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  1. No worries. Good luck with the search!
  2. Gordo's Flat bottom are sinking, round are floating.
  3. I also have a Century Sling shot 1329 4-8 that is wrapped.
  4. No, I have a 3-6 oz made and a 4-8 oz made.....then got another 3-6 for a backup and thought I had ordered this blue in 4-8 for a backup.....just never had it wrapped.
  5. You are right....I ordered a 4-8 for a backup to my other as I have 2 3-6......Never looked at the sight to check the kg translation.
  6. I have a CTS Vapor Trail 4-8 2 piece blue sapphire blank new in plastic. I'm in RI.
  7. I saw this a lot on the line when we transitioned from sig 229/226 to the new Glocks. Little xtra pressure with your left hand grip cured the problem of left.
  8. Would think by now that they would include one with every gun by now.
  9. Seems as though the definition stayed the same....some forced reset triggers are ok....some are guess is the hint when the place selling the trigger says that you need an auto bolt carrier group...
  10. Hard to believe that they made 1 million rounds in 6 days.....when there has been an ammo shortage.
  11. Typical response .... pick a paragraph and make an assumption......Records from out of business FFLs are used for firearm really think there is a person in a building going through boxes and boxes of records?????? Yes, of course they digitize scary.
  12. Really??? Jordan Michaels......needs to get a clue.
  13. Had one for Glock and Sig....never a problem.