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  1. First time ever taking him tog fishing, bangs out a keeper on 3rd cast. Me? 5 swing and misses. To add insult to injury he throws my rod out while I'm packing up and hooks one even bigger that breaks him off.
  2. I'm learning lol
  3. Well... kidding lol, not in the 4runner
  4. I agree, but 3000 miles is kinda absurd. There actually still under warranty, I'm going to get a replacement set
  5. That's another thing I think I neglected last time. I bedded the **** out of these new ones though lol
  6. Yep, if this new round of parts don't last I'm just going to bite the bullet and go all oem
  7. I like the idea of the off set, only thing that annoyed me with the bullet style charcoal was getting a consistent temperature, but it was like an 80$ model so didn't really expect much, but the flavor was amazing. I'm one of those people Red lol, whip out a bottle, a cigar sit next to the smoker so not to freeze the ass off and watch some YouTube lol
  8. Rotors are getting to be my pet peeve. I got my 4Runner with 40k miles on it, didn't have to change the brakes and rotors until 80k miles. Changed them, and a year later started getting the wobbly wobbly when hitting the brake pedal. Mechanic said the rears are fine but looks like the fronts are warped, said **** it they are cheap and bought supposedly "highly rated" ones, got them installed and everything was fine...for 3k miles then wobly wobly came back. But, I think that was my fault for not changing the pads also (I installed the trd oem pads the year before and figured they would be good). So just went last week and installed front and back everything brand new truck and tow rotors and pads same brand, if these things don't last a few years I'm going to be pissed
  9. So i was using my Dad's bullet style charcoal smoker last year, but need my own now. Should I go with charcoal, electric, propane? I liked the flavor from the charcoal smoker, but it was a lot or work. Are the electric and propane sacrilege and that much worse flavor wise?
  10. Yeah, it was a shell shock after buying our house and putting all the furnishings on the cards then seeing the score take a big hit after working so hard to build it up. Just have to grind now and pay the cards off then focus on the mortgage. Owing money drives me insane
  11. Did it over the summer, I'll never drive or take a plane again to FL. Whole family liked it, seats are comfy and plenty of space for even a bigger guy to stretch out and recline, food wasn't bad. Only thing I suggest is paying the 60 bucks to have your vehicle on the priority list, otherwise you could be waiting 10 minutes or 2 hours for your car to come off the train.
  12. LOL. I fought a bunch of lost braid for 10 minutes once in ripping current once. When I finally decided it wasn't a fish and tried to break off, I ended up pulling in 50 yards of braid and a 6" shad
  13. Just yell and say ahhh that's the ugliest monster ever!