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  1. We need to go back to the old ways of warehousing the crazies. Libs wanted to assimilate them to general population and it just does not work.
  2. 2 dozen for $3.99 at Costco tonight
  3. I have been begging for this for years. Can’t stop the crazy without locking them up.
  4. Congratulations Mrs Rocky
  5. Took my drivers test in my mother’s 73.
  6. Autopsy report lists multiple drugs in his system along with BAC 3 times the legal limit. And a female companion passed out in his car. Dumb bastard.
  7. Yea, I’m drawing the line at grandma
  8. She might even have a hot grandma
  9. Still heading down to Alabama, daughter has a list of stuff she’s waiting for me to come down and do. Probably leave there and head back down to Cape Coral house hunting.
  10. It’s really not. Look up Raynauds syndrome. It’s the main reason my daughter ended up in Alabama.
  11. Glycol will circulate at whatever temperature you set it at. It could never be too cold unless thermostat was set too low.
  12. Throw some flex tape over it
  13. 63 this Friday. There’s no way in hell I thought I would still be here.
  14. What might be worth looking into would be one of the small glycol chillers they use for draft beer systems