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  1. Congratulations Derrick! Very well deserved
  2. Was really great seeing everyone
  3. Billy it is always a pleasure seeing you! I will never forget your generosity in making a custom rod for one of our Christmas family kids. I know him personally and he treasures that rod. You are and have always been, all about the kids (like minds my friend) as shown when you won all that candy and gave it to the kids helping in the auction. Looking forward to seeing you again PS that photo always makes me smile
  4. Tammy and I were heading to the right lol
  5. We missed you. Both at the before, in-between and after parties
  6. I was wondering who won the peanuts
  7. Here’s the original I took all those years ago. Billy is still wearing Croc’s and holding a cup lol
  8. I'm also bringing a spiral honey ham
  9. I know where my tickets are going and I'll bring her a surprise for donating
  10. You need to meet my wine purse
  11. Thank you. Could have skipped this one
  12. Nooooooooo
  13. I’ll bring the racks and trays as usual. I’m also in for Mac n cheese and maybe I’ll bring a honey baked spiral ham.
  14. Smart guy
  15. Comment goes with the first picture. I have to look for the rest