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  1. Saw a friend post on FB that his buddy left his VS and rod at Bass Rocks near the road the other night. If anyone found it could you please contact me. Thanks!
  2. LOL...Yep....I have a bunch to sell at that price....and I got it free too.
  3. Large or mid arbor? What happened to the Orange one?
  4. Well, you can say that about every handgun or rifle....pretty much common sense.
  5. I have one. Nice shooting pistol...Can't go wrong...Sig just came out with one also...I haven't checked the price....but my Taurus TX shoots all different ammo..no issues.
  6. I have never observed anyone with a "brace" pistol NOT fire it from the shoulder....I'm sure there are some people that need the brace to be able to shoot at all...Just another mess.
  7. Good show as usual. Food was a nice plus this year. Thanks for the invite , all of the people involved, and all of the attendees. See you next year!
  8. Gremlin Lures getting ready for Saturday. Hope to see you there!
  9. Have VP9...nice gun but not a favorite for concealed for me....Glock 43x fit the bill along with a Sig 938...could put both in my pants pocket....both decent shooters......but just purchased a Sig 365 Macro.....one hell of a shooter and the size is inline with the Glock 43x....easy to conceal.....and 17 round mags....really like this gun and will be my concealed carry piece.
  10. I got mine from SWE last week...and one for a friend. Great read as always DZ!! Really enjoyed it cover to cover!
  11. Wish I read this earlier Jiggy.....Would have met up with you for sure. Hope you have a good week here!!!
  12. Everything that I have read points to all three MC, Visa, AE as having adopted the new ISO codes. Hello Discover...
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