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  1. I’ve had a 3 rod Reel Fortress for a couple of years and I’m very happy with it. I actually picked up another one earlier this year so I have enough room for my buddies rods when they go with me. Bob
  2. Sorry duplicate post
  3. Once the lefty VR’s are available I’m thinking of picking one up to pair with my GSB108 1M. My initial thought was the 151 but after looking at specs I’m thinking the 51 might make for a nice lightweight setup. In the past I have used a VS150 and I liked that setup a lot but that reel is now living on my 10’ ODM. The VS150 is closer in weight to the VR51 than the 151. Appreciate any input from folks who have used the VR50 or 150 on the GSB I mentioned above. Thanks. Bob
  4. I like both the 5” and 6.5”. The ghost 5” is usually the first plug out of my bag when I fish at night, it’s just become a real confidence plug for me. I tend to fish the 5” more but I’ve caught some nice fish on the 6.5” as well. Bob
  5. I’ve been pulling my 8,000 lb travel trailer on the beach for about 15 years. Key is to air truck and trailer down. I usually go to about 15 lbs and will drop a little lower if I feel like I’m getting stuck. I usually put a few pounds back in after I disconnect from the trailer to reduce risk of popping a bead. I use 4 low and try to avoid cutting wheel too hard when backing in I also try to keep my momentum when towing down the beach. HTH Bob
  6. Reel is sold. Thanks Murph and SOL.
  7. I can do $525 cash picked up (will meet a reasonable distance from Port Jeff to save you a bit of the drive).
  8. Price reduction - $550 plus shipping.
  9. How about $575 shipped?
  10. Thanks for posting pics. Reel looks nice but my buddy told me he doesn’t really need another 150 at this time as temping as yours is.
  11. Please post pics of 150. Outside chance my buddy might be interested. Thanks.
  12. 706, Thanks for the offer but I’m going to let this ride for a while. Hope all is well with you. Bob
  13. Its a VS. It’s my buddy’s reel. He has box, bag and all service records as well as the small little pamphlet that came with the reel. Pics of the pamphlet attached. He’s a very meticulous guy.