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  1. .177 pellets are plenty for a squirrel, at least for 12 of them so far this year.
  2. Try using a gas as your hydraulic brake fluid and check back in.
  3. Did you travel the whole length? If they are working anywhere on the car lanes they will close the whole length as there are no cross overs.
  4. Good Luck
  5. Got 6 so far and just looked out and saw #7 in the trap this morning. Little effers got in through porch soffit and made a nest. Luckily no access to attic from there.
  6. If you have one nearby ABC supply has good pricing on replacement windows and deal with a few manufacturers to give a range of pricing.
  7. Slept through it too Even had bedroom window wide open since it was hot on 2nd floor.
  8. Trap them then a .177 pellet to the head
  9. I have heard of that being required on a lot of jobs anytime you light a torch. I know it’s required on Fort Dix/ McGuire
  10. The whole interior was oak and nicknamed “The Forest”. 1300 oak trees made up the roof beams alone. I was surprised how easily it burnt to, I thought something from that timeframe would have been all stone.
  11. He only comes around when he’s getting paid to. HBD BB
  12. Same here. And I don’t know how to break this to you but it’s 2019.
  13. But does it get to -10 for a week where you are? Sizing of tank and piping along with distance all have to be perfect at those outdoor temperatures.
  14. Miami police fatally shoot naked man who was chewing the face of another man.