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  1. i am getting a penn fathom 12.
  2. how about dudes like me with tons of useless plugs.
  3. It was me and then about an hour later i said Jake im stuck can you help? Jake says sure real my line up.
  4. Your boy Belmo is smoking vagina slims. Holy ****
  5. Casualties. S.O.S
  6. 1) shut up 2) get me a cigar nothing fancy mild under 10 bucks. (no blunts or back woods)
  7. the boat will have them ham sandwich is in point drinking you should message him
  8. if you try to book on the website they might not have availability because they list the rooms on other sites so try other sites or call and ask them to open a room on their site.
  9. Belmont just back out now please don't no show no call
  10. will there be food on the boat?
  11. will there be food at this after party?
  12. see you at the food fling. I caught three BASS on the fly this year. I was keeping it a secret but i thought you might enjoy learning the lessons you gave me out side the food fling paid off.
  13. well i guess Byron PA is ****ed.
  14. I am not saying it's going to be me and I'm not saying when it's going to happen but the tradition of putting crabs in the rookies pants will continue.