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  1. Comment goes with the first picture. I have to look for the rest
  2. I started going back through my pics and found these so far- Flings 2010, 11, 12
  3. Now that does explain a lot LOL
  4. I’m in too. Just tell me what you need
  5. I remember first meeting Sim at my second fling. I decided I wanted to help and went into the kitchen to introduce myself. Steve eyed me up and down , then put me to work “ organizing” things. He never did let me near the stove lol Come to think about it , neither does JM hmmmm RIP Steve , it was a pleasure and an honor. Prayers and {{{HUGS}}} to Donna . He will be sorely missed
  6. Hope this can help anyone dealing with their job closing
  7. Exactly. If anyone is pointing fingers <<<<<right here, this girl, guilty. That is if cannoli is considered currency. I did walk out with two huge bags of merchandise, including plugs while the public was still coming in. Those two huge bags were generous donations from the wonderful vendors at the show, to be raffled off with the proceeds going to the Asbury Toy Drive as they did last year. We have been doing this for years and I am proud to say I am part of it. The only payment that changed hands were my homemade cannoli as a thank you for those who donated.
  8. Edited
  9. TB, Black Talon, Plug lab and Cyclone all sold out by 10:00.Keith and Paul hung around talking to attendees for some time. It was busy early and died off later as usual. Crowds were a little thinner then last year. Most likely caution from the virus and the parade. Thanks Joe and the APFC for another great show.
  10. Fish On Plugs will be there in the same spot as always. Big Gene is looking forward to seeing and talking with everyone. We are releasing our new glider this year. Will have a limited amount at the table and as always, priced to fish.
  11. Line is starting early
  12. I hope you let Joe know
  13. He’ll be there
  14. This Sunday, March 8th at Convention Hall The original plug show, better then ever in its 28th year. Many of the east coasts finest plug builders. Looking forward to seeing everyone! 1300 Ocean Ave Asbury Park Fun starts at 9am - 2 pm. Don’t forget clocks go ahead. Admission $5 (free to kids under 12 with adult) with funds donated back to local organizations.