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  1. Good to hear from you Andrew. Lots of luck with the next knee. Stay safe and be healthy. Tony
  2. Always a good sign. Saw some up at Caumsett yesterday.
  3. Will check that out. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the video. I had used that procedure to try and remove the cover. I guess my cover is just stuck I didnt want to force it thinking there might be some internal screw I was unaware of. I may have to wait until the repair shop reopens after this virus stuff calms down. Thanks again for the video clip.
  5. Trying to remove the handle side cover of my Accurist and can't figure it out. I removed the 2 side screws, handle and drag control but the cover won't budge. Any trick to this?
  6. Source of info?
  7. I always use float bags for safety in any kayak that can flood and sink. As other have said you won't gain any float while above water.
  8. No love for CNN here but all sides are ridiculous. I saw Hannity suggest the virus is a deep state conspiracy.
  9. Seemed most folks in Costco had toilet paper in their carts.
  10. No longer just a democrate hoax.
  11. I worked a few extra months so I never got the boat out of mothballs last year. I am fully retired now so time to repower. I did go to the NY boat show and got some prices. There is not much weight difference between Merc, Zuk or Yami anymore. I'm going with a 4 stroke for sure and will probably go for the 115. I know commercial guys love their Zuks but they also like cheap prices. Thanks for the input.
  12. Very nice fish.
  13. Agree with others: Pedal, fish finder (locate structure and fish) and dry suit (extend seasons).
  14. I think Bloomberg has the intellect to match Trump in a debate. Trump doesn't say he's sorry when he's wrong he just tries to lie his way out of it or blame someone else.