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  1. If you're in Newport, go to Benjamins, order the steamers or mussels, drink the Broth & pretend you're in a trendy hipster noodle bar...
  2. ...or make it yourself.
  3. Went to Yagi Sat night. Thought the broth was bery good but pricey. Boru is a little cheaper. My thoughts on broth for dinner is to get Pho & pay 1/3 the price.
  4. Saw Albies in the East Passage Mon b4 the winds really kicked
  5. If you go on the Rhody Fish Report right now you can see the new Nautica Korkers that were just released
  6. I take this quote as a negative comment towards what transpired in the Graves Point photo. I my mind I see it as a "Cancel Culture" comment. Someone looking @ something that happened well over a hundred years ago in a 2021 mindset. A "Gentleman's" Fishing Club to you means segregated & whites only, I guess. Thats the way it was back then. Rich, powerful white males who were the Titans of Industry fishing along a stretch of coast that not many had access to. Not saying it was right but thats the way it was. Back then, you and I , whether we were black or white, would've been bait men, chummers. I'm OK with that. My blood doesn't run blue. Lets be thankful we have the opportunity to fish these stretches of water.
  7. This guy just canceled the famous Graves Point photo. Incredible!!! The guy who doesn't even know enough to wear korkers when he goes out fishing. Let me ask you a question. If we are going to cancel the history of surf fishing in America when can we cancel the fisherman from parts unknown & their blatant disregard of the law?
  8. I thought you were going to ask if those guys were wearing korkers!!!
  9. Glad I've been concentrating on Toggin' from shore. Haven't seen much surface action while soaking crabs. There was some bait/birds around Tues.
  10. I guess my point is stick to that Ledge they have up there @ the Boat Ramp
  11. Maybe you're a Geologist, who knows, but Hazard Rock & the Avenues are totally different from Brenton Point. Hazard Rock is more like certain sections of Cliff Walk. Brenton Point is adjacent to a shallow water reef system. Cliff Walk & the Avenues have deep drop-offs relatively close to the rocks. There are some sections of the Drive that are closer to deeper water but that is not Brenton Point. Brenton Point proper, if you will, is a shallow water spot. But I'm sure you know that because you're a Geologist.
  12. You need to stick to the Boat Ramp. Ledge @ Brenton Point?
  13. Been Blackfishing from shore since Wed Oct 6. Lots of 14-16" fish with an occasional 5#er. There has been more pods of Chubs than Albies. The Albies show up in small pods every now and again but out in the distance. The Chubs are the only ones coming in close. Lets just say, I havent even brought my Albie rob the last 2 times I've gone. Thats how infrequent the sightings are. Haven't seen any Bass/Blues either. The Pogie boat was out there for a couple of days. I remember last Oct running into massive schools of Pogies with no fish on them @ the mouth of the Sakonnet, so maybe they're around again.
  14. I knew that you were a clown once you asked, "Do I need Korkers?" Thats like asking should I bring my fishing rod?
  15. Is this a serious question?
  16. I agree. Last year, for me, was slow from shore for Albies. This year I haven't even seen a blow up nevermind a fish caught. This year I targeted them @ the end of Aug & the first week of Sep but gave up because the Bass fishing was so good. Last year I ended up seeing more Albies while blackfishing in Oct.
  17. Lots of Snapper Blues for the kids yesterday. Eaters...
  18. Friday night I fished a spot where there was probably a school of 1000 fish. They came @ last light on a weekend so you can only imagine what happened next. A spot that can only handle 4 guys plugging & another 4 to 5 on the periphery was overrun. Fisherman from Parts Unknown with 12 foot rods & soft sided coolers for plug bags came down. What happened over the course of the night was a fish evacuation plan for the ages. I've never seen so many guys go back & forth, up & down, back & forth. Just watching the headlights bobbing in the night was amazing. They couldn't help themselves, there were just too many fish. It was such a well executed & thought out fish evacuation. The US Government should take a lesson from these Fisherman from Parts Unknown.
  19. Its hard for me to call the DEM. I've called so many times to no avail. The question is do I leave my spot where I'm getting a hit or fish for 3 hours straight to call an agency that is blind or indifferent to poaching? I said my peace to the Fishermen from Parts Unknown that came near me but they look @ you like they don't understand or don't care. What would you do?
  20. I don't fish with my phone & do you really think they would show up?
  21. They look like Eiders. Looks like some juvenile males getting there white color
  22. I ran into BFT within casting distance from shore in Nov during the early 2000s on the Cliff Walk. That fall there were Gannetts & bait everywhere. I had put my gear away for the season & was walking my dog. Saw the Gannetts working off Rough Point & thought I saw a school of dolphins. Went to the northeast then came back to see the Gannetts still diving. All of a sudden a 100 lb, if not larger, tuna comes out of the water upside down. I sat & watched as they porpoised out of the water in synchronization for a short period of time. Couple days later I was at Monahans in Narragansett & the BFT were there too but not as big as the ones in Newport.
  23. You can only go when you can go. If you couldn't go, then forget about it. If you were lazy, then you should kick yourself because it was good this morning.
  24. I fished Thurs afternoon on the incoming & had 45 fish to 30" but mostly cookie cutter 24/25" fish. Yesterday I had 2 hits. The water looked good but a little weedy. Didnt go last night but would've if I could've. This evening might be good b4 it gets ******.
  25. If there is a spot that you have to wait from 2AM until sunrise to blackfish, good luck. That spot can be characterized as a ****how circus. I don't want anything to do with it. There's a spot where I live that can be good in the spring for bass. Over the years its been ravaged by out of towners. Garbage, dead skates & human feces. Its a small point that Massholes come to from miles around. Its a little mini Cape Cod Canal only they bottom fish. The area that this point is at has quite a few good spots but the Massholes all need to crowd this one spot no matter what. Its an amazing sight of humanity.