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  1. It's my understanding that there are small blues a little north of there.
  2. you telling him he caught the ocean? **** my mind is blown.
  3. Im geared up for keeper size and bigger fish. Probably don't need my 10'6 rod in nj for the next couple years last year was my first year using an 8ft rod for the whole fall run and it's all i needed. Most fish came on the mc55 and mag darter. This year i have a feeling i will use it most of the fall unless i need real distance.
  4. Amen brother.
  5. If this years mullet run and fall run is like last years which it appears to be, bellringers going to be spending lots of time in the bst.
  6. I think you mean women so i fixed it
  7. Im going to spend my thanks giving drunk on a beach. Hopefully have striped bass dinner.
  8. Guys that weak fish was caught like three weeks ago, i don't kn0w why that fool is still bragging about it.
  9. I slap those carrots right out of your hand.
  10. Kill it and cook it.
  11. what about cracked pepper turkey sandwiches? Turkey at thanks giving?
  12. You guys are fools, make that turkey burger with some fresh herbs and fry it in bacon grease. Thats the one thing about turkey burgers or meat balls it really absorbs the flavors you cook it in. Im a meat eater eating vegetables and pasta is what makes you guys disgusting fat bodies.
  13. I got a new truck so no you won't.
  14. You can take your dumb questions to this thread and we will answer them.