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  1. Interesting stuff Hilltop. Would like to see some of your flies after you've used the copic on the hackle.
  2. Nice back drop color Salty. Is that Fuschia ?
  3. Very nice Intracostal and Mattman. One more month and we'll be ready to go up here.
  4. Very nice Baldwin.
  5. Very nice bass Baldwin by the way. Looks like a strong fish.
  6. Great post Suave.
  7. Thanks Baldwin.
  8. Thank you and yes.
  9. Nice eelies KironaFly !
  10. Canadian Tire hip boots.. We're going back aways.
  11. On a dark moonless night beware of the "Night Stalker !!!"
  12. Just like expensive sunglasses I don't get them anymore. Nice but I always manage to lose them some how. Now when I lose something that goes for twenty or thirty bucks I don't feel so bad.
  13. Wishing you the best outcome on your surgery today Dick !