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  1. Just was thinking about you BFD. Blessings to you.
  2. That was pretty awesome of you. I'm sure when you remember this day that those memories will repay you for your thoughtfulness.
  3. awesome Saltydog.
  4. Kirona if 27conch passes I'll take the green RLS.
  5. PSU payment sent.
  6. Psu if you'll take 20.00 for the Striper Mastery sinker 9 wgt I'll take it.
  7. "i was close with Chris Helms, and I was unsure which vice I wanted. Renzetti master or dyna king indexer. Chris was one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. He said it’s real simple, I’ll charge you for one of them ( they were $20 apart back then) but I’ll send both to you. Keep them both for a month or two and keep the one you like. After 2-3 weeks I sent the Renzetti back and haven’t tied on my personal Renzetti either." That was nice of Chris . He was a good guy . Kind of people you miss !
  8. Interesting stuff Hilltop. Would like to see some of your flies after you've used the copic on the hackle.
  9. Nice back drop color Salty. Is that Fuschia ?
  10. Very nice Intracostal and Mattman. One more month and we'll be ready to go up here.
  11. Very nice Baldwin.
  12. Very nice bass Baldwin by the way. Looks like a strong fish.
  13. Great post Suave.
  14. Thanks Baldwin.