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  1. I went back to a 2018 Outback last year and was thinking hard about getting a 2019 but decided to wait it out for more feedback. I had a PA previously and was surprised when I saw the hatch on the new Outback and the lack of a gasket. Lots of things to like about it so hopefully its a simple fix.
  2. I'd normally say any day now. Forecast next week has the potential to be pretty bumpy. Since I traded my PA to get back into outback earlier this year, I'm itching to chase them!
  3. Might try reaching out to the folks at Belize River Lodge. If they don't offer guided trips for non-guests they might offer some recommendations. I spent a week out on Turneffe about 17 years ago and had good success just going it on my own.
  4. Good to hear that you were happy with the change. I was going to pose that question here to see if anyone regretted it. I liked all three kayaks and if I had deeper pockets and the space I might own two or three of them. After thinking about it, I've come to realize that the PA stayed home a lot on family trips because I didn't want to bother changing out my roof rack or throwing it up there. Wasn't an issue when it was just me and I just hauled it around in the back of my pickup. I try not to carry too much in the yak anyway so I don't really need the storage space. The ability to stretch out was nice as was standing up. Leaning toward an Outback and possibly putting H Rails on it but I was going to take another look at the Revo.
  5. Sold my 2011 pro angler with a number of extras here for $1600. There was a lot of interest but it took several months. Its a big outlay of cash for a lot of people so its not surprising. Newer ones are over double that and recent used PAs seem to be going for close to 3k. Prior to the PA I had an 07 revo and an outback before that. Both took a little while to sell also. Now I'm trying to decide what to get next. I was thinking PA but I'm seriously considerig downsizing.
  6. Sold. Thanks Fish867 and best of luck with it!
  7. Thanks guys. There have been a ton of views, lots of tire kickers, and a few that said that they wanted it but its still hanging in my garage. Its a big purchase so i didn't expect it to go overnight. Have a local shop that will sell it for me if i want to purchase a new one. Just haven't found time to run it down there or maybe subliminally I just don't want to give it up!
  8. On last bump before I drop it off at a shop to sell.
  9. Yes it is still available.
  10. I have a fenwick hmx series stealhead rod and have used a stradic CI4 2500 with it. Just checked and a stradic 4000 fits on it also. They rod I have is around 11 feet but they have a few models in the 9 foot range rated for the rates your looking for. Why not get adventurous and try a centerpin outfit?
  11. Catching albies from a yak is a blast... there just fun period. Good luck with the boat restoration. I'm going to keep this up here for a little while longer. I'm not in much of a hurry.
  12. Hi Tyler- Yes I am still firm on the price of $1600. It has the v2 drive notnthe 180 that reverses. The new drive came out in 2016 or 2017 and is significantly more expensive. There was some talk about an upgrade kit but I haven't seen it yet.
  13. Kayak is still available.
  14. Its a kart that was sold by a company called kayak fishing stuff that i modified. They are no longer in business.
  15. Thanks Nick. Pending pickup.