was waiting for a shot. I then saw a small buck and turned my attention to him. A short time later this deer appeared and both started trailing the doe. About 25 mins from when I first saw the doe I was able to put a clear 70 yd shot and drop this buck in his tracks. Quartering away entered liver; went through one lung and center punched the heart. 160# dressed.
  14. It seems the scenarios you are producing are not probable. 100 ft from WMA parking areas is approx. 34 yds. Out in the middle of nowhere is not considered a WMA parking area in my opinion. In fact almost every WMA I hunt that have parking areas are almost directly on main roads. All aside nobody will enforce any new or existing law. I don't think its unreasonable that there isn't crap all around your vehicle when you step out. Of course nobody is going to pick it up out in the brush, briars and swamps; but 35 yds from the parking lot seems like a no brainer to me. If every bird dog jumps out of the car and immediately needs to crap near the parking area it gets messy real fast.