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  1. Nice Hook1 and DrewC.
  2. Hilltop Thanks for that posting . Have yet to be involved in a squid feed.
  3. My old workhorse and still my favorite rod with a favorite daytime fly.
  4. “Lady Benson” that I tied with commercial grade Collins capes. Great value.
  5. Classic “Magog Smelt” Variant . I sub materials as I’m tying this for salt. Killer on the Stripers but keep that girl lightly dressed.
  6. Very nice Liam !
  7. HighCal. Nice fly and one that I’m sure will be productive.
  8. I had a good night up here in Mass. bout 3 nights ago. 2 keepers and a nice handful of stout schoolies. All released. My season had been discouraging up until this night’s fishing. Gives me incentive to tie up some saltwater patterns again.
  9. After the season is a good time to shop used.
  10. Almost all prey have light bellies and a darker topside. Use your tying materials accordingly. Your flies are looking good.
  11. Good Lou. Living up in Massachusetts these days. Hope all is well with you.
  12. Pick a baitfish say spearing and find a pattern you like and then really get that pattern down before moving on. Books by Ed Mitchell,Lou Tabory and Bob Popovics are very handy and contain about 90% of all the info you need to know in my opinion.