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    Love my family, love fishing, and enjoy using and collecting knives
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    Family, fishing, knives, outside
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    Marine Tech at Deep Creek Marina and Boatyard, on the Eastern Shore of Va, on the Chesapeake Bay.
  1. Sold to Obx! Sending pn now Thread closed. Thanks!
  2. I have one more available. Had a couple for gifts but need the money more right now. 33$ for one identical to the one above. Hatteras, its a very new company and like many small makers, they are only instagram, its free and get quite a bit of traffic for new makers.
  3. Slammer its yours. Thanks! Will pm you my info in. a few minutes
  4. From the album Custom knife for sale

  5. From the album Custom knife for sale

  6. It is a kydex sheath that is molded around the shape on the blade. The knife snaps into it and is held secure. First pic shows the knife in sheath, second pic is where the blade sits in the sheath, the third is how the knife carries in pocket. There is no clip on the sheath it is meant for in pocket carry. [img=
  7. From the album Custom knife for sale

  8. Cool little handmade knife by Muddy Banks Blade Works, a small custom maker. It is a kiridashi, a traditionl Japanese utilily knife. Excellent for everyday use at work or at a desk. Takes a mundane tool like a box cutter and makes it cool and unique. It is made from a 1095 steel file. heat treated to perfection it takes and holds a razer edge. Included us a kydex sheath that will fit in a watch pocket. 33$. /height/1000[/img]
  9. From the album Custom knife for sale

  10. From the album Custom knife for sale

  11. Texas jack and redbone stockman are sold! Thanks everyone. Holding on to the pen and docs knife. thread closed!
  12. The space pen, doctors knife, sodbuster are still up!
  13. JimmyK, I have a Kershaw tool thathas the bitsfor dissassembling all Kershaw knives. forgot to list it. will throw is in for 5$ if you are interested.