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  1. i got the summer time cut.
  2. hey handsome
  3. It's odd because they don't normally get 10 pound blue fish in large numbers. last i checked they have had bad springs nothing like we see up here. The usualblue fish there are about 20 inches and smaller.
  4. You just don't know how to cook, Blues are delicious.
  5. this him
  6. i just posted three clear incidents of police brutality. That mime didn't stand a chance.
  7. some times seal is wrong, but a lot of times he is right. I don't understand the unwiring blind allegiance to crooked cops that some of these guys have.
  8. are you getting live resin carts?
  9. SUP

    I am not concerned i am 100% sure i am about to have lottos fun.
  10. \ guys got sugar in his loafers