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  1. Consider swapping out some of your trebles with-- NOTHING. My fishing is SW surfcasting, and I have tired of gang hook plugs needlessly injuring fish (especially smaller fish relative to plug size). I do not need to pull in another fish sideways because the rear hooks whipped around and gill or eyeball hooked the fish. Picture is two big plugs out of my tackle bag: a GRS "troller" pikie; and a Dinner Catcher Needle. Big fish hit the head. My catch ratio is good. Maybe even great on big fish because they have a much harder time scrubbing the plug out on rocks or otherwise gaining leverage to mangle the hooks.
  2. Are you fortunate enough to be a Forbes Family heir or descendant for permission?
  3. I've been driving around for a month now with a beater old 7wt on my truck racks for practice fly casting. Getting ready for a DIY bonefish trip to TCI. This is the only time in my fishing calendar year I have a fly rod in my hands.
  4. Hi Mr. Surfrat. You and I have talked before re this. However, the fishing season precluded me from really following through. Yes, I am in MA Mr. Surfrat. Cape Cod. 1. Lamiglas 2 pc, "hybrid" 11' surf rod. Butt is graphite for weight reduction. Rod weight is 22 oz. 6 guide system Fugi SiC; plus SiC tip top. I personally built this rod on the precise specs of a Ron Arra book he once wrote on long distance casting (pendulum casting). Yeah: Arra wrote the book, and I swallowed it "hook, line, and sinker". I was a kid! I went out and bought a Penn mag 970, and tried to teach myself pendulum casting. A couple years later, I watched Ron A. win a sponsored regional long distance casting tournament down here on Cape Cod. I talked with him after that tournament. No, he was NOT using the extolled hybrid Lamiglas rod, or the extolled Penn Mag 970... He admitted that these tools were indeed effective; however, he was sponsored to advertise and sell Penn, Lamiglas, and Stren products in his book. Nevertheless, I caught red drum, some sharks bycatch, and slammer blues on this rod in the Outer Banks beach drum fishery. I weighed this rod as pictured: 22 oz. -------------------- 2. The second rod pictured is a 1 pc. 11 ft. Lamiglas conventional built rod. The blank is S-glass I believe. 6 guides, plus tip top-- all SiC. Rod weight as pictured 28 oz. Although a " heavy" rod is totally immaterial when you have a 80 lb. class sand or dusky shark on the end of the line. ---------------------- 3. I have another 11' 1 pc. rod also which is a little lighter build than the two above rods mentioned. But I wouldn't label this 3rd. rod as a Hatteras or surf shark class rod.
  5. Mr. Surfrat: 1. Are you looking for conventional or spinning? 2. Are you preferring one or two pc. rods? 3. What is your preference length? I have everything... Bonds, Sauerkraut Merry Christmas!
  6. I used to do a lot of Littoral tagging up until 15 years ago. I had several "returns" notifications. Two notables: A 15 lb. class fish I caught/tagged Squibnockett late October; and caught again 4 days later Block Island waters. 2nd: I recaught my own tagged fish 15 months later! It grew 2 inches.
  7. A last hoorah solid 40" migrator 2 cold dark nights ago. Nicely released. I feel darned lucky to get this fish after multiple tides and tries and skunks.
  8. oops. Sorry. Not familiar with your ways and I'm not $$ selling anything.
  9. Surf casting the Vineyard is hard because of the miles between sites. Chappaquiddick vs. Katama vs. Menemsha vs. Squibnockett vs. your Philben Beach, Gay Head, etc. etc. Just look at the literal miles between these few sites I just mentioned. I have a Fish House in W. Chop. I live in Falmouth. I spend more and more of my season on the mainland.
  10. So, let me think ahead about dressing for some sand beach fishing tonight-- Truro for example: 1. A comfortable pair socks to feet. 2. Stocking foot waders 3. Another pair of socks or guards to cushion/protect the stocking foot wader boot 4. Your favorite wading boot. 5. Gravel guards to prevent sand and stone intrusion. But you know what... sand and pebble intrusion still occurs, and damned fast if you are in the suds heavy surf. Soon, your feet are a mess, and your comfort is gone. Alternative: 1. Boot foot waders. Simple.
  11. I went on this trip; it was an adventure and I would go back if somebody motivated me to do so. I was hosted in the town of Trinity, dedicated to treating tourists well-- like tourists actually. And they came in by the day tripper type busloads. Both the properly licensed Non Resident fisherman visitor, AND the native, Resident NL person is sold two kill tags per year for Atlantic Salmon. That's right: Even the native NL residents are restricted to an Atlantic Salmon personal harvest of 2 fish PER YEAR. But it is more complicated than that: Your license comes with a RED kill/harvest tag, and a GREEN tag. So, in addition to all the other river Schedule, List, Category, ETC. designations... the rivers on NL are additionally classified as NO-KILL, RED or Green for harvest purposes. And you better not have a GREEN harvest tag affixed to a salmon on a RED river! *But who would wanna kill an Atlantic salmon anyway? **They were sometimes on the menu in the fanciest tourist restaurants in Trinity. ***Incidentally, the limit for hook/line codfish for the natives is 5 fish a day-- but allowed only 3 days a week--Friday through Sunday.
  12. I am a guest for the end of August; and I have to behave as one to my (bird-watcher, non-fishing) hosts and friends. But I am coming up with a 6Wt and would like to use it. What's the problem? A. How to buy a non resident trout license AND salmon license before I step off the plane? Yes: two separate licenses. B. Different regulations for-- North of 52 degrees north latitude vs. South of same. C. Fishing requirements different for angling less than, or further from... "800 meters from an approved provincial highway". D. Scheduled vs. Non Scheduled rivers (Schedule I)-- different requirements. E. Mandatory licensed guide requirements for some water bodies (most water bodies)... vs. some "trout" waters not requiring a NR to have a licensed guide present. F. Oh wait a minute: NL is suffering some low water draught conditions like many other areas around the world; so, you have a list of dozens of different phone number choices covering the entire island of Newfoundland which you need to call to find out about any special territory or water closures. ***Trust me; I have been attempting phone calls to NL; to outfitters; to tourist bureaus around Trinity, NL; etc. And I will continue to do so; but I have discovered nobody yet that is knowledgeable, useful, or helpful. Maybe I should leave the 6 Wt. home and just bring a pair of bird watcher binoculars.
  13. This device. Antique for sure. Value? Nautical museum donation; or, are these common museum finds now that we all have gps? Thanks SK
  14. Thanks Skin; RPMcM; Etc. Rods are still available; I transported them to Manasquan for a sale like a fool. In the care of my brother. Any interest for the next month or so will need to be UPU only.
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