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  1. Trader Joe’s Habanero hot sauce is very good and dirt cheap. Nice heat and flavor.
  2. I was driving my Suburban on a central south shore beach on Long Island and my brake booster had a catastrophic failure and leaked power steering fluid onto the engine which started a small engine fire. Fortunately I had an extinguisher with me and was able to put the fire out quickly and was able to drive off the beach and to my mechanic. It did leave me wondering who I would have callled if I needed to have the rig towed off the beach. Is anyone familiar with who on Long Island has the ability to get a truck off the beach? I’m sure I wouldn’t be cheap but if it can’t be driven or pulled off by a friend it may be the only option. Appreciate all input as I’d like to have a number in my phone in case that ever happens. As an aside, I will now make sure you have fire extinguishers in all of my cars. Today could have ended differently if I wasn’t able to put the fire out before it found another ignition source. Thanks. Bob
  3. Wolf You’ve got a deal. $225 including cooler cash picked up in Port Jeff. Please PM me with your availability to meet up tomorrow early evening or Friday afternoon or Saturday. Thanks Tim/SOL Bob
  4. Reviving thread in case someone is looking for a cooler rack for fall season. Bob
  5. I’m not an expert and don’t own one myself but I don’t think there are any true slide in truck campers that a 1/2 Ton truck can handle. They don’t have sufficient payload capacity or suspension. Even with 3/4 Ton trucks you would need to find a lighter weight truck camper and pay close attention to maximum payload capacity. Bob
  6. I purchased Headwaters seat covers for my RAM 2500 earlier this year. They fit great and feel like they will wear like iron. Downsides are they are a little pricey (approx $300 for front seats) and take a little elbow grease to install. Bob
  7. Yes. Right hand retrieve. Thanks for helping clarify, I should have done that. Bob
  8. I am thinking of taking plunge on a bailless lefty ZB size 25 and wanted to see what’s out there. Thanks. Bob
  9. Thanks. That is exactly what I thought was happening. I’m pretty diligent, particularly after having lost a couple of knobs (slow learner I guess). I’ll just continue to pay close attention to sand getting in there. Unfortunately being a lefty leaves very few options for fully sealed bailless reels. I love my VS’s but this has become a real issue. I plan on keeping a spare knob in my bag in case I run into this issue during a good bite. Thanks again. Bob
  10. Thanks. I exchanged emails with Craig and he had me verify that my reels have the updated hubs (don’t spin with spool) but didn’t mention anything about improperly keyed drag which I’m thinking eliminates the improperly keyed drag as a potential cause. I’m far from an expert on reels so I’d welcome further input/info if I’m mistaken. Thanks for taking time to respond. Bob
  11. Reviving a very old thread because I’ve had the same issue. It appears that what happens is sand gets jammed between edge of drag knob and the rim on the spool the it fits inside. I don’t think it’s a case of sand getting under the drag knob since I fish a fairly tight drag. I know I’ve read that for righty’s this results in a tightening of the drag which makes sense since the righty spool turns in the opposite direction. Unfortunately for lefty’s it loosens until it falls off. I’ve lost a couple of drag knobs this way and am now always paranoid. One sandy wave and I need to make sure I clear out any sand. I’ve already confirmed that I have the updated hub so I’m hoping perhaps some other lefty has found another solution. I’ve emailed VS about this but they don’t have any obvious answers aside from what I am already trying to do (clear sand whenever it gets in there). Appreciate any input. Bob
  12. My buddy just got a Rac A Rod and mounted on his Yakima aero shaped bars with t-slots using t-bolts as Shag mentioned above. Seems like a great/secure mounting arrangement. Bob