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  1. Yes: Bank Maggot: The stereotype is folding chair, boom box on the left; cooler of beer on the right; two or three rods in fork sticks spiked in front; power bait bottle.
  2. Browns are my 2nd favorite fish. This is a fish over 8 lbs. last week. A quick 10 sec. delay iPhone photograph and I got it nicely released.
  3. Can somebody post a picture, or some suggestions for a "break free tool" ? Agree that you could potentially pull a spin reel rotator head trying to break off a snag with 50# braid.
  4. Back again on this Thread. Was traveling for another 12 days with the truck unused and parked at Logan awaiting my return. I'm now at 113K mileage; this CEL light stuff began almost 6,000 miles ago. It happens to be off this week; although, it was "on" last week, which was also the case when I parked the truck at the airport 3 weeks ago. And yes-- like I mentioned in my last Thread post, the Advanced Auto free code read (done on Feb. 14th, when the CEL Light happened to be "off" at that time) --showed the same code as the Ford Dealership code: P0307. Since the truck continues to run perfectly. Assuming the worst that the engine has a bad No. 7 cylinder with either "misfiring", or decreased compression-- I am going to electively consult a good backyard mechanic. Quite obviously, I am in no rush about this. Here is the Ford Stealership reasoning and rationale about their recommendation for me to replace this engine for $11,000: We can guarantee the engine and the work for 3 years. If we repair your engine problem (your 113 thousand mile engine), we will not guarantee it. My answer to that is BS
  5. Understood. I did return to a local Advance Auto Inc. They did another download on Feb. 14th. When they did this-- the CEL light had been "off", and had been off for a couple of days. Still showed the same code: P0307. Yesterday, the 16th, the CEL decided to come back on again. The Advance Inc. employee seemed knowledgeable: He stated that, if you "fix" the problem, the CEL light is programmed not to turn "off" until it senses 3 additional cold starts, and maybe an additional 150 miles. And, per Mr. Modelc: said CEL light is programmed not to turn "on" until it senses more than one misfire during a certain period of time. So, I have a problem; and it is intermittent. Next step now, following your advice, is to put the truck into a shop to pin down the P0307 code cause, and clarify the compression and leak down testing previously performed. This should tell whether the engine has a big problem requiring replacement, or a little problem making a repair feasible, or maybe no engine related problem at all. Anyhow, I'll be driving my still reliable and running truck (with CEL on) 80 miles up to BOS Logan for another fly out. I'll be back on this Thread in 10 days or so. Thank You SauerKraut.
  6. Followup: 1. The Idiot Light (CEL as you call it) has been mysteriously off for at least the past week. As per the entirety of this Thread-- I do not know why. Why "off" now? And why CEL "ON" in the first place? True: Ever since the Mr. modelcitizen post, I have reformed a couple of my bad habits-- I'm buying higher octane fuel at a different non cut-rate vendor. Using some gasoline additives every tank for what that's worth. And I am avoiding hitting rain puddles when available, at speed, down here on Cape Cod to wash my truck off from our baseline salt water environment. 2. No, I haven't yet done an Autozone Advance repeat code scan yet; but I will... I still question whether the CEL off/on truly means the engine is not running perfectly. A CEL hiccup? So, I will pursue this. Otherwise, truck continues to run perfectly as previously described. 3. I am having an informative, if not amusing time, carrying around a copy of this Thread responses, and showing this great information to backyard mechanic friends and some shops. Thank you.
  7. YUP & YUP. Less prone system to trauma damage also. Only upside argument I can see for a bailed spinning reel is swim/wetsuit level surfcasting where you could potentially accidentally dump line.
  8. Appreciate ModelC. and FbN interest re my truck and this thread. Followup: 1. No: I haven't done much beyond continuing to collect opinions and information re this ongoing IDIOT LIGHT issue. Why? Because a knee jerk engine replacement recommendation is... well expensive! And the truck continues to run perfectly. The engine warning light continues to be intermittently on for 2-3 days at a time; and intermittently off... still no particular pattern. 2. Per this Thread, I did dump a load of Mystery Oil per instructions into the oil and also the fuel tank for the heck of it. And I am dumping in some fuel conditioner for the next couple of tankfuls. 3. Yes: I have a lifelong habit of buying the most incredibly cheapo gas I possible can. In my town, there is an operation called Intergas selling at eye opening cheapo prices compared to competition. And they are also always busy; so, there certainly must be product turnover at least when fuel reaches the retail end. 4. No: I have not yet deployed a competent engine mechanic to repeat the compression and leak down testing that the Ford dealership did, and amplify on the testing that Ford should have done once they had engine apart on the top. I agree this is the next logical step. 5. I drive about 500 miles a week; and refuel it about once every 8 days. It is my commuter and all- transportation vehicle. Thank you all.
  9. Probably because they are finally now available. I had a 6000 on back order from TD since October 1st of last year. It did not stock and ship until Jan. 30th. My first impression is that this reel is going to be popular. Me? The clincher to get this reel was the option to convert it to manual pickup-- which I did.
  10. I just received from TD a back ordered Ts. 6000, originally placed on October 1st last year.
  11. For MA people, I believe she will be in Wareham Feb. 13th at a BB Club meeting 7 PM for a talk. I'll be interested to hear what she didn't or couldn't say in print about the characters (Dick Hathaway, etc.), and the MV B&B Derby... and all this MV Island stuff that I have been hanging around since 1967.
  12. Thanks for filling in the History. That era, 1969, the reservoir was closed to ANY access or trespass-- no boats, no permits, no hiking, and no fishing. Is it now open on a limited permit basis? And yes, I fished the Picatinney lakes which were on that site property also when I was stationed there. Thank you.
  13. Vietnam War era, 1969, I was drafted and stationed at Picatinney Arsenal in Dover, N.J. About 8 miles away was a reservoir, supposedly for the water supply city of Newark. Illegal to fish there; but I was in uniform and the patrol would usually leave me alone, solo, in uniform, on shore, and keeping a low profile. It was great shore fishing; when I was in there, it was like being in a wilderness with nary a house or a human structure to be seen. Great peace for a distressed soldier. What body of water was this ??
  14. Suggestion: Abandon this idea of buying 4 and 5 pc "travel rods". I really hate ferrules; therefore, the less, the better IMO. I fly out on 3-4 destination fishing trips per winter (Just returned from Cabo Los Barillos). For rods 9' long or less-- just 2 pc; but make sure they break down 50:50. You probably already own rods like this. Your "suitcase" is a heavy, quality snowboard bag. The bag holds a ton beyond the length of the rods. Keep the weight below 50 lbs, and the bag will pass as regular checked luggage, $30.
  15. Thank you, Mr. FBN. I did register to, and posted this issue: F150online Forums > Powertrain & Mechanical > V8 Engines.