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  1. the trevala s jigging is a sweet party boat rod.
  2. can you hire mimi back while he is away?
  3. sunscreen lots of it.
  4. but some one drank all the cape codders from the house and they found mountain dew bottles at the scene of the crime.
  5. i have a feeling redfish killer is behind this.
  6. i was thinking about rigging one of my rods up Kneel style on the trip.
  7. Also it give me great delight to be the one to tell you this.... Shiesty cheated on you with Byron PA. dudes got busted in the ice fishing tent singing ebony and ivory
  8. You are going overboard. whats up with the rhode island house?
  9. garbage
  10. I have none. I have the same corded drill I used in college and a corded hammer drill. I do have a cordless drywall gun which is fun
  11. Lucky for me I already had a quadruple limit of sea bass.
  12. I would love an update im about to pull the trigger on a rod from there.
  13. last time i fished with shiest he tangled me up and broke my Rod tom was there. he is not welcome on the boat. Also he was a googan all spring crossing fishless's line.
  14. what a bitch move.
  15. belmo