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  1. Have to check, got it from Sam's club. Think it's pea protein
  2. At the gym, they have some set up in the functional fitness room. But I think I'm going to get some for home just because how much I like it. That and a heavy bag, 10 minutes on that thing jabbing, hooks, moving in and out, side kicks, is like 30 minutes on the treadmill.
  3. I do the kettlebell swing, I like that excersise. I've been on a TRX rope kick lately, can get some crazy core workouts with those things.
  4. 70 for the custom jobs, and 50 for the bigger pikies. If I recall correctly, a big Fixter pikie was around 35-40, no? I get the custom color job price it's a lot of work. But 50 bucks is getting into that territory where I'm afraid to fish the plug
  5. From personal experience, and having worked in the supplement industry, the animal protein (whey) supplements effect so many people negatively ie: gut issues, and this is mostly contributed to the fact that they mostly lie about the quality and purity of the whey in the product. It seems plant protein doesn't impact people negatively like whey. PS. I'm no vegan lol
  6. Fixters were nice, but a little too highly priced IMO. Most People aren't aware of how good they are, wish they were a little less expensive would have picked up a few myself.
  7. After is best bet, provides the amino acids your muscles need to repair after a workout. Good call on the plant based protein, much better choice then whey crap.
  8. Did anyone say warm vodka?
  9. Went around noon, mostly just so my kid could get some stickers and wasn't crowded at all. Nothing really that interesting, was surprised to see Fixter still with a ton of plugs on the table at that time of the day. Only good thing is I won a rod from the raffle with one ticket.
  10. Best War documentary I've ever seen
  11. The violence is wonderful
  12. Started using TRX ropes a while back for helping with stretching, lately have been messing around with them to get some awesome workouts. Example, pushups, reverse rows, but my favorite is mountain climbers. Let's you hit the abs hard before getting smoked cardio wise
  13. Still a dumbass, haven't been able to overcome that hurdle
  14. Could absolutely live up there for the rest of my days and be happy, I love the ocean, but you can have a great life up there.
  15. I know so many people that go overseas to get there implants done for a fraction of the cost, I think their nuts but most of them love their new face full of titanium.