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  1. I shot 2 deer with with my father's Ruger 6.5, all but liquidated the heart.
  2. Have this one nook by my deck I'm never happy with, keep trying different stuff every year, I think I'm sticking with these river rocks, really happy with how it came out. I ordered way much more than I needed though (3 tons) so kept making new project for myself until I finished all the rocks, 8 hours later. The kayak area was always a nasty weedy and dirt area. The area by the shed was just messy and overgrown. And the area by the AC unit gets no sun, just weeds grown back there.
  3. Best brisket I've made to date, put it on this morning and started a project in the backyard, hit temp right after I was done and showered up. All that's left after, bro, grandma and I had at it.
  4. Ballyhoo. Fresh ones made the best bait in FL
  5. When you are on a long ass plane ride everything they put in front of you looks good
  6. Me too lol, Ive watched every video
  7. Nice Hasbullah avatar
  8. Was tongue in cheek lol
  9. But over 300,000 sold!!!! Driving back to my parents house from Newark, passed by Steve's in Patterson voted best cheesteakes in NJ, I was like oh yeah? But how many have you sold?
  10. I was using a 8/0 circle, hooked it deep in the roof of the mouth, don't know how that happens with a circle but probably why I was able to land it
  11. I think they were eating them last night, they weren't really busting like crazy, just rolling on the surface. I put a pinfish right in front of this ones face under the bridge. I'm lucky it decided to swim away from the bridge!
  12. When I get back to jersey and have a few drinks in me I think I might
  13. The little bullshark that lives there probably made quick work of him, . just follow .the blood trail
  14. I think I went through 3 layers of skin, I'll be dark until next year if I don't step another foot in the sun
  15. Heard good things about them. Had a glock 19x on order but wouldn't arrive in time before my permit expires, but the Canik tp9sf is available and about the same price as I would have got the blue label price on the Glock. Anyone put some rounds through these things?
  16. If I got you mother ****er was a picture. Some say, you can still here me yelling I got you mother ****er throughout Monroe county. Not going to lie (if it isn't obvious) he didn't make it, I rammed my fist down it's throat to make sure it didn't get away. Not a monster, but big enough. Mission accomplished.
  17. I did find it amusing at how in awe the locals were at how far you can cast with an 11 foot surf rod and 2.5oz popper.
  18. His current youtube channel is Gabe's fishing adventures, but it's about to be changed to Bro's Fishing adventures. TBH I suck at editing the videos, I have all these hours of him fishing but I'm a neanderthal when it comes to uploading.
  19. He bought that bucket hat at the dollar store
  20. My wife went to take the baby on the playground, and came back and is like there are Mexicans sleeping on all the playground equipment
  21. Omg that's amazing
  22. Sombrero. That was our go to. I had a big ass cuda follow my zoom fluke right up to like 3 feet away from me. did Curry Hammock a couple times too, was hooking lady fish there and saw a Tarpon jump in the inlet.
  23. My wife was like oh look it's that Guy, Guy