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  1. You have all the right answers on that call.
  2. Nice ride, l see that you debadge it looks better got ride of the bling, so when are we sitting the beaches,
  3. Could you take a picture of the under side of the spool and a close up of the cross pin slot that the shaft pin sits in, there should be no difference as to the way you mount the spool, if it does something is not right. My first reply (post 114) was wrong l didn't study the picture and read what you tried to do but couldn't, you were right in saying you would have to remove washers to drop the spool down to move the line lay up, if that's not possible the other way would be to shim under rotor that will move your line lay up. Hope the shims there sending you gets it right.
  4. Post if you had the caps on wrong, or wrong caps on the reel.
  5. Watch some utube if some one cant show you how to sharpen them. Don't what you call slow bench grinder turn about 1800 RPM as standard.
  6. There will always be some wood plugs in my bag, be that way for over 60 years.
  7. With that line lay you need to add a washer or two under the spool, then re spool the line you should be good.
  8. Push on you probably have a back log of reels to fix.
  9. Like anything else in this world, if there is nothing to eat nothing will stay around for any length of time, to me it will only get worse, as the seal population get bigger, you don't get rid sharks sharks are your garbagemen of the sea if it's edible they will eat it including humans, trim out the seal population or import more sharks and watch a feeding frenzy on them. Wont be for long when the seals deplete there food stock, they will just move on.
  10. Perfection will come in do time, the best satisfaction is when you start catching if on that you make.
  11. 1-3.5 nice outfit wanted to keep it light, getting harder to cast at 77 for any length of time, l seem to be holding up with this outfit.
  12. That's a nice outfit, l have that rod but 10'6" with VR175.
  13. That size is the VR reel, 125 or 150
  14. Glad your back, take it easy it will all fall back into place.
  15. Olvert thanks for all info as to how Keith is doing, can not tell how much keith is appreciated here on SOL this man has a wealth of information and reels, and is always there to help any one with a problem and even send them free parts to fix there reels. Kieth get well soon, you're missed here on SOL, l always look for your posts. Lionel