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  1. Has anyone fished with an Ugly stik tiger rod? Im looking to buy a new salt spinning rod and reel combo medium action to chase stripers, fluke, and blues around the bay. I want to buy the Penn Battle and pair it up with the tiger stik. any thoughts? My one major concern is sensitivity of the rod.
  2. hey everyone, headed down to that area from December 30-January 8. Last few times I've been down there at that time I've fished off of a dock in West Palm just north of the Flagler Bridge at night for snook. Looking to really hit the salt hard this trip (don't have a boat) so any advice would be greatly appreciated about what is running at that time, tactics that might be useful, general locations that produce, any advice at all that you want to share would be helpful to me. My plan was to hit that dock during the day this time and launch some big baits as close to the channel as I can, any advice on what baits to use/for what/what tides? Thanks everybody, looking forward to getting down there.
  3. bump 1-- please if anybody has any info at all even just general stuff about tactics to use and for what,, it would be much appreciated thank you
  4. hey everyone. Anybody know of a website or app that lets me find nautical maps for a specific place? Similar to google maps in that I just type in the place and it pops up, just for nautical maps instead of regular? Thanks
  5. Hey fellas, I was putzing around on the computer today and decided to make a fishing log template that I can print out and put in a book. What features would you guys include in a fishing log? This is the template I made so far if anyones interested:
  6. Hi all, Been awhile away from here, feels good to scroll through the boards again. I've got a week in LBI coming up, and every year during this time I fluke fish at dusk/shark fish at night. I'm staying in Beach Haven, a good distance south of where the "Beach Replenishment" projects are happening. My one question is if people have been catching in the area despite the projects happening, because I have never fished in this situation in my life. I don't need to know on what, where, or when. Just if you guys have been catching or if you've caught in other places in NJ while a similar project was happening. Thanks guys
  7. Holy F*** thats a big fish. Great job, what'd she take?
  8. Any freshwater kayakers on here? Further down the road I'm looking to purchase one so I'm just wondering if you guys have any advice on what features I should look for in a kayak or specific kayaks in general, anything really! I mostly fish lakes and slow moving rivers so let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
  9. Friend and I got our new PB's on consecutive days. His was yesterday, mine was today. Both were just around 6 pounds, both caught on a koppers frog. This is his: And this is mine: Both released
  10. I've never got a fish on a jig. Not once. One time I got a hit, and that is it. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I have no confidence in them anymore and rarely throw them even though I know people have success with them. Found some new spots where I think a jig would be pretty effective but I obviously know next to nothing about it. I'm searching the web for how to jig fish but I trust no one more than ya'll here so does anyone wanna help me out and share some of the basics of jig fishing? Thanks
  11. WOW thats an awesome catch man
  12. Hey everyone, been fishing a golf course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for the past couple days and caught some of these fish. I can't get an ID on them. I already checked and for some reason it doesnt look like a white perch to me caught one that weighed over 4 pounds, but most in the pond are much smaller, probably around a pound. Any help would be great.
  13. Well as we all know soft plastics are great for bass fishing among other species in freshwater. I've noticed I dont use them nearly as much as I should, I more use hardbaits and topwater plugs. So I'm just wondering what your favorite soft plastic is and how to use it? I think my favorite is a 10" power worm on a jighead jigged slowly along the bottom with sporadic pauses
  14. ^^^ I literally just saw that picture and said out loud "What the f@#*" That thing is crazy! awesome though