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  1. Prayers particularly for the mother and father and for the other family members of the little boy who is now among the angels.
  2. I'll take them for $20, paypal, shipped to 02568.
  3. I'll take it for $125, with line and extra spool, shipped to 02568
  4. Payment sent on the Shimano AR-C Aero Ci4+ 5000XG.
  5. How about $125, paypal, for the Shimano AR-C Aero Ci4+ 5000XG shipped to 02568 (Massachusetts)?
  6. What is the condition of the Shimano AR-C Aero Ci4+ 5000XG?
  7. I will take it for $170 shipped to 02568. PM details.
  8. I am not sure of the actual cost of shipping but I purchased the same model rod a few weeks ago and paid the asked shipping price of $15. It was shipped USPS from Boston. i am out of town now and cannot see the shipping label. See
  9. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Thanks , but I am in Massachusetts.
  11. I'm looking for a 10 foot Mojo Surf spinning rod (MSS100MMF2), in good condition, and shipped (or delivered) to 02568.
  12. How about $80 shipped to 02568?
  13. I'll take it for $155 shipped to 02557. Please PM details.
  14. Thanks for the report. I generally fish Chappy and it seemed to me, even before many of the OSV trails were closed, that there was not much bait or working birds around and I struck out on my one visit to Lobsterville. I look forward to checking out Squibby and will miss The Bite.