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  1. come with us
  2. WHAT BOAT j2?
  3. whats the go to drug for sea sickness these days? GOOFBALLS ARE NOT CUTTING IT THESE DAYS
  4. i will call you in a bit, does anyone else want to go?
  5. Where are you now? Are you coming to philly?
  6. that boat gets packed and it's a little longer for me to get to. I am open to going on it, i will call you later. I was also planning on stayin in belmar tomorrow night.
  7. @DragonsLax48 Where are you riding?
  8. Do you want to go with us tomorrow?
  9. It's on, do you want to do OE?
  10. I would ZIPit if i was you. go back to the beginning of this thread a lot of guys think you rose to fame because of the juice. They have been calling you terry Armstrong for two months. Your pee is dirty!!!!
  11. That sucks but you get to ride all winter. I do a lot of night riding in the summer. Most of my group rides here in the city i do are at night usually 10-15 miles and end at a restraunt
  12. I am using nb 880 with gortex. Most of my riding is city. So I just got a waterproof sneaker
  13. Ride of silence philly
  14. That's a hard NO