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  1. Anyone have any of the small LI Fish In VT darters. I think they are around 1.5 oz. Thanks. Bob
  2. Are any of the small LIFishVT darters still available? Bob
  3. Still available. $375 picked up in Port Jefferson, NY area.
  4. No longer for sale on SOL. Listing elsewhere. Thanks Tim and SOL
  5. I have a 2002 2500 with the 8.1. Used to use it for towing my camper and beach driving for fishing. I still use for beach driving and as a station car. I feel the Suburban is a perfect fishing rig, you can fit all your gear in the back and lock it up. Handles sand well. My only compliant with 8.1 liter is terrible gas mileage but I needed the pulling power so was worth the trade off. One thing you should watch out for are rusting brake lines, its a common issue with Chevy trucks. I had mine replaced a couple of years ago after having a couple of incidents. Bob
  6. Price drop $375 cash picked up in Port Jefferson, NY area.
  7. I purchased a RAM 2500 last year and I have found that it barely fits in the car washes I usually go to and if I have my Thule rack on it it likely won’t fit. I wash it myself fairly regularly but it is nice to be able to run to a car wash from time to time. There used to be a truck wash in Coram but I think it’s now just a regular car wash. Anyone know of any car washes that can accommodate tall trucks in Suffolk? Thanks. Bob
  8. Posting for a friend: Vezco 6 Rod/Cooler Rack includes Cooler and 2 side bins. Requires double front receivers. $400 Cash Pick up only in Port Jefferson, NY or meet within reasonable distance Thanks Bob
  9. Trader Joe’s Habanero hot sauce is very good and dirt cheap. Nice heat and flavor.
  10. I was driving my Suburban on a central south shore beach on Long Island and my brake booster had a catastrophic failure and leaked power steering fluid onto the engine which started a small engine fire. Fortunately I had an extinguisher with me and was able to put the fire out quickly and was able to drive off the beach and to my mechanic. It did leave me wondering who I would have callled if I needed to have the rig towed off the beach. Is anyone familiar with who on Long Island has the ability to get a truck off the beach? I’m sure I wouldn’t be cheap but if it can’t be driven or pulled off by a friend it may be the only option. Appreciate all input as I’d like to have a number in my phone in case that ever happens. As an aside, I will now make sure you have fire extinguishers in all of my cars. Today could have ended differently if I wasn’t able to put the fire out before it found another ignition source. Thanks. Bob
  11. Wolf You’ve got a deal. $225 including cooler cash picked up in Port Jeff. Please PM me with your availability to meet up tomorrow early evening or Friday afternoon or Saturday. Thanks Tim/SOL Bob
  12. Reviving thread in case someone is looking for a cooler rack for fall season. Bob