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  1. Yes fresh tails are easier.
  2. Sorry should have put this on Fly of the day !
  3. No brainer on this one ! My guy is only 5 and well loved but your boy is tempting. Hope he goes to a good home.
  4. Yea the video made me cringe. He's looking for a trip to the ER. I laid them down on a cutting board and cut them . I think bbuzzi is right that dye tails will be more difficult as they tend to be brittle. I must have between 75 to 100 tails so I'll probably just do the pliant one. The non dyed whites came out great and having a bag full of strips with different lengths and texture has come in really handy.
  5. I'm with Seadogg. When my CCG runs out I'm going to give Solarez a shot. You can get it in larger quantities and it's cheaper than it's competitors.
  6. One advantage is if I'm hitting the road on a fishing trip and I want to do some tying. I can bring strips with me with varying length,texture and color as opposed to bringing full bucktails and that sure saves a lot of space in my tying box.
  7. One tip I'll give. Definitely slice a tiny bit away from the darken skin. You'll save yourself some shaving. A good razor tool helps as well.
  8. Give this short video and look see and give me your opinion on cutting up bucktails. I think it's a no brainer. I've already done a half dz or more and the space savings is a wonderful thing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ms30p_bVT9M&fbclid=IwAR0ZwD3B8CPh8bqxvn5b1wDOn1IgmGSAyHLmUJgLssqYZd1ou2wUcRgqUL0
  9. Thanks JRT. I was thinking that could be the case since I haven't heard much of "for mackerel this is my go fly." I think I'll tie some flatwings in the appropriate colors and keep them handy.
  10. Partridge Patriot . Beautiful hook. This is a 1/0.
  11. Thanks Suave. Yes I may bring a few smaller ones along.
  12. This is a Steve Farrar pattern I attempted. Provided a top view as well. I don't work with synthetics all that much so this fly was a little bit of a learning experience. Overall length is around 6 in. Will tie up some flat wings as well. Looking forward to the spring.
  13. Thanks Suave. Familiar with goggle. Looking for input from the wealth of experience on this board.
  14. Looks nuce. Thanks Salty