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  1. You’ll enjoy that book Sardinas. I have a copy in my library.
  2. Very nice tie Suave. I’d give you a dozen likes on that one if I could. I think the flatwing saddle market is way over inflated. My advice to anyone would be to haunt ebay and visit the shows and be patient .
  3. Found in an old fly box and I must have tied it about 20 yrs ago. Epoxy held up eh ?
  4. You seem to have an obsession The Fisherman.
  5. Mikkelson’s flies in particular this one are probably closer 30 yrs old these days.
  6. I was under the impression that everyone in Jersey came up to Montauk in the fall !
  7. ^^^Same recommendation.
  8. “Night Watchman”
  9. Waters are pretty warm right now to be fishing the northside. Best to plan a day at a south shore beach and bring the rods with you. You can wade wet this time of year as the water is not like Oregon’s. Brrrr !
  10. You only live once Brian. Time is running out.
  11. I thought this thread was about the skeeter !
  12. I don’t use the indexing too much Brian. I can say my tying improved a bit after bringing this baby home.
  13. Slip n slide is correct. Rec fishermen nbrs are way up and they are putting a hurt on the bass. The canal should have been closed to everybody. This would have been the perfect year to do it,
  14. Nice flies dkano. A few years back I was fishing a snake that looked exactly like yours on the right one night on the Vineyard and it got him hit by freight train. Strongest first run I’d ever experienced with a Striper. Weighed in just under 20.