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  1. This whole thing is screwed up…. Should have left it alone…. Respectfully of course..
  2. Ordering my subaqua on Friday....
  3. Drew I held that belt in my hands at show I like it a lot... Well made... I can do a lot of sweet customizing to that belt....
  4. Just finished my belt.... Thanks to my buddy for teaching me to do it the "right way".... The infamous "MTK" belt….
  5. From the album Surf Belt Photos!

  6. In other words Charles is telling us surf guys not to even waste our time fishing for stripers.... They are basically gone...
  7. Thanks... Mystery solved....
  8. Anyone know who built this?? Thanks]
  9. From the album Pencil popper ID

  10. From the album Pencil popper ID

  11. Awesome rod... Good choice.... Slap a VS 200 on it!!!
  12. Thoughts and prayers to Tony's family....