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  1. Thanks Suave. Icelandic sheep.
  2. “The Night Watchman”
  3. Not everyone has ep fibres .
  4. Done deal. Thanks everyone. Thanks much tedshuck !
  5. Ted I have an intact package of Partridge Midge Supreme’s sz 20 25 hooks. Is this good for you ?and I need to ask is the Dna holo fushion color Polar? Let me know if this works. Thanks Pat B.
  6. Let me take a look Ted ! I’m definitely in on a trade or purchase.
  7. If anyone has a package of. Dna Holo Fushion. Color polar for sale or trade let me know. Thank you.
  8. Working with marabou and eliminating the bulky stem and using the split thread dubbing technique to build the fly. Hopefully I can find throw this fly in May if I can find a beach open.
  9. Hey SaltyH20 awesome fly. So are we talking 5 saddles all together for the fly ? Did you use bucktail for spinning the head ? Your fly has that school bus theme running through it. Was just talking to another former Salty flyrodder about the old days and the conclaves. Good times.
  10. Keeping in mind with what you said Graveyard shift I might add a brass cone head to the fly..The head is spun with the hair from the backside of a bucktail to keep the buoyancy down.