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  1. This is all I’m going to say on the matter !
  2. Here ya go. Tim if this not allowed please delete. It’s a tying video.
  3. Best thing would be to watch Enrico tie one of his flies in person and if not possible in a video perhaps. Back in the day he was pretty tight with his videos and he use to charge on his website to view. That’s a long time ago so maybe things have change. I don’t tie them but I have seen Enrico tie more than once and without a doubt most people use too much material. His flies when he ties are transparent and quite beautiful. I think as Hilltop mentioned it’s all about experience and I would be sure to have some long bladed shears on hand that are purposed for cutting synthetics.
  4. I still have one on my bench that I use to wrap lead with.
  5. Thanks very much flysully. That made me smile.
  6. Lol. Yes it was a “nightmare.”
  7. That is the vise that almost ended my tying interests prematurely! I hated that thing ! You must have glued that fly into that vise for the picture. Lol.
  8. If I find it somewhere else I’llpost.
  9. I think it was on his facebook page.
  10. Pop has a short video where he shows off his top shelf bucktails . It’s sick !
  11. “Partridge &:Green”. and that’s a beautiful vise you have there.
  12. Very nicely tied.
  13. My head cement ruin the head on this one.
  14. Starling primary feather for the wing. If you snag a squid hound on that I want a picture.