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  1. Any in particular ?
  2. Thanks for the info
  3. Was looking at the 6wt. Anyone have any experience with Scott rods ?
  4. They are the first place I go when I need something. Just got a new line last week.
  5. Everyone is a Socialist ....until they get a job
  6. Hopefully after this is over people stop being all touchy-feely. Stay the **** away from me and stop invading my personal space. I discovered that you can order groceries with an app and never have to step in a store. Good times!
  7. Just a reminder Epstein didn’t kill himself
  8. Im Joe Biden, and I forgot this message
  9. I could only take 10 min...
  10. Trump won again tonight
  11. This cant be real
  12. Is that the guy that looks like Homer Simpson