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  1. I have too many rods, but use these three the most: a 10 footer and a 10.5 footer used primarily for casting lures (occasionally drifting eels), and an 11footer used solely for bunker chunking.
  2. I'll take it for $65 shipped with extra spool.
  3. I have seen recommended, and am planning on using, a TEK 600 in a tandem mojo set up this season in Massachusetts. I have seen online that 50 pound braid is used by some anglers without issues but use of 65 pound predominates. My guess is that you could use 50 pound braid without a problem (depending on its actual breaking strength) but I am moved by the person who wrote about hauling in a big striper on each of the mojos.
  4. I'll take the Fin Nor for $75 shipped to 10024.
  5. How about $55 paypal shipped to 10024?
  6. Thanks. Will check it out.
  7. I think that $25 per reel is the basic service charge.
  8. I'm in. Thanks.
  9. What grease do you use on the non Ci4 Ultegra seals with the goal of making it seem as if it had seals?
  10. For braid cutting I use The Snip by Boomerang Tool Company and use pliers for removing hooks.
  11. I will take the lot for $50 paypal.
  12. I sent Shimano Reel Repair Service two Ultegra 5500s for service, both for general service and one because of possibly worn bearings. To my very pleasant surprise Shimano sent me two brand new reels instead of repairing mine.