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  1. I put it on Instagram, getting a lot of angry face emojis
  2. Stealing this
  3. Made ceviche with a piece of bass left over from making fish cakes, didn't have high hopes but it was surprisingly good, wouldn't try it with a bigger bass but would definitely do it again.
  4. Some solid equipment in that gym
  5. Don't get them to used to it, that's all I throw lol
  6. Blows. Safe travels and **** up some fish once you get down there
  7. Actually looks like a decent spot
  8. Damn philthy. What airline?
  9. You are always dialed in on those things, I'm jelly
  10. He wants to carry a gun, but he doesn't want YOU to carry a gun. Just another establishment lib playing an angle to get votes, but no different from the rest.
  11. It would be epic if the next pic was two rednecks with ski masks walking out of that truck
  12. I had to go back and check to make sure I wasn't mixing up the blank with something else. Sure enough lol, first rod I built, still have it! I don't think I could use it to throw a pencil popper more than a few times nowadays.
  13. Hate that thing. Only cure is more pain, I oil a lacrosse ball and massage the **** out of it. That seems to help, either that or get the wife to roll on it with a wooden dowel.
  14. My doctor said I don't want to give you a cortisone shot because I know all you Meatheads are the same, it will feel better the next day and first thing you will do is start benching again. Well I got the shot and I was benching 275 close grip 2 days later
  15. I just assume everything is musculoskeletal pain nowadays, I figure if it's something serious I'll be able to tell the difference... I hope lol