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  1. Was watching one of the ladies of food network make meatballs the other day. Best line ever follows: "...breadcrumbs, and water will be our secret ingredient for keeping the meatballs moist. These are going to be some really succulent balls." we were rolling on the floor after this one
  2. Damn! Good work on that, looks awesome. Wish it was warm enough here to do some grilling.
  3. how do you do shriimp on a roto?
  4. as long as color fade isnt a big issue to you, a kayak will last forever. The sun is what does the damage to the color of the kayak. So, as long as you take care of the yak and dont puncture it, it will last you your lifetime.
  5. Yes! Had some turtle soup with a side car of sherry. YUMMMMY! Sorry you didnt have as good of an experience. Mine was had at the Springfield Grill in Cranberry, PA.
  6. Joy of Cooking is a good hard copy. . . BUT INTERNET! Best resource out there, unlimited resources and recipes. You can google anything and youtube it to see it being done. The internet is the most valuable resource for cooking and its FREE.
  7. Good way to take a few years off your life. I need to try this out.
  8. Leftover Crock Pot cookings (beef, carrots, onions, potatoes), PB&J, Grapefruit, and a Cup Noodles. . . . . College is awesome
  9. Im probably going to get ripped a new one for asking this, BUT.... Why would you need a VHF Radio in a kayak?
  10. Does Anyone have experience using a Malone HandiRack? It seems like a great idea for a good price. Just wondered if it scratched the paint or anything like that. also, i am trying to put it on a 2dr VW Rabbit. Let me know if you have expereience with puting it on a coupe.
  11. Looks great! I would love to give it a try, the contrast of crunchy nuts to succulent fish sounds like a good idea.
  12. If you want some rabbit, just let me know and maybe we can arrange for an exchange seeing as we have 2 or 3 rabbits in the freezer. Free range might i add, right from the backyard
  13. pan fried in a light breading of sorts with bepper and cayane seasoning for white fish. Salmon and steelhead are awesome for poaching and steaming. Baked blue fish and other assorted fish are always good. Just throw em in the oven with some butter, herbage, and bit of lemon and WALA!
  14. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL..... That plate of sashimi looks like heaven.
  15. Looks Awesome. Never had shrimp like that before....looks good though.