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  1. Awesome!! Those guys were true sportsmen and maniacs!
  2. Thanks. I wanted to give Craiger12 a little time to respond to my offer.
  3. Thanks! PM coming.
  4. How about $42?
  5. New condition. Awesome read about sportfishing in the old days. $18 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  6. Both are new and in excellent condition. 2oz and 5 inches. $23 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  7. These are Krocodile knockoffs. Work excellent and super heavy duty. 8.75oz.
  8. X2! You will enjoy this also. Thanks!
  9. You're welcome.
  10. All are new. 2oz and 6 inches. $23 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  11. Thanks Carlos. I'll give Ted a bit to respond. If he passes it is yours. I believe I have another in either case. I'll check on that a little later and let you know.
  12. Hey Ted, the wire is the same diameter just on an angle so looks smaller. Has not been fished.
  13. All are new. Bottom bunker has unstamped lip. Top 3 are $22 shipped each. Bottom is $25 shipped. I will combine shipping. All payment forms accepted.
  14. They are about 3-4 inches. It's been quite a while since I have thrown any of these but I remember them having a side to side wiggle at a slow speed. PM coming. Thanks!