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  1. I flipped a coin, no antibodies.
  2. Just turn down the air conditioning.
  3. Saw yesterday the 50% of the antibody tests are wrong.
  4. Went through a couple months ago
  5. Morning Bob
  6. And how many dumbasses just grab the plastic and pull up on it?
  7. Morning Bob
  8. Probably adjusted to your income. Spend it, stimulate the economy like you’re supposed to.
  9. I have a 4 or 5 pack box of them around here somewhere. I think they’re in a ziplock bag. Wonder if they’re still any good.
  10. Morning Bob
  11. Morning Bob
  12. He lived on Wood Street in Burlington City.
  13. Commercials were annoying but enjoyed the show. Grant was a person I was interested in learning about growing up. He lived the next town over from were I grew up at the end of Civil War.