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  1. She is looking pretty good so far this year, a lot better than the mess I inherited when I bought the place.
  2. 3 is pushing it honestly, but the back bone is solid, you set the hook and it's going in.
  3. Have the 9ft too, I think there is only one 9 footer? Like that one a lot too, tip recovers fast on casts, but it's still moderate action. I got the 10'6 MH for my dad but havent had a chance to try it yet. but from what I understand they all behave very similar.
  4. BTW, Shimano Speedmaster rods might be my new favorite for dual purpose heavy jigging throwing big plugs. Was using the 12' last night and thing is sweeeeet, and only $150. Birthday card from my son lol
  5. Got 4 last night that were all identical in length, only difference was who was eating more. Fat little pigs. Brought the boga just for **** and giggles, they were 17,18,19,21
  6. Lol, not sure, I don't remember hitting it on anything. Blank wasn't too expensive, but they went out of business so will be tough finding another one. One of my favorite rods
  7. Lol, I'm not a pro staffer
  8. Fiberstar 1267. Must have had a nick in or something, was strange it broke at that moment though and not while casting 3oz plugs for the past week
  9. This year actually hasn't been bad for me, there was two weeks were I just sneezed a lot. Last year I couldn't even think about wearing my contacts the month of April.
  10. another Jersey 30. Lost two slobs in a row, second one did this. And of course I didn't have a back up rod.
  11. Anyone happen to have a spare top section of a 1267 lying around? Need to replace this one lol
  12. Kid was a soldier, wanted to fish with me tonight, refused to quit. Had to finally tap him out after 4 hours, tried like a sonofabitch to get him one.
  13. They aren't. The morons don't read the part that says for off road use only
  14. Better make Friday night count