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  1. These Dawg's are just a sample of what was done!
  2. From the album fresh off the spinner!

  3. No need to reinvent the wheel! I just went with a proven style and add my finishing touches!
  4. Ya it sit alittle ass down, very similar to my pencils! It was proto typed for a while to work out the swiming action.
  5. They are weighted in the belly and tail. Spooks have a walk the dog action like a pencil but slower. Spooks action can also be effected by the technique used.
  6. These worked very good last year and now have bigger rattles in them for this year! My buddy and I were fishing in our stomping ground last year and i got this video! Unfortunately my buddy had to pay for my aggressiveness in my fishing!
  7. Bad Ass! As always Talon!
  8. If you are mixing etex here's a tip, take tinfoil and cover a plate or etc and mix it on the tinfoil. The tinfoil help to reduce the air from mixing. You can also add pegments to the etex to give more depth. Well that's my 2 cents!
  9. Are you serious? That is art!
  10. Wow did not think of that. I use those d clips too. Nice job!
  11. Nice paint! I use auto air paints!