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  1. Caught a squid fluking last week off Greenport.
  2. E bikes are powered by an electric motor.
  3. Welcome to SOL and nice catch.
  4. Wouldn't be happy driving through that.
  5. I know for sure motorized are not allowed on the Jones Beach (NY) bike path.
  6. Because it's propulsed by an engine. Most states require electric motor kayaks/canoes to be registered.
  7. Will they allow motorized bikes on the beach?
  8. Don, I'll take the other pikie jr. #19 parrot.
  9. I'll take the brown scale pikie and the Chartreuse/Pink/Silver Scale Sr Dookster please.
  10. No complaints at all about my Taco on the beach and the gas mileage around town isn't bad either.
  11. I was very disappointed SS stopped making the amber bottle plug. I always carry that at night.
  12. I caught my largest bass (43") last year from the sand using a 4" pearl tsunami swim shad. I regularly use bucktails but I always carry a 4" and 5" swim shad (the hooks stink but they catch fish). I like the Tsunami shads which have the hook eye more forward than the storm shad.
  13. Not lately. 10-0 in 2014 then pretty average since then.
  14. Went to Nassau Community College for 2 years and worked part time at Jack in the Box and a liquor store. Then went to UGA became a GA resident and paid $900 a trimester and worked part time at the Atlanta Gazette. Rented a 2 bedroom trailer on a wooded half acre lot for $90/mo. Came out with a B.S. in Bio and minor in Microbiology. Hard to fathom what kids and parents now have to pay.
  15. Hey Andrew, I'll take a ghost and a wonder bread please. Thanks