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  1. Are you talking about Derek from "more plates, more dates"? I know he also does in-depth videos exposing who is on juice. But yeah, the broads are the easiest to tell....
  2. You know, for the sharks family
  3. Yup, had to dial it in, was way too high in the beginning, first blood test was 1300. Dialed it back and hovering right around 900-1000 now.
  4. Pumping Iron is probably why my body is falling apart right now lol. Used to put the gym scene on before working out to get fired up. I'd carry my encyclopedia of body building with me, and follow the workouts to a T, would spend almost 3 hours in the gym everyday before someone told me I was doing 3 times the amount of sets that was listed
  5. He's gone loony in his old age, that LA air finally got to him. Can't take away from his hard work and determination in his younger years though.
  6. I mean they sell bait in truck stops in some places, lake side shop isn't that out of the ordinary?
  7. Get them at the Manasquan reservoir visitor center
  8. Nice smoky night with a bucket of shiners catching bass, hard to beat. Unless you got promoted the same day! Lol
  9. I stopped watching when I was 6 or 7, got into a fight with my cousin because I told him it was fake lol. But I hit the teenage years when the attitude era started, and that was pretty awesome.
  10. IsmailG


    I thought I heard it's coming from a fire in nova Scotia?
  11. Thanks man, I'm just happy to get a good sweat in. The intermittent fasting doesn't have much to it, I just skip breakfast, drink lots of water, eat a light lunch (around 1-3pm) and pretty much eat whatever I want for dinner.
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