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  1. This should be a question more properly addressed to Simrad; however they just suck for technical customer support (And on that basis alone, I would advise utilizing an equivalent competitor such as Garmin). The project is installing this Simrad RPU 80 Autopilot pump into a standard SeaStar helm/cylinder hydraulic steering system. I have to "T" this Autopilot pump into the system. Picture No. 1 shows the two choices of ORB fittings Simrad sent with their RPU 80 Autopilot pump. Picture No. 2 shows the standard SeaStar 3/8 ORB hose end which I need the RPU 80 to adapt to. Can somebody identify to me a "T" fitting that would allow me to connect TWO, standard SeaStar hoses, directly to the RPU 80 Autopilot female ORB port-- thus eliminating need for use of any of the Simrad adapter fittings (Picture 1).
  2. Tbird650: Always good to see a person who can laugh at himself. I try to limit my own substantial contributions to non finesse; but we are all mortal. Separately, I am searching my photo pile to find: 1. Canal picture of somebody fishing/casting a spinning reel upside down (another surprisingly common example of non finesse fishing, IMO.) 2. Canal picture of someone casting a "tube & worm" rig. 3. Canal picture of someone casting a plug loaded with seaweed because he is too lazy to clean it off first.
  3. This is a common non finesse thing often seen: How can anyone not understand the concept of an under filled spinning reel?
  4. More nightmare (daymare) fishing charter tackle, Belize, 2018. This fishing was arranged by a rather upscale resort where we incarcerated ourselves, by some well meaning but utterly unfinessed hoteliers. I complained; and to their credit, the next day, they replaced this tackle with new cheap, but workable stuff. I guess an old padlock for chain to rope for their anchor line is cheaper than buying a shackle (last pic).
  5. This is a picture of the fishing tackle supplied on a 2018 fishing trip by a local "guide" Ambergris Caye, Belize.
  6. I was stocker trout fishing 3 days ago, and chanced to pull this silver Phoebie out of a stream side tree branch. I really just cannot believe that anyone would rig a spoon with a snap swivel that is almost as long as the lure itself. Pure non finesse. Separately, I have witnessed people dangling said lures below bobbers, but I do not (yet) have photographic evidence of same.
  7. Fishing the beaches, and living only 15 miles south of the CCC, I have seen a lot of amazing blunders. I will share a couple and hope you will also. I will start by laughing at myself with this eel ball screw up.
  8. After reading this thread, maybe I'll switch out the rear treble for a Siwash, remove a belly hook, AND pinch the barbs down on my favorite plug .....
  9. I have fished along side him several times in the "Big Waters" where his jumbo profile creations have a very legitimate place and utility. In my earlier years of beach fishing (like 2 decades ago), I would sometimes carry a Creek Chub jointed Giant Pikie, depending on the conditions... not often, but sometimes. Late fall when fish would sometimes be driving 1.5 lb. sized bunker or weakfish along the beaches, etc. Gary, GRS is a disciple of his own craft. He fishes his own big lures almost exclusively. GRS is a hands on innovator: One night I was talking to him about some fish I had caught that had sea robins in their throat. GRS thought there may be merit in duplicating this behavior. He made these creations and sent them to me to try on my next "sea robin beach". So far, I have let him down. His plugs should be a part of any Bigwater arsenal... to be considered, carried, and used... again depending on the conditions. They certainly catch fish.
  10. All of us elders have honey Lamiglas surf rods (1-pc), laying around from the prehistoric, pre graphite days. Two winters ago, I decided to refurbish and rewrap them to original, i.e. 1970's, condition and components. I now have them in my arsenal as fully functional loaner outfits.
  11. Does this Company make 12" Sluggos?
  12. I appreciate both your experienced replies. I'll take a 5 year reliability expectation regarding anything that goes in or on a saltwater boat-- including its owner. Also have been enlightened that an Autopilot in a hydraulic steering system does not passively turn any helm wheels when engaged; therefore an Autopilot "doesn't care" what size, or turns hydraulic helm is installed. This is different in a mechanical steering system: I helped bring a Grand Banks from VA to Maine last spring. I was told to stay away from the continuously turning steering wheel because it could break my leg! So, boat is in the yard, shedded, and in the hands of some good guys. And the project begins. We still do not have a consensus which lock to lock turns helm we should go with... The boat builder, Rod Fortier, said he liked the idea of the 3.4 helm, but SeaStar discouraged this. Alaskan Steve here said he wasn't pleased with his 5.0 helm experience. Momma Bear: Too Soft Pappa Bear: Too Hard Baby Bear: Ahhh, Just Right. Bonds, SauerKraut
  13. Location SauerKraut Falmouth. I started this project research. So far, advice is that I use a pricey bronze (SeaStar "Capilano" series) Inboard Cylinder rather than the cheaper aluminum equivalent. Supposedly even modest bilge water sloshing would otherwise destroy the cylinder after a long season and subsequent next winter layover. Regarding the helm choices, I can pick SeaStar helm choices that will give lock-to-lock of 3.4 turns; 4.5; 5.1; or 6.0. I have been told I would be very unhappy with 3.4 turns lock to lock. "The more turns... the less effort". Okay: But where would I then be happy? With the 3 other choices? I have no experience regarding this. Furthermore, we are ramping up to include a Simrad Autopilot. What would a Simrad Autopilot be happiest with? Finally, would I gain or lose anything using SeaStar Hydraulic Outboard Hose rather than 3/8th copper tubing? Appreciate any advice from this site re this winter project.
  14. Agree: Stomach Contents. This is the serious answer.