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  1. Just remember AWD is not 4 wheel if your going to ride the beaches.
  2. Great info, when l moved to NJ got a senior lifetime clamming license in 2006 even made a clam rake, never went have to give it a try.
  3. l never checked what my drags was rated for, would set to what felt good and then from then on palm the spool if more was needed, habit that started in the 50s when drags in spinning reels were almost none existing and you fished with mono.
  4. Drag was never a problem with my reels VS100/150, the 100 goes back too the 90s, everyone wants to stop freight trains.
  5. l have both, that will be on the check list to check. Also good to know.
  6. Any good VS service repair tackle shop should have a set, don't know were you are, here in NJ there are 3 along the sea shore.
  7. From the top down metal washers 2 & 3 same, fiber washers must of worn down some, who ever must of been trying to get more drag, try a new or heaver spring in the drag knob that would encease drag pressure.
  8. Be using steel head rods over ten years, made them my self, at one time Cabela's sold complete rods or you could just buy the blanks which is what l did, blanks back then $24.95@ bough 2-9ft and 6-10 footers, 10ft cut down to 9ft where, cut 6" off butt and 3" of tip, still in use today paired with VS150.
  9. You got it right. .
  10. Great find, l can remember in the 50s and 60s there were a lot more events related to fishing and casting going on as to now.
  11. He has a good point, and Penns will get the job done, could get costly if you have to pay some to fix your reel.
  12. l have all three models Stradic 4000MG-FA/ with a 5000 spool super lite reel, and Stradic 5000FH Sustain 5000-FD bough these reels 10-15 years ago, well made reels and still going strong. Might not be dunkable but there super smooth. Along with VS and VR reels.
  13. The way the VS and ZBs are made they can only be made true lefty's, nothing has change over the years.
  14. Had the same in my old house built in 1929 all brick, just tread and use copper pipe, that looks to be 1/2 pipe. lf you have tread now stick with it. Take the piece that you cut off and match to brass pipe, then do what chitala383 posted.