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  1. That Penn 220 is a good reel (I have 2!) I use on a 7 foot rod chunking for bass/blues. Have caught some big fish with them. Good deal for someone here. GLWS.
  2. I think these are Sea Lice..which are jellyfish larvae. Very common down here on Long island Sound.
  3. My Clarion APX280M amp crapped out and instead of replacing it I am thinking about just swapping out my CMD5 with the newer M608 (I really need the Bluetooth capability). Reading up on the M608 it says it has an internal 200W amp. Seeing the Clarion amp was only 80W, can I just rip out the amp altogether and just install the M608 and connect directly to my JBL speakers? I am not an audiophile, so looking for any/all advice. Thanks!
  4. They are very good, but I only keep the larger fish as that little filet is not worth the trouble on the little guys.
  5. I found another $10...I'll take it! Sending PM.
  6. I can do $100 shipped, if you can!
  7. Phoebe's and Faegan's are both right there on the hill.
  8. start the potatoes in the microwave if you have one... 1 min on high for each potato...then in oven for 30 mins or so @ 400-425 degrees. Grilling shouldn't take much time away form chit chat...prob 15 minutes max on the grill depending how you like your meat. make salad ahead of time and put on fridge.. dress it right before serving. Steak/taters/salad one of the easiest and quickest meals you can put together! Good luck.
  9. I know its a lowball but I can do $100 shipped...would be nice for my son.

    1. jhillman17


      I already listed it somewhere else, if it doesn't do anything there... i'll let you know.

  10. High end: Camille's, Al Forno Old School: Old Canteen also: Zooma, Sienna, Pane Vino, Massimo “best new Italian restaurant on federal hill”
  11. $150 shipped is best I can do right now... fully understand if that is not enough.
  12. Respectfully bidding $150 for the combo. That's all I can do right now. Looking for a solid 8-weight.
  13. Word!
  14. I run a 4 prong rake in and around my plants 1x a week for first few weeks after planting. I have a small garden - takes under 5 minutes while I lcheck out the plants. Usually no more weeds ipast Mid-July, except a couple here and there that are easily pulled while I inspect the garden. - I think they give up!
  15. Pan fried in oil/butter with salt/pepper and lemon.