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  1. My son is into rubber worm fishing he used to inject air into them now they make them float, Ned rubber seems to float l guess that is why you need the jig head. I'll give it a shot as soon as it stops raining.
  2. What size and length did you use on the trout? have to give this a try at the lake buy me LM bass, l have not been doing very good lately.
  3. Could work as a wine bottle cork puller
  4. Used a pair of them in the 60s they are wire twisting pliers put the two wires in the jaws lock the pliers than pull on the knob and the pliers will spin twisting the wire, they were used in a lot of fields electrical and aviation for safety lock wires, though hole drilled bolt heads this would prevent the bolt from fully backing out and somewhat tamper-proof along with a lead seal.
  5. You forgot the hook hanger. otherwise your fine.
  6. l have been making flap tail on and of for 50 years l don't have any of my old plugs thank to blue fish, the brown or torched one l made about 5 years ago, the next one is a modified Pfluger 5" Mustang which works great, 2 years ago l went $bay and bought 12 of these plugs in all colors l liked the action change the swimmers into 2 hooks moved the front hook back about 3/8 of an inch filled the center hook screw holes with toothpicks rear single hook with bucktail, l don't have pictures of those but do with the flap tail. The last picture $bay finds l have other colors and they will be modified 3 hooks is too much and it kills the action.
  7. This should help.
  8. That's the reason you have to learn how to fix things that you own yourself.
  9. A lot of other states are paying under $2.00 since last week?
  10. l think l have to spend some quality time at the reloading bench, have enough components to do about 500 rounds 223 and about another 500 of 375s.
  11. Zangi in Italy made the reels for Orvis and for a lot of other company's if it said made in Italy most likely it was made by Zangi, google Zangi spinning reel they even made a 3 speed sinning reel. Their workmanship was as good as the Germans and quality too. Zangi pe-dates Alcedo in making spinning reels. Zangi made the Orvis reels Some good reading.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me, learned something new about the Crack reels,shows when you design something good it will last a live time that is way VS used that reel for his model, upgraded the gears drag system and added a clutch bearing. So that reel could be over 70 years old. How is the pinion bearing hold up? have you change it yet or is it still good, there is only one bearing in that reel. When l did my mods l also would use Penn 706 or VS line rollers, check my profile an albums you will see my mods. I'm still using my fathers Centure Pacific half bail that he bought in 1950 and that also still going strong. Found a site with a lot on French Reels and other. This could be some good reading for other that have an interest in old reels.
  13. Great find put a reel on it and one of my plugs [woody] and let it rip.
  14. The rod is Shimano Stimula SI-70PMB 3/8 to 1/2 geat rod also have the same rod but 6-1/2 ft, pick up both for $30 bucks clearance sale, reel seat came loose on the 7ft put #18 reel seat and use shrink tubing l like this type of butt setup. Largemouth Bass and a great back bay rod.
  15. Nice bunch of Orvis reels, in the 60s l used Orvis 100 for a while good for schooly bass solid reel easy to take care of.