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  1. \ I bet you surf day has more skinny jeans than camo.
  2. you could ask Larry on fb
  3. another weekend with no use for my plugs. will be worm and bobber fishing.
  4. hey guys lets just drag some ava jigs on the bottom.
  5. I wanted to go i can't understand why he decided to play that venue in nj. The after market tickets on stub hub were over 230 bucks. thats crazy for a tuesday night.
  6. I can't wait it's always a great weekend with the food fling on Saturday and the show on Sunday.
  7. clambrella out produce most plugs but have six clams on at once can get expensive. do you want to spend 100 bucks snapping off a GRS or do you want to spend 60 bucks on pints of clams and catch lots of fish some times you get a double or quadruple header.
  8. happy birthday
  9. lets face it most of these guys sit on their bike on the service road with their dicks in their hand.
  10. only good for hanging on walls and decorating christmas trees.
  11. can you post some pictures of the stuff you are bringing?
  12. @inthered anyone here from this guy?
  13. don't trust random dudes on the ice and don't let them follow you bak to your truck. Cause your friends they won't help.
  14. A piss tent is a good idea