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  1. Price drop $235
  2. Hero 5 Black with factory battery 3 additional batteries 2 chargers Head Mount 64g micro sd card 3 extra bases. 245$ Shipped
  3. This^^ All the colors you need..
  4. I never feel like JS is pimping products. I mean people always ask him in the comments what he is using so he just says it in the vids.
  5. Cool!!! My son has some days to take off from school. He’s been saving them for the boofish
  6. I was hoping to hear of the gators showing up by now
  7. Tried a new model 842CGLX and it felt really good. The 7' length didn't seem to be as big a deal as I thought.
  8. Wow...
  9. STOP! That has to be fake news
  10. I fish single hooks (soft plastics) 99.9% of the time. I may pick up a 7'..never used one before. Ive always had 6'6" and 6'8 rods. I would like to get something a little different since I already have a 6'8 GLX. They don't have either in the store so I'd be buying blind but I can always exchange it.
  11. Good to know. Looks like they don't carry the 842 or 843 NRX..They have the 6'8" JWR. I already have the new GLX in JWR 6'8" Medium and really like it. I was going to pick up a second one but they only carry the MH in that series.
  12. Yep thats now on my list. They have a 7' and 6'6". Heck I might even go all out and look at the NRX now lol
  13. Tried a ML St Crox..didnt like it for the type of fishing Im planning on. I'll be sticking to Medium power. Got a 500$ gift card to Bass Pro from my boss yesterday so my options just got increased!...
  14. Ive been thinking about getting the H Crate. I downsized a lot this year. You can add rod holders to the sides and angle them correct?
  15. We need another round of magazine bans...that'll learn those crazy people