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  1. I should have thought of that.
  2. 400 lbs in the sand with 2 straight axles... how are you going to turn it? straight line down to the water and back?
  3. RIP
  4. Not coming from furnace then, definitely a plumbing issue running down duct
  5. Check in kitchen and bathrooms to make sure nothing is overflowing into a floor register.
  6. In basement or up on 1st floor?
  7. The reason i never sheetrock a basement ceiling.
  8. Thats too much water for condensation looks more like a plumbing leak allowing water to enter the duct. Where is furnace?
  9. Way too many bad guys in that chithole city
  10. I think the rising murder rate in a big city cannot be linked to the rate of LTCFs. There are way to many unlicensed guns on the streets throwing the numbers off.
  11. 37 and heavy rain in Burlington County Plow is doing it’s job.
  12. Pretty sure most strokes are due to clots. They usually give large doses of blood thinner to bust the clot. If they guess wrong and it was a bleed blood thinners are fatal.
  13. Prayers sent for the little guy.
  14. Nope nope nope, if I have to shoot someone I want them dead. I don’t want to look over my shoulder that some tube pooper is looking for revenge.