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  1. I have found wiping the area where you plan to use the 5200 with rubbing alcohol, and heating the plastic up slightly (a heat gun on low temp should do the trick) helps the 5200 bond. If you have someplace close that does plastic welding have them take a look at it before you decide the route you want to go. Like said above best case you buy a few more seasons, that's why I installed the electric bilge pump-only a matter of when not if it fails again. Good luck
  2. I had a similar leak, in that general area on my 2012 adventure, I plastic welded it, and followed that up by building up the whole area with 5200. I also installed an automatic bilge pump for when it fails again. Has lasted over a year but I use that kayak way less since the repair.
  3. Had a ton of small albies on the western south shore of LI all really small though nothing larger than 15 inches. First time I have seen that, nothing bigger mixed in chased a few different pods but all small. Water temp was real high in the inlet.
  4. 2007 - Drive well failure 2011- replacement hull ($500 plus pro rated cost)- two failures crack on top (thin plastic near top of tank well) 1 year after receiving replacement hull (hobie advised no warranty on replacement hull- welded crack), 2015 same hull cracks at bottom of click and go (same advice from hobie) 2016 Revo 11 came with cracked hull in seat area (poor assembly) found out while on water on first trip)- My hobie dealer exchanged it for new boat same day. So less than 1percent is BS in my book, the company itself is horrible in my opinion, they are lucky that they are the only game in town really for what I need, and that they have some really good local dealers.
  5. Good to hear, something is being accomplished, my 2007 adventure suffered from the cam lock, and drive well cracks( a known problem), I had installed the protective measures they sent out and it still happened. $500+ for a pro rated replacement hull, that failed in two spots after 2 years. I was told they would do nothing for me on the replacement Hull. I ended up welding and installed a auto bilge pump, crap for the amount of money I’m into this combined. Hopefully this gets things going in favor of the consumer, good work Kross
  6. I would offer $100 for it, can send out payment Monday
  7. Impressive job by both of your kids, very nice to see young ones so squared away both seem like really good kids. The both of you should be proud you are definitely doing things right
  8. PayPal sent thanks
  9. If you end up relisting I am interested at 80 shipped
  10. Not a Pats fan but that was an amazing comeback, best 20 minutes of football I have ever seen played. Congrats
  11. 50 with the new batteries would work for me. PM regarding meeting up, I work close to medford.
  12. Assuming the light works, would you take $40 picked up?
  13. Mike I had listed an Ocean Kayak trident 11(11.6) feet, back in the end of October, I was going to realist in the Spring. I was asking 500 if you want to search the bst for the pictures. Bob
  14. My problem is the only thing with the specs I am looking for (15-16 foot long, 27-28 inches wide, low center of gravity)is the Hobie adventure/ revo 16. If somebody else could put out a pedal drive like that I would be all over giving it a shot. What I would kill for would be a mirage powered Kazaki type hull