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  1. Not surprised it might be the Laura Lee.
  2. Complete domination! Even the backups were hunting. Go DAWGS!!!
  3. I thought we would be pretty good this year but really didn't expect to make it all the way. They are not as over powering as last year but they are very resilient. I expect a very difficult game Monday. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks. Nice to hear they don't close the parking field at night.
  5. Is there an overnight pass for walk on night fishing?
  6. Bad weather = good fishing.
  7. double post please delete
  8. double post please delete
  9. double post please delete
  10. This what I do on my CC. I use 2x4's from the console to the stern and also to the bow. Then I wrap my anchor line around to boat to form the web
  11. I'd be interested Dan. I would be fishing the surf on Assateague Island VA.
  12. Another goofy towing video with better results.
  13. Generally good fishing in the fall there chasing Bass, Blues and Albies. Just hit the circuit of Kenny's, McCabe's and EM and chances are you'll get some action.
  14. Truman's beach is for East Marion and Orient residents only. There is a DEC launch just to the west for access.
  15. Very happy with my Michelin Defenders LTX on the road and sand.