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  1. Didn't we just throw him out today.
  2. I can't tell you boats because spaces are limited and I am looking to go. If I do go you can meet me on Friday I will post the boat after I book it.
  3. truth. two rods I like/ love. shimano trevala s jigging. pair with a pen fathom. this is great for sea bass and fluke excellent bite detection. No good for toggies the other which is outrageous is the rods geeks rods. this is my main tog rod. A little overkill for fluke and lots of cash,. the other sea bass rod/ fluke/ tog. I would look at would be the tsunami slim wave. Pick the model based off what your fishing for.
  4. those people were not protecting any businesses.
  5. those are generational people that had the bats and they are junkies and trash. They thought they need too protect the police which is ridiculous. Last night there were hundreds of people making sure those people stayed home.
  6. The mayor and the police commissioner are doing a great job.
  7. \ You are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about. Those are the same racist pieces of trash that have been a problem in fish town for years. LAST NIGHT THE REAL CITIZENS WENT OUT AND MADE SURE THOSE BITCHES STAYED HOME.
  8. this Trump guy is a bumb
  9. Take it to the streets.
  10. Cops still being scums. Time for action people.
  11. good. everyone was out side drinking.
  12. I can go but the amish are not there today and some places. are closed. let me know because I will have to call my butcher and put an order in,.
  13. Pictures or it didn't happen