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  1. So what is the outcome are they replacing the frame?
  2. What did you buy?
  3. With a 4 or 5" piece of pork rind.
  4. Change the bearings, line roller to.
  5. l have to get back into this, 5 years ago l played with this made my own light box and played with color negatives and l used Gimp it worked OK, used an old phone and down load a app taht would turn the phone into light screen. l have slides from Alaska from 1964 to 1966 and a ton of negatives.
  6. Nice plug and paint scene that is thinking out of the box, every one has dots and dashs.
  7. You did right by ordering some shims as things wear in you might have to add some shims later on
  8. From what you describe it should be an easy fix, look at the reel schematic there should be a washer between the main gear and the bearing like in the picture [part # 743] they come in different thicknesses just keep shimming until the play is gone. Call Shimano they might send you some.
  9. Everybody got one. l have three sons oldest 5.9" middle 5.8" youngest 6.3" 14" foot.
  10. What is missing where you are is me with a drink at your table, keep the reviews coming.
  11. Robert Jonhson l have his 4 CD set since about 2000 get stuff.
  12. You have a good point there. At one time vendors would take preorders that were prepaid, lefty did.