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  1. I'm enjoying this as well. I never knew about the density testing in water but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing the process Andrew it's a learning experience for me. .
  2. Got this design off youtube. It cost $125 from Home Cheapo, breaks down into 4 pieces in minutes with just 8 bolts.
  3. Jacob Eason transferred to Washington (his home state). He was very highly rated coming out of high school. He had a good freshman year for us and has a real gun of an arm. We lucked out though as our current QB (Jake Fromm) has more command of the team I feel, a real presence in the huddle and pocket. We also have another highly rated freshman QB (Justin Fields) who will really be pushing Fromm which in a way is a nice problem unless it becomes a controversy.
  4. And so the season starts. I always wear Red n Black to work on Fridays before game day and of course will be flying my flag tomorrow at home. Good luck to all (except against UGA) and GO DAWGS!.
  5. I pull it as well. I prefer not to spray anything if I can help it and after reading about Roundup being found in Cherrios and Quaker Oats I may never spray again.
  6. I fear the Hudson River, New York Harbor, western Long Island Sound, Passaic River, Raritan River, and Jamaica Bay will never be the same if they put in storm surge barriers.
  7. Hi Dan, I’d like to order the following please: 2 Classic Keel Squids 1.5oz with white hair and red thread 1 of each: Bluefish Buster Fat white hair white thread 1oz and 1.5oz 2 of each: Spro Ultra Minnow center balance pink 1oz and 1.5oz 1 of each: Banana Head forward balance jig white hair white thread 1oz and 1.5oz 1 of each: Tear drop jig white hair, white thread and a little flash on sides 1oz and 1.5 oz 1 of each: Tear drop jig white hair, white thread and red feathers 1oz and 1.5 oz Should be a total of 14 jigs. Let me know what I owe and stay cool. Tony
  8. Back in the 70's and 80's I spent many many hours in the gut (boat) bumping a 3 way rig up and down the hill. . The north fork is still a pretty special place glad you had a good day.
  9. Nice DEC launch in Mattituck. Should be porgies around with a shot at fluke and sea bass in the sound.
  10. This post still burns me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Looks very nice, thanks.
  12. Not me! Bad weather = good fishing (from the sand).
  13. Where is that if you don't mind?
  14. deGrom sure is special. Kind of glad no one offered enough for him.