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  1. Nice set up first class, How long does the battery last.
  2. fishweewee Headed home from work. One of the last photos I took of the neighborhood in 2020 before remote work. I had already cleaned out my desk and took stuff home. I'm not sure I'll ever go back. I won't miss the commute. Where was the picture taken?
  3. Penn should make good on every part that has failed, pore chose of metal's in the key parts of the reel, Penn even admitted to it parts were up graded, poor choice of metals and after market parts, everything that failed is under a lot of stress from high drag settings and the fish. Seems like that bearing seems to fail quit often look for an upgrade if Penn hasn't done it already. My2cents
  4. That is right, except for the washer on the top of the drag stack that the drag knob pushes down on, it has small indents that the spring load pin in the new drag knob will kind of lock into, you will feel it as it jumps from indent to indent.
  5. The VS & VSX spools will work on either reels, the only thing that wont interchange is the drag knob the treads are different. l made the part that you change in the knob and now you can use the new up graded knob on the old VS100/150 reels l don't have a VS200/250 reel so right now l cant make the part for those reels.
  6. l had the same reel, there were times it was almost in posable to get the side cover off, l also had to make a special tool to get the pinion bearing off, the side cover ball bearing was press-fit bearing also that was a blunder on his part he didn't allow for hole shrinkage when parts where being anodized if you did anodizing you would know what l'm talking about, a part will increase in size, or hole size will shrink. Tool for removing the pinion bearing the early VS reels.
  7. Who's website can you post a link to it.
  8. You did good, next time double-check and double-check the guides, they could move if you flex the rod some before epoxy.
  9. Do you know how that was done, and what process was used? l can't blow it up enough to see if it was cut or some sort of decal work.
  10. l wonder what my 1996 VS 15-page catalog is worth, in almost mint condition. Wow, not one listed on eBay. There is a lot of great stuff in the 1996 catalog, you were covered with just about everything needed for stripbass fishing, those were his hay day years, too bad he couldn't keep the company going.
  11. l had the VS200 black with the same scene.
  12. Who is that question addressed to? l got my answer after l posted my post.
  13. l was there at the VS factory in 1997 when he received about 25 reel bodys that were engraved and being returned from the anodizing company. The engraving was done by a master gunsmith Bob Kain of Vermont. Pictures from my 1996 catalog. I thought that was a special order lot and made for one guy who was big in the fishing community. Mermaid engraving could be had by anyone there was no special order for one.
  14. Is that zipper keeping out water if your fishing waste high about where the belt is in that picture of any length of time? like a couple of hours.
  15. Got a new lens for my FujiFilm X-T10 in the mail today 50 - 230mm from Asia it took only 5 days faster than when l order from Bklyn NY. So l played with it today. lt's not a $2000,00 lens l'm happy with it so far. Grate Diane 300lb big boy, not mine. The owner wouldn't take him out of the car he would be hard to hold back if he didn't like you. l was on the other side of the street. l had to make brass eyelets to hold the flowers on the hummingbird feeder the ones that were razor-sharp inside.