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  1. No problem with shooting to kill looters. Also no problem with shooting to kill their families if they try to sue. Families would probably be more inclined to control their little hoodlums.
  2. They looted 18 of the liquor stores
  3. He thought he saw a gun, partner said gun gun so he shot. Bad shoot but was it criminal or just a bad mistake? Shooting cop never said dead guy exited car, some spokesperson said that initially.
  4. Have her get tickets for the student section. It was a whole different show at the Bryant- Denny Stadium.
  5. Business school and engineering are supposed to be top notch. Capstone College of Nursing that my daughter graduated from is pretty elite and hard to get into.
  6. We toured it in 2015 for my daughter before she saw and fell in love with University of Alabama. My wife’s cousin’s kid went there and we were always busting their balls during football season.
  7. RTR not a great game but a win is a win
  8. They did just take 2 of 3 from the Braves. Could be coming on strong at the right time.
  9. Finally finished up a 6 week renovation on 1 of my apartments today. Hopefully sitting on my ass with a 100 lb Lab in my lap this weekend.
  10. I just replaced spindles and blades on my 20 year old Cub Cadet. Had replaced a spindle here and there over the years due to tree roots.
  11. The way I see that picture is truck jumped median, hit bike and pushed it back across the median.
  12. I rinse mine off good and throw it in the dishwasher.
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