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  1. Heading into a second season with the Ts6000, I bought to replace an aging 706Z on my second tier "Junior Varsity" outfit. I have caught some heavy fish with it. The outfit get used and exposed aggressively. Agree: I love the drag, and also the manual pickup conversion. But it is also true that I had to send my original reel back after it developed a loud squeal two weeks out of the box last Spring. No trouble at all on the replacement reel to this time.
  2. 1. Sometime in the future, or sometimes, your 2 pc rod becomes a one pc rod. 2. In the opposite, I have been along side some quite experienced casters-- and would point out to them, and then ask them...Have you been fishing all night with the rod tip rotated 90 degrees?
  3. I thought at first it was dead! S L M.
  4. +2 on that box turtle. I used to see find them all the time when I was a kid growing up on the (then) rural New Jersey Shore. Now I spot one of them every 5 years!
  5. Hospital Intravenous fluid bags: The plastic is tough as nails. They are free. They come in different sizes even up to 3 liters. I use them in multiple fishing related applications. Wanna carry a couple extra Danny plugs, etc. in your pocket, or stuffed down your neck? Go right ahead. The hooks won't puncture through. Etc. Pic shows that I bolted on a bag with plastic auto license plate nuts onto a surf belt. A huge extra pocket for all the slimy stuff I either carry to or pick up from the beach.
  6. '79 CJ7 I garage on the Island. Trouble is: There is almost no legal beach to run anymore.
  7. Great to read you back again, Dave. The common bond here of fishing helps-- it always has. And stocker trout are no exception. Bonds to you; I remember where you are coming from. Hello from Mr. Numbskull also.
  8. **Especially for an unattended rod. Decades ago, I was bottom fishing a live eel on one side of a cut. Across, was a friend of mine-- one of the best Island dedicated surf fisherman I have had the privilege to be acquainted-- doing exactly the same with two spiked rods. The fishing was dead; so, after more than an hour or so, I waded across to say hello. We were talking, joking, catching up socializing-- when I idly walked down and made a cast between his two spiked rods. A minute later, I was slammed; and landed a 46 lb. bass. He pulled in his two rods: Both had a big skate on them, which had obviously covered up his baits. I never forgot this lesson; and Whit has not either.
  9. On less than ideal conditions, one can hide behind, and fish structure-- like the long breakwaters that guard Oswego, for example. Or troll the Bays, like Irondequoit or Sodus. These bad weather alternatives have salvaged some days for me; however, a lesser alternative IMO. I sometimes see kayakers "trolling" the shoreline on those bluebird dead calm days-- no wind, or offshore wind conditions. I often wonder if they are kayaking-- and incidentally fishing; or, are they goal oriented fishing?
  10. "Ice out" main Lake O. from mid April to 3rd week in May is how I start every fishing season. I drag up a deliberately under powered 17' B. Whaler-- so I can slow troll. I leave it up there and make 3-4 pilgrimages from the Cape. After that, I am in the surf. I plan on losing 3 fishing days out of 7 to storm wind and avalanche wave conditions on the main Lake this time of year. You may lose even more via a kayak. Yes, you certainly can catch the gamut of big browns (my favorite target), steelhead, king salmon, and lakers shore casting off the many available steel piers-- and people do. But more realistically, you should consider this time of year, ice-out, main Lake, a troll fishery.
  11. Good Thread and Question. It's fun taking pictures of our avocation. The fish don't mind; nor are they harmed done right. Here is what helps me: I have an iPhone Ap (for free), which allows me to program any amount of delay-- up to 60 seconds. The max 10 second delay IPhone gives you is just too short for solo fish selfies. The Ap can also be programmed to fire off even up to 6 rapid sequence photos so you can move the subject around . IMO, it is okay if you cut off your own head; but a destroyed picture if you cut off the head or tail of the FISH! Remember, for a night photo, because the flash is only on one side, you do not have the luxury to reverse the picture taking to the selfie screen.
  12. Sorry. The middle white one is just the standard large Gibbs Needle. The top two were made by my curmudgeon friend, Numbskull, sometimes on this site. I understand needle skins; but these peculiarly work for me unadorned.
  13. 1. Nope. The bottom one is a "fake", really cheapo, imitation SS I picked up at a show. However, it is ultra heavy; and I have used it to some niche advantage on the outer Cape. 2. D. Catcher: I agree. The nose split; so, I glued and wrapped it with some braid. I have a spare ready to go .
  14. Please consider this: NO second hook-- treble or single. You just do not need it, unless you want to gaff/gill/eyeball another fish and pull it in "sideways". I usually super size the belly treble. Sometimes, if I want to "drop" the belly hook a little lower on the plug, I will hang the hook with two split rings. There are advantages to this conservative rigging beyond efficient handling of these great fish and not injuring them. Big bruiser fish are much less able to leverage and nose into the bottom or rocks and rub your hookup out. Hogwash that removing hardware is unbalancing or otherwise harming the action of these big plugs.
  15. +2 Re this Mr. Redneck comment. A memorable BAD type experience with a native bonefish guide in the Bahamas (Acklin I.): We were expensively and quietly wading a bonefish flat with the "guide" more interested in picking up conch for his own food... when he suddenly goes running full speed ahead of us, then flops head first to capture a turtle. My partner actually paid the guide to let the poor thing go. I can recite some GOOD experiences with guides and guided trips also. But on the whole, I am often disappointed fishing someone else's "back yard".