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  1. I also cast with L hand on butt and R hand on reel seat. Change hands as soon as lure hits the water and hold rod with L hand on retrieve and reel with R. I am right handed. I also hold conventional reel with L and retrieve with my R.
  2. I may. I'll keep digging. As long as you are not in a hurry.
  3. Ok. Sorry for delay. Found a bunch but by no means all :) Heavy on the classic rock this batch. A bunch more Beatles, John Lennon, The Cream, etc...
  4. Hey buddy......I messaged you a few times but never heard back. Do you still have my phone #?
  5. I have a bunch of LP's. I will get some together. Looking to clean oyt.
  6. Has been read and shows some wear. $12 shipped. I had the pleasure of fishing with Pete many times. Very knowledgeable, great fisherman and super nice guy.
  7. Sorry buddy, no Venmo. Paypal, money order, check.....?
  8. Solt the difference? $26.50 shipped?
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