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  1. I know of 2 houses that had to be torn down due to oil contamination. One split the oil tank as it was being filled. Other house had oil to gas conversion done, dumb ass contractors removed the tank but not the fill tube.
  2. Never had grits, am I missing anything?
  3. Went for a ride in the 60’s version. Dad was an assistant manager at an Acme before he quit.
  4. Same here. Minus the fanny pack.
  5. Gotta agree with you there, stick with the scowl.
  6. About 100 psig
  7. Almost every thing around my area was gas, that’s why we just never got into oil. Plus it stinks.
  8. Find a small local guy and make sure they do oil. I was in the business for over 40 years and all we ever did with oil was tear it out and convert to gas.
  9. Suprised those thieving bastards even work on oil. They are salesmen not service techs, be prepared to pay your $79.00 and send him on his way.
  10. His name was Duke
  11. Probably comes down over his eyes without all that hair to hold it up.
  12. Eagles suck, I’m close to 60 years old and they have sucked since I was a kid. Superbowl was a fluke that Eagles fans will probably never see again in their lives.
  13. Doubt that, both will be missed though.
  14. High strung could be a result of the cage. The one we had was pretty mellow, had a weird habit of eating cigarette butts. He would eat them and spit out the filter. Other thing was he did NOT like black people at all.
  15. They are if a smart person trains them. Had one growing up, pretty smart dog.