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  1. The good old boys fixed the grill. Never thought I would say this but thank God red is here.
  2. let me check with the expert. it is.
  3. I will not let him rot in jail. I will bust him out.
  4. I have nothing packed. Lucky for me chumslick has one of my rods so at least i will have something.
  5. we love every one but you
  6. are you going to fly fish?
  7. Hey I will be down there too, lets grab beers lots of them.
  8. Anker cables are the way to go
  9. I have not been on the bike much lately but all the work has really paid off during hockey. I thought i was done and washed up. I am playing in a league after 3 games i have 5 goals and 4 assists good enough to be in the top ten in scoring.
  10. NEVER
  11. yep
  12. now what are we going to do?
  13. now if we could only get that mouth breathing, knuckle dragging Mike MC to think logically.
  14. so always