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  1. Post a couple pics of em Lou after your done tying em up.
  2. Nice flies H2O !!! Hoping we have a good fall run !
  3. JB Crease ? Jones Beach ?
  4. Nice flies Seadogg . Why the guard on the candy ?
  5. I have always wanted to try night fishing but I've had anxiety about the dark since I was a kid. Someday !
  6. Ground zero for the Italian wall lizards was a pet store in Mineola that was located close to the LIRR Ronkokoma line. Apparently a carton of these guys busted open and they made their escape to the track embankment where by coincidence was a good habitat for them and two it was an express way for them to move to other parts of the island. A small article was written about them in Newsday about 7 yrs ago. Interesting. Still don't know how the survive the winters. I have seen these lizards myself around the track ballast in Hicksville.
  7. Like those nights of old on the Shag Mike ! Nice rip and then the swing !
  8. Good reply Mike. I agree with you.
  9. BFD best wishes for a recovery from the trials ahead. I will say some prayers for you the next time I'm out in one of God's cathedrals ! Tight lines my friend. Pat B.
  10. Nice flies !
  11. Nice fish slip n slide !
  12. Screwed up the quote. Above post is the reply.
  13. No worries on that Mike. I sensed that u had your hands full. Don't let it get to the point where you are not enjoying yourself. You know me I'm a fisherman that seeks out solitude and having just a good friend or two along is an added bonus. Hope you guys all had a great time. Maybe see you on the falling equinox.
  14. This group is becoming as great of a concern to the locals as the seals have become !!! European travel agents are getting in on the act ! Picture of the European 8 summit 2019 !