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  1. That is usually how hobbies start either what you want coasts too much or there out of stock, what got me into doing and making the thing as a kid was lack of money but l had plenty of determination. Nice flys.
  2. They didn't flip the lens covers up yet the last thing you want to do when you are snipping.
  3. l know just how you feel gonna be 79 this year still walking the beaches and plugging away and making plugs l do a lot of dropsy and noting falls and just lay at your feet no it got to roll away and under the bench.
  4. In Brooklyn next to a shop l was working in the late 60s there was an old Italian man that had a Buick Roadmaster l think it was 1936 Buick Roadmaster 4 door Deluxe straight 8 when the engine was running there was no noise, there was also 4 peddles on the floor R to L gas brake clutch and the 4 push it down and it would grease all your joints, it was used a lot in movie props.
  5. Haven't made a plug in a while found one that l made 10 years ago took it to the inlet when l went fishing plug worked great so l turned two more there 41/4 long by 3/4 diam. Bottom green plug is what l'm copying l also redid the true wire and took out the swivel want to make it watertight made hanger wired the plug with hangers filled in the hanger hole halfway with sawdust put a couple drops Crazy glue once harden fill in the hole with sawdust add Crazy glue do the same to the nose eye and tail eye once painted and epoxyed it's watertight. The plugs are the same size it looks bigger because it's off the table. They're all done now all epoxyed and green plug rewired and epoxyed will post pictures when there all rigged. l also made a mini pike, will be in the next picture's will be used inlets and back bays.
  6. l think it's a Jaguar has the lines.
  7. What lenght are the jointed darters?
  8. Went fishing at the Manasquan inlet and was talking to some locals and asked about the no-wake zone and they said there is no more wake zone anymore you are now accountable for your wake l knew what that means so do as you please boat were flying in and out it was a high tide when l was fishing and the waves on a good size boat were just about going over the sea wall should have taken some pictures, guys in the inlet side were taking a beating in there kayaks when large boats going in and out of the inlet.
  9. You got it right paint looks like CCBC and the shape.
  10. OK, I'll bite what is that part from and what is its function? l know what you talking about l knew someone that did what you're doing he was an engineer that was stationed in NY to operate a transmission station and keep it running he was also Ham operator and his antenna was up there where he worked high in the tower he had a great signal with low outpower with his Ham Radio and we would talk over the airway when he had time.
  11. This goes back some years me with my grandson Great kills harbor SLNY now bulkhead closed to fishing now. Now my older son on right with his friend and me behind the camera
  12. Where about in the same ballpark for a 7ft rod have fun.
  13. Glad you found what was good for you, where are you measuring from point to point, like my 3rd picture down from my post to get 12"?
  14. OK, I'll bite what is that part from and what is its function?
  15. l'm assuming 1.5 is the weight of the rod blank, l just redid 2 rods butt section on two of my 7ft rod, l had downsized the reel seats from #20 & #18 to #17 #16 also changed rear grips both had full cork now there is shrink tube in place of the cork, one has a 2 1/2 cork grip butt section and the other has only a but cap. Both rods have a length from reel stem to butt end of about 14" l go from reel stem to butt because different size reel seats will have a different reel seat lengths but doing it this way your reel will always be in the same position. My 2 cents l'm 5'10" in the morning and 5'9" buy midday l'm throwing just about that your throwing but for stripbass blues and whatever might want the lure. Reel size about 3000 or l put on VS100 ste up works out great with that rod handle. Hope this helps. What is that 7" rod rated for? l could find anything about that rod you listed I'm not up to date with rods blanks. l use this measurement mostly this way reel will always be in the same position, l get good leverage with a 7ft rod not overkill for me.