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  1. Used once 60$ shipped
  2. I asked that question last night and as of now its no
  3. Another good one from Short Throw
  4. Some Santa's Black Blood
  5. Roe v Wade... and it wont be forgotten in 2024 either..Dems will win easily no matter who runs. Maybe 2028 Republicans will have a shot.
  6. It's really upsetting seeing someone struggle like matter what their politics are
  7. Been looking at the Rio OBS I/S3/S5 and the SA Sonar Triple Density in the same configuration for my 7wt. Anyone use either of these lines ? I absolutely love the way the OBS casts and I also have a SA Sonar Sink Tip S3 that casts equally as well. Im boat fishing and most casts are under 50' so those short head lines are perfect. The SA running line is INT where the RIO is floating so I'm assuming the SA line will sink a little better and in a straight line ?
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions..I was able to try a friends OBS and its perfect for what I need. Really casts nice with hardly any effort.
  9. I think I saw that at the store I go to...will check it out.
  10. I don't think he has dementia. I don't think he was EVER smart. On top of being dumb he's old. Not all old people are dumb...but he is
  11. Thats interesting..I don't think SA mentions that in the description..unless I missed it. I know the SA Sink Tip I have has a floating running line and its very easy to pull it off the water Thats what I was thinking as well. I know the floater I have works great Yea I agree. at 99$ a pop it gets expensive though lol thats what Im looking for..something to get down quicker in the stronger currents.
  12. Did you get a line size heavier or do you have what's rated for your rod?
  13. Thats a good point. I do like the floating running line on the SA Sonar. Like you said makes it a lot easier to lift the line off the water. Even when stripping most of it in it still is easier. Agreed. After trying several lines the 30' heads are much easier in the boat than the 40'. And most casts are 50' and under for me.
  14. Yea you definitely start feeling good after one of those! Even better with a side whiskey!
  15. I just started getting into stouts/sours and of course I'm hooked now. Had this one last night and so far its been my favorite..
  16. same. I haven't looked in a year...don't have to
  17. Looking for some suggestions for a short head intermediate line for a 7wt. I currently have a 7wt OBS floater in 265 grn. This is for boat fishing so most casts are 60' and under. Before I pulled the trigger on the OBS intermediate, I thought I would see what other options are out there.
  18. Narrowed it down to the Compact Intermediate and the Striped Bass Intermediate. The compact in 7/8 is a little over the 265gr with a 26' head. Striped bass is in 8 is exactly 265 with a 31' head. I think I'd like to try the compact but on paper it seems like it would be too much.
  19. Yea thats one that I was considering. Never used a line with a sub 30' head but I'm sure I can get used to it. Floating running line is fine. Im not fishing in strong currents. Agree on the different head weights. The OBS short Im using is 265gr so I know I want something very close to that. I'll have to check out Wulff lines..never tried anything from them before.
  20. Present
  21. I can't decide who I hate more. Stephen King,George Takei,Patton Oswalt, or Rob Reiner
  22. What a hag
  23. I use them for EP baitfish patterns and for game changers.
  24. Most voters are uninformed so whatever is happening now or at election time is what they will base their vote on. If gas gets remotely close to what it was before Bidumb took over its lights out in November.