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  1. I enjoyed it, good series. They all looked like they were starving.
  2. How is the fishing in the keys in late October? I still have a block of Vacation last week of October in and the baby will be old enough to do some traveling by then. I'm looking at these fishing calendars and everyone says something different lol.
  3. I'm so jealous. I still haven't emotionally recovered from cancelling ours in April lol.
  4. Always thought that about fried fish lol
  5. Blackened on the grill is the only way to go in our house. That looks pretty damn good
  6. Oh man that makes me want to get on the Mohawk so bad
  7. **** faced and on the verge of blacking out is the only way to eat them. The smell on your clothes the next day is enough to make you gag.
  8. Damn 30, I'm a filthy animal.
  9. Is a crave case considered a lot? I really don't remember how many are in there but I've done one of those on a few occasions
  10. My Dad made a roast and left it on the table to rest, I came home from school while no one was home, sat down and ate 3/4 of it in one sitting. Dad came home and was like that was a 6 pound roast what's wrong with you???!! Either that or the time I was blasted in college my brother brought home a giant sheet cake left over from his friends wedding, ate half of that. Both times I highly regretted.
  11. I don't what the difference is, but why do the bananas we get here taste so bland compared to other parts of the world? South America I get it because they are local, but even when I was in Europe the bananas a little old lady was selling on the street tasted so much better than what we get in the supermarket here.
  12. Well, it is Florida
  13. It doesn't make you immune to catching the virus. People are so ****ing stupid it's incredible.
  14. I got one of them China pulleys, works pretty good but had to wait two weeks, I like the added diversity though. Still waiting for my got damn Olympic barbell though. I'd be 180 pounds if I wasn't drinking a 5th of vodka 3 nights a week lol.
  15. I had this ghetto shop in Patterson install a supercharger on my G35 years ago, car didn't really feel any different after. Took it to a reputable shop and they dialed in the ECU and the thing turned into a rocket ship after. Had to end up getting a return fuel system installed, but it is was pumping out 380 whp after. Fun little car, but I'll never buy another Nissan product again, crap quality.