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  1. This is why you’re Head of Security
  2. Thank you soo much! I showed a club member the path I took from my car to the Berkley- he is going to look this week. If he can't I will message you
  3. Joe's wife Casey went and talked to the housekeeping staff. Club member Paul has promised to go searching with his metal detector. I showed him the exact path I walked from my car. I can't begin to thank all those who have already looked for it.
  4. I know this is a long shot. I lost something very precious to me at the Asbury Show . I lost a small gold claddagh ring with a green heart shaped center stone and small clear stones on the sides. I purchased this ring in Galway Ireland on mine and my daughters first trip there. It has great sentimental value to me. If anyone found it, please contact me. Offering a reward and my undying gratitude.
  5. Many of the builders at Asbury are seasoned veterans. My husband has been building for 30 yrs and always shows at Asbury as that's his club. Geno is one of the original six Jersey Boys plug builders (research the articles written on Fish On/ Big Gene Amato), Asbury lures, Black Label, Z-Shore Customs, Davis, Ron Muccie's Glitter Plugs, and many other guys are building damn good plugs. All seasoned fisherman building what works. Maybe it's time you came and took a look.
  6. There's our head of security doing what a head of security does
  7. This pic on a tshirt is definitely going to need to be a prize next year. Actually a top prize LMAO
  8. I usually make a tried and true and something new each year. My Mac n Cheese always goes. Then I add another new dish and see how it does. The event is a Pot luck, it's open to anything you want to bring. Happy to say the chicken with pasta and sun dried tomatoes seemed well liked. Whatever yor creative self wants to venture into
  9. Oh, there's plenty of shenanigans LOL
  10. Rickman - did you do last year’s prints? I won the eagle with the fish and it’s stunning
  11. Terry if you need a ride, I'd be happy to help my head of security.
  12. I’ll bring Mac n cheese and something else….
  13. Congratulations Derrick! Very well deserved
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