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  1. Another grind today fish have lock jaw.
  2. Ever since you became friends with spaz you turned into a real pinky out beoch
  3. I'm struggling 10 fish today no quality 4 of them were small mouth. I got a small bag of tricks. No go on almost every presentation except for the one I put in the tree.
  4. They should be moving in now. Probably won't be aggressive for another week at least probably two. When the racers move in they usually sit on the bottom in current. I am going to start fishing for them this weekend.
  5. Yeah but these slobs go into the cabin with their big titties hanging out and get boob sweat all over the spread.
  6. Why did you remove my image? It does not show privates and it's considered art in some circles.
  7. This is what makes the greatest liberal of all time happy. *
  8. I'm going on a boat trip with a bunch of losers from the tavern.
  9. I think you will unfortunately make it to 95. Unless you change your habits and get fat.
  10. Get off the crack rock. I see your posts and estimate you need 200 grams off protein a day minimum. So you think you could live off 36 eggs a day? You have been watching too much cool hand Luke
  11. I have been thinking about getting a bike fitting. I am still not comfortable on my topstone. I need a new seat because mine is coming apart. I am wondering if it's worth the 100 bucks to get a fitting.
  12. Ride n Fish GOING HAM This will be the official 2024 bike thread. Ridenfish is the official and undisputed Sol cycling champ of 2024. It looked like a tie this year but after a consultation with one of the greatest SOL cycling champs of all time Tmac, the winner was clear. Ridenfish's accomplishments in the saddle were overshadowed by his accomplishments with his rod in his hand but that’s the way it’s always been for him. Sorry for the delay in posting this it was a bad winter for riding. Today your odometer starts at zero. here is your chance to wear the belt in 2024. As tradition dictates, I will decide the winner every year. Post your goals, and dreams, and let the bitching commence. Feel free to post some goals for the new year. All biking questions are welcome. The Committee will release the top ten standings for last year in a couple of days.
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