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  1. Brand new. 4 foot radius with 3/8 inch mesh. 1lb of lead per foot. $39 shipped. All payment forms accepted.
  2. Thanks! PM coming.
  3. How about $21 each shipped on the other 2?
  4. Price drop to $20 shipped each on the other 2.
  5. Both are new but out of package. Got these over 20 years ago. They weigh 2oz each. $15 shipped for the pair. All payment forms accepted.
  6. One more if you don't mind. 2oz and just under 6 inches.
  7. Thanks! No, got a bunch in a lot for real cheap. Thought probably Gibbs but not sure and a little hopeful
  8. Thanks! PM coming.
  9. Bought a few of these old bottles years ago. Was told they were Mussos. Can anyone confirm either way please? 1.75oz and 6.25 inches. Thanks for any info!
  10. How about $21 each shipped?
  11. Thanks buddy!
  12. All are new. 1oz and 4 inches. $21 shipped each. All payment forms accepted.
  13. Thanks! Both poppers are sold.