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  1. Thanks..I didn't give it much of a test so I'm sure there will be things I won't like about it lol
  2. Picked mine up today. Seat is comfy. It feels like the pedals are closer to the seat than the PA12 I had. The deck looked small at first but once I got in there is a lot of room. Easy to stand. There is a little bit of flex when standing but Im assuming thats because of the hatch...its minimal. Rudder is VERY responsive. I like the rudder controls because they are more getting my fly line caught..Compared to the PA the OB feels like a feather both in and out of the water! I actually like not having the H rails sticking up..makes it easier to get in/out. I was only in it for a few minutes but so far it seems solid.
  3. So far that's the only thing I've seen that I don't like. I don't do much surf launching so it probably isn't a big deal in my case but I don't like how easily the water comes over the bow. Seems like the bow digs into the waves too much but I don't know if that's normal or not.
  4. Nice...The Orange Papaya is much better than the old Yellow IMO
  5. I ordered one last week..hopefully it will be in soon
  6. She couldn't play the race card so she played the woman card. After that will be the Trump card.
  7. If the seat in the Outback is 1/2 as comfy as the one in PA I'll be happy
  8. Maybe Tom Arnold ?
  9. If you are the only one in the room you will never be wrong...
  10. I guess it's all relative..Going from a PA to Outback feels like I'm shedding 100 lbs lol..When I lift my buddy's OutbackI feel like Arrrnooold..
  11. 50$ shipped $45 Local Pickup 08037
  12. SOMETHING LIGHT!! lol No arm rests on the seat. Something that I can paddle if I need to. I dont need much storage. I would have gotten the Outback but I thought I wanted something I could stand in. Even though I fly fish a lot I didn't feel the need to have to stand so thats not a big deal this time around.
  13. Local Pickup 08037 60$
  14. Sold my PA12 today..It was my first kayak so I learned a lot about what I did and didn't need. In the market again!