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  1. It's fun catching trout on them, a 15lb king salmon was more game than I wanted to play on it lol
  2. Basically doing the same exact thing as the guys with fly rod, figure out how much line you need out to bounce along where they are swimming and just whip it back out after every drift, bail never opens. I got one on the centerpin last year, won't be doing that again lol.
  3. I had big hole on the bottom of my kayak from dragging it everywhere. I put some mesh tape over the hole, smothered it in JB Weld, after it dried I put a Gator repair patch over it. 2 years going strong and still dragging it lol
  4. I'm 39, a shave and a week of sobriety can put me back 10 years
  5. There is not one thing better in north jersey for raising kids
  6. Not knowing how to fly fish is something Im not ashamed of
  7. I had some left over chicken tenders the kids didn't eat and 2 hard boiled eggs so far today. Sea bass for dinner will make up for it
  8. And this guy is sayin what do you want from me?
  9. Mowed the lawn, power washed the patio, pavers, deck and siding, jumped in the pool and that bitch was still cold lol
  10. I had to move 30 10 to 16 footers from the driveway to the backyard when building the pool deck, F that never again
  11. I snagged a nice roaster sized Tog on a diamond jig lol
  12. First drift I got 5 nice keepers in a row on a gulp sand eel, was trying to tell him what to do during the drift, by the next drift he figured out his own method that worked for him and put at least 30 fish over the rail. It's funny when he's trying to rub it in and I'm just laughing, like that's the whole point dummy lol
  13. I saw a monster one while driving threw Butler early one morning, think was booking it, don't know if it was chasing something or got spooked by someone.
  14. Thank you