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  1. We started with 2 nucs. They multiplied like wild. One kept trying to requiem. We had to split both Hives. After the split 2 just never really Took off. Had trouble keeping a queen I think in both. We had the 2 doing good then it seemed like 1 of the good ones went queenless. we harvested 10 lbs. tried to leave enough behind for 4 hives for the winter. The one that may have went lost the queen, something was laying. But we were seeing multiples. Not in every one but in every so often. I forget the term. I think my wife was thinking foul brood. Called the mentor guy. He suspected parisitic mite syndrome? Next inspection we pretty much lost that hive and all the honey got robbed. we were using Apvar? Wife had already stopped buying it she just wanted to use up what we had left. Guy suggested we not use it. We did treat with the oxillic acid. Inspection last weekend 3 of the 4 went queenless and have minimal bees left. The last one is really strong. We didn’t even hit winter. I have to say im somewhat disappointed. We have a lot going on and I feel like we’ve sort of been striking out. With the animals. The bees. The garden.
  2. We took a class the year before we got into bees, I do remember the lady saying do not use other peoples equipment, or buy used. with that said we bought some stuff from him. The mentor guy knew him and recommended him, so we took a chance. Hopefully It works out. We got some new, some used. He has a ton of stuff. as far as the split we wound up doing what the walk away split. one thing I’m not really sure, the swarm cells, in terms of location of the queen cell it’s supposed to be towards the bottom of the frame, right? how far up from the bottom could it be?
  3. Looks like I have to get a suit and start helping my wife with the bees. she was checking them last weekend. To start they were bearding like we haven’t experienced before. She got in and I think the first box had 3 queen cells. She called me in a panic thinking they are ready to swarm. Ok what do we do? She says I think we have to split but we used all our spare parts to start the 2nd hive. I called the closest apiary ask if they have what we need. Yeah sure we have everything, when you want to pick up? Now. Oh no that doesn’t work. They gave some advice, and we followed. So we got strung along all week waiting to pick up this stuff. We are here thinking it’s an emergency. Wife called her co worker as he’s been a beekeeper for years. But he’s far. His advice was similar. I guess she posted on fb group or something. a mentor contacted her. Had her explain everything. he gave real solid instructions. He said they aren’t ready to swarm. Yet. a couple days later he offered to come out and check things out. said we had 2 real strong hives and they need to be split now. My wife didn’t really want to try to take care of 4. She was ready to split and get rid of some. we have some friends that their bees supposedly swarmed in the first week. I told her get me a suit. So we are currently have the 2 hives, the guy brought some frames for us, that we have to replace. and we have the 2 nucs. We are waiting to pick up more hives. Either from this place or a guy that had to quit the bees due to his health/age. where is everyone? I think this was posted before but I don’t remember. we are in central Jersey close to six flags.
  4. Yeah I get that. I didn’t realize you were set on yanmar. I bought used from a private seller with no warranty. any repairs are going to be done by me. I dealt with the local John Deere dealer for parts for the gator. If I was buying new i would explore all other brands to try to find someone that has better customer service.
  5. There’s a few that I think are worth checking out. Bobcat? I think they are made by kioti. They are offering free loader but I see everyone complaining that there’s no loafers available. I don’t know if you get it later? Kioti? new holland? if I was buying new I think I’d be looking at bobcat.
  6. Could you just open them up and spread it in fire pit?
  7. I have a 9n and an old ford 4000. Last year I bought a John Deere 2520. I think it’s yanmar built. It’s great. The 4000 was too big to do a lot Of the work in the woods in the back. I still use it for bigger heavier work. I use the Deere several times a week. I bought titan forks and they have been a real back saver. it also came with a backhoe. The backhoe attachment is amazing. Takes about 10 min to put on, so its really not The end of world when you need a 3 point attachment. I bought it off a friend, if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be looking at one of the less common brands. bobcat has my interest.
  8. I’ve had a bunch of Jeeps. I used to do the off-road thing but don’t have time anymore. I currently have a 98 tj with small lift and a v8 swap. My wife has an Lj. We used my tj as a beach buggy and it’s tight. That said, I would t buy an Lj and take it on the beach. They are too nice/ rare to let the salt eat it. my tj was a fun beach buggy. My buddy uses his yj. He puts a front rack and a rear rack on to carry all his stuff
  9. I think we are supposed to get them next week. last year we bought a package. 3lbs? This time I think we are trying nucs. We did the package because we had more than enough frames already. This year we are doing two hives. We took a beginner type class 2 years ago and that lady also highly recommended sticking with just all medium boxes. She was older, and said aside from everything being standard, the deep boxes just get too heavy to deal with. She had like 11 hives though. Maybe more.
  10. Like the old sunshine biscuit in sayerville. I remember riding the school bus by there in the morning. I’ve been told there are ghost scents still in the building. im not too far from the freehold plant now.
  11. What extra steps do you take for ventilation? I remember reading about it somewhere before I wrapped it. I remember reading how someone tilted the lids so any condensation would run off. I couldn’t remember where I read it and I couldn’t find it if it was here or not.
  12. Well... our hive is dead. She added sugar a couple months back when we had a nice day. They came up to eat it right away. she closed it up and we tarpapered it a couple days later. I got a board of 4” blue foam from work so I wrapped it with that a week or 2 ago. I read here about the bees pushing the dead ones out and I thought that’s weird. I don’t remember seeing any dead ones outside. I know there are some dead. She checked the hive yesterday and said they look like they all froze. In the middle of whatever they were all doing. This is pretty discouraging. but we’ll try again in the spring.
  13. I have noco gb70 and gb40. they are great. I have a bunch of older tractors and things and I’m always using the 70. They bypass feature is a real help sometimes.
  14. Get it tested, it will tell you what you need. Some places are really cheap.
  15. I refuse to buy craftsman since they started making it overseas. kobalt too. For a while anyway. If I’m buying cheap overseas hand tools I’ll just go to harbor freight. Their hand tools are pretty good these days. Kobalt sockets look an awful lot like harbor freight and task force from tractor supply. I just buy by price anymore. I did buy some kobalt sockets sets on clearance a few years ago and they have held up great. Even using them on a cordless impact. I just bought my son his first set of tools and I bought one of those kobalt boxes from Black Friday for 99$? it came out to like 42 cents per item. The stuff seems pretty good.