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  1. Went to one of my goto spots. A 100 yard bank on the local points or obvious structure to see above the water. One boat trolling around nowhere near me. Started pulling up some 17-20" fish on a paddle tail. They were pushing peanuts against the bank. Then started getting 28-30" bass on almost every other cast . Of course they see this and B-line it over and proceed to troll within 10' of me. Im pretty sure I saw their plugs on my FF screen! I wouldn't have had a problem trading drifts but WTF. I woulda even told them what I was using. Best thing they didn't get a single knock down after 2-3 passes. Capt just glares at me and then guns it and leaves. Thats the first time I was really mugged ini a long time.
  2. Glad to hear the GOOD news that you are on the mend. Best of luck
  3. He's 100 years old...thats whats wrong with him
  4. Agreed. I don't know what else can be implied from his answer other than that.
  5. Tried out the 'new' leader and it worked great! I'm in South Jersey Great Bay/Mystic Island area
  6. Im definitely going to give that a try...makes perfect sense
  7. Thank You for this great information! Unfortunately there are no fly shops within 100 miles of me so posts like this really help. I just started realizing how important leaders are. Unfortunately I have spent my fair share of money on commercial leaders and they are ok but a few weeks ago I started making my own and experimenting and noticed a big improvement. I only have Trilene Big Game but will definitely look at your suggested lines to try. Looking forward to hearing more.
  8. I didn't see that but its not going to stop there..I want to stop reading the news but its a GD train wreck every day.
  9. At this point....just let them all in...they want open borders ? Give it to them....When **** gets bad enough then the Democrats will be forced to do something. Until then we will keep seeing the MSM perpetuate these stupid non-stories about like people being whipped. They say they don't want open borders but anytime a border agent tries to stop someone they start saying how disturbing it is. What a ****ing joke.
  10. My 5G Craftsman crapped out yesterday...Guess I cant complain its 20yrs old...
  11. Cool I'm mostly around Mystic Island/Great Bay.
  12. Thanks for the info on the cheap lines. I'll have to check it out. How far south do fish ?
  13. cool..thanks for the help. It sucks I cant try them out in person. These lines are $$$$
  14. Ive been using Rio Striper Floating 280gr. Mostly fishing from a boat with weighted flys (clouser etc).
  15. Not from the start but the ending was perfect.