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  1. Actually pretty active Friday Saturday and this morning......20-30 inch bass on peanut bunker and silver sides......
  2. EOTech..have used them for many years and never an the cold or the heat. I also have a couple of Aimpoints...just don't like them as much as my EOTech. Fan of Trijicon ACOG with RMR as well.
  3. I never understood the craze for an 80% lower.....cost more than a finished lower. I guess people don't like serial numbers...LOL
  4. Very Nice!! Good to hear the line is getting was crazy for a while.
  5. More importantly.....What new gun did you get??? And was there still a wait to get in?
  6. I use Venmo or paypal when selling.....when buying I'll use venmo if I know the person and they want it...paypal other times.....Really, people make a big deal about pp fees.....and on a $30 plug sometimes.....its like an extra buck...1/2 of sales tax....don't understand why people bitch about the fee.
  7. I looked at the Glocks.....then the reviews.....and bought a Taurus complaints.
  8. SW 460 Magnum would do the trick.
  9. You really need to try out as many as you can. I worked with Sigs, never had a problem, agency switched to Glocks and never a problem. As far as compact 9mm I like the Sig my hand well with the pinky mag....shoots well and easy to conceal....I also have Glocks and enjoy them as well. It comes down to what feels right in your hands, and what do you have confidence in.
  10. Sounds good!
  11. I would do one of the Johnnies and the beast.
  12. Really only interested in the Cyclone.
  13. I have these to choose from...
  14. Might want to move it to the Want to Trade forum.