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  1. This is all I’m going to say on the matter !
  2. Here ya go. Tim if this not allowed please delete. It’s a tying video.
  3. Best thing would be to watch Enrico tie one of his flies in person and if not possible in a video perhaps. Back in the day he was pretty tight with his videos and he use to charge on his website to view. That’s a long time ago so maybe things have change. I don’t tie them but I have seen Enrico tie more than once and without a doubt most people use too much material. His flies when he ties are transparent and quite beautiful. I think as Hilltop mentioned it’s all about experience and I would be sure to have some long bladed shears on hand that are purposed for cutting synthetics.
  4. I still have one on my bench that I use to wrap lead with.
  5. Thanks very much flysully. That made me smile.
  6. Lol. Yes it was a “nightmare.”
  7. That is the vise that almost ended my tying interests prematurely! I hated that thing ! You must have glued that fly into that vise for the picture. Lol.
  8. If I find it somewhere else I’llpost.
  9. I think it was on his facebook page.
  10. Pop has a short video where he shows off his top shelf bucktails . It’s sick !
  11. “Partridge &:Green”. and that’s a beautiful vise you have there.
  12. How many of you are tying fewer saltwater flies this winter. I have to say that is the case with me. It use to be at the end of the season when I called it quits that my fly boxes were a shabbles ! Fished hard through the fall season and was catching fish. Sadly our stocks here in the northeast have dropped off and for the past two season I’ve been left with plenty of flies to spare. That being the case I sadly no longer have to tie that many flies to replenish my boxes and I find my anticipation for the coming season though appreciated is low. How about you ?
  13. Very nicely tied.
  14. My head cement ruin the head on this one.
  15. Starling primary feather for the wing. If you snag a squid hound on that I want a picture.
  16. I agree strongly. Hackle and bucktail I like to purchase in person. I can go into a shop and pull down a dz tails and pick one or two that I like and that’s if I’m lucky. I’ve been through a lot of tails and I know these days what I want.
  17. Very nice fly saltyh2ofly.
  18. dcobbett, Yes in person is the way to go but with the virus the internet has helped us stay in contact. See you at a meeting sometime not to far in the future.
  19. Flysully, Hope the Irishman is okay and please extend my regards.
  20. Nice vise. Enjoy.
  21. Sorry dcobbett that was before my time with the club and that description doesn’t ring a bell with my knowledge of present members. Hopefully when the dust has cleared you’ll stop by and say hello. Check out our fb page. I post there relatively frequently.
  22. Partridge Patriot sz 2
  23. Lol. Biggest waste of money buying those Dragontails.