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  1. I am not surprised. I saw hunters out almost every day I went this season. I knew the birds were being hammered in areas I was trying. Boot prints; feathers on the ground; and even bumped into hunters. Seems like everywhere I tried birds had already been hunted by the time I got to them. By far the most amount of hunting pressure during weekdays I have ever witnessed.
  2. A buddy sent me this pic in RI a few weeks ago and said there are boat loads around this size.
  3. Ah yes the old if you don’t support the looting and rioting under the guise of “protesting” your racist..
  4. Venison lasagna was on the menu this week. Made all the meat sauce then layered with lasagna noodle and multiple cheeses.
  5. Don’t throw any of these often will trade the lot for just about anything but here are some things I am in need of. 3/0 vmc; 9 inch sluggos most colors; bucktails Spro style 1-3 oz any colors.....make any offer
  6. Yes that’s all I did tossed in buffalo wing sauce right from the fryer. The spring roll wrappers you can usually find at most grocery stores in the Asian style section.
  7. No birds for me this season. Wasn’t for the lack of effort. I am glad I am better at hunting deer. Had one gobble yesterday late morning and was silent after that. Waited him out for a half hour but only had another 35 mins before noon. I tried looping wide of where I thought I heard him. I made it about 200 yds and was doing some light calling on the slate when I heard leaves crunching to my left. It was him he had crested a hill dead silent to check me out. I dropped the slate picked the gun up and tried to put a bead on him but he disappeared into the thick stuff faster than I could react. Didn’t hunt today.
  8. I agree; using the scummy people as an excuse to further restrict rights to the shoreline is really absurd. People are out every night doing drugs; drinking and driving... etc. Using the same logic everybody is a risk and should not be allowed out after sundown.
  9. Didn’t say it was ever going to happen. We are just going to get screwed more and more. As far as if I owned waterfront property; I would be smart enough to know that privacy may not come along with it. If you want privacy Spend your millions elsewhere. Buy 1000 acres with a private lake in the woods; don’t buy a house that is eventually going to fall into the ocean and demand that nobody walk along it in “your view” on shorelines the public should have every right to visit. As far as the trash that is very unfortunate. People suck and the fines should be much larger and enforced for those caught leaving garbage anywhere. The trash is not limited to the poor unfortunate beach front property owners though. Every where you drive take a look at the side of the road; scumbags toss garbage out their windows; dump it on the Side of the road at night; the list is endless.
  10. In my opinion; every single stretch of beach in the state should have legal public access AND parking. Its all well and good that homeowners don’t want people cutting across their property; unfortunately too many of them think the ocean view is “their property”. There would not be nearly as much illegal parking if there was more access to begin with. Generally speaking many of the folks that live on the coast believe the beaches should only be theirs because they had the money to spend on it.
  11. I know a couple people that are collecting the max which is roughly around that number; because they made a substantial amount more before being shut down. With the 600 they are taking home roughly 1500 dollars a week. This is about the max anybody in Ma Is making and that is only if you were making good money before. I’d say most are getting the 600+2 or 300 benefit.
  12. My buddy did it with cucumbers and said it worked great. So I figured it should work well with all the different squashes too. The one built like a pyramid i planted pumpkins on each side hoping to run them up and over and the pumpkins should mostly be off the ground to help keep clear from rot. Only small ones 12-16” tops jack o lanterns.
  13. Finished putting the garden in today. Rototilled and put the fencing up this past weekend. Got some free pallets and built trellis for the cucumbers; acorn squash; butternut squash; and pumpkin to grow up. Have never done that before hopefully it works out well and keeps the garden a little more organized. Also have tomatoes; green beans; green peppers; hot peppers; and yellow squash.
  14. So; because people are too lazy to throw the dog poop into the right container; they are treated like children and are told they can leave their poop on the side of the trail in bags for somebody else to pick up? That blows my mind. Pick up your dogs crap or stay home with your dog. Somehow I have never witnessed people placing these bags down; yet they seem to be all over the place. That makes me assume that people know it’s not the right thing to do and wait for nobody to be looking before they hang their dog crap from a tree branch on the side of the service road.
  15. My take on spring rolls; reg and buffalo calamari and shrimp and margaritas.