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  1. Awesome!! Love to see the little ladies killing it
  2. Done. Sending PM All 3 prs sold. Thanks SOL
  3. I will accept that if you cover Paypal fees
  4. Pair #1 still available
  5. MJ-516 color 03 (Navy) 61-18
  6. As long as shipping is within the continental US. Done.
  7. Fishing/ beach season is upon us All new never worn. $100 each #1 is the wrap fexable frames #2 has the new gradient polarized lens #3 is the flex on frame ( frame twists and bends) local pick up or add $5 ship usa
  8. Parking is much easier in Asbury
  9. Natalie has been a doll baby since day one
  10. Missed you my friend. Hope you're enjoying the new digs
  11. Not one pic of hubby , Big Gene, no one's going to believe he was actually there
  12. And many donations. Thank you so much!
  13. I took one pic yesterday- Derrick and his little cutie
  14. Bring them with you. The little ones are always welcome
  15. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead