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  1. You can call the 1 800# for Moen and tell them the problem. Moen guarantees thier parts for life. They will need model #. Takes about 4 day for parts to be mailed to you.
  2. Picked up 2 spray cans from Lowes and did the whole frame on my 98 tacoma. Paid around 8.00 a can.
  3. Have been using Fluid Film. Great results.
  4. Go to home depot and get 3/4" round gray foam tubing in the masonary dept(or painting dept) Open garage door and run a stiff wire from one end to the other in between seal and bottom of door. Tape foam tubing to wire and pull thru, trim to fit so it dosent rub on inside track. Great for reviving old seals too. It comes in 20' rolls
  5. Fished out front yesterday late afternoon, was using buck tails and sp minnows. Nothing for a couple of hours. About an hour before high tide switched to a smaller type minnow and got 4 shorts. Largest was 20 inches. Overall great afternoon of fishing. Good to be back on the beach.
  6. I'm in, Still have the plastic on the cork of my 9' 9wt 4 pc for the surf
  7. It looks like a shut-off for the dishwasher hot water. Those are notorious for leaking. Replace it
  8. Great video
  9. Anyone know how to contact Big D? Hope everything is OK with him. Is it allowed to contact him PM?
  10. I'll take it at your $100. PM me
  11. Home Depot sells a spray adhesive for Formica. If you want less fumes they sell a latex in a can.
  12. I'll take it. USPS money order ok for payment?
  13. Can't load pic of my setup. I used 3/4 PVC pipe and fitting under my roll up tonnau cover. If you look in my posts there is a picture of it You might be able to configure something for on top of yours.
  14. A Girl friend of mine told me to try it steamed. Steamed some striper chunks in a double boiler and all I can say is wow. Best tasting striper i've had in a long time. Used a little bit of butter and lemon.