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  1. Got a lot of DAM parts at one time from this guy on Dbay (cilarelli67) Got this reel up and running from him NOS parts its a DAM 441N
  2. Drag knobs from the 175-200 will not work with 125-150 spool, they are larger and will nor fit within the spool lip.
  3. My last 2009 Santa Fa 3.3 eng it needed a battery called Aut- Zone store, were l worked we had an account with them, called them they delivered, it was the wrong battery they say its right according to the book turns out book is wrong, he gave me the his battery Dimension, not close + terminals in wrong place, Today this is the way l buy a battery's, l cut out the guy behind the counter, measure the one l have make sure terminals are in the right place pick the CCA l need and your done.
  4. 30 and 40 lb Power Pro. Green
  5. Have tried PP Slick, didn't care for it, J Braid is very limp no body to it, if it doesn't come on with resistance your next cast could be a birds nest, l wish everyone well with the line, i'm not going to try and find what the problem is and l don't care, i'm back on track with Power Pro. not losing any plugs or hunch over with a light trying to get a wind knot out.
  6. lf your asking me PowerPro for the last 20 years.
  7. Way not. User error, l don't think so, everything that l used before l have had no problems, reels rods plugs way of fishing same, change line wind knots ?
  8. lf it would of worked with the reels i'm using l might till be using it, never had phantom break offs with PP line in over 20 years of use, l don't go by what others are say about a products that will nickel and dine you to death. Us Old school guys are not easily swayed, l tried it didn't work for me will stick with the tried and true PP. So are we to say now that J Braid has Phantom wind knots.
  9. Simple, you didn't have any trouble with an other line, your using the same tackle rod and reel and the same lures, lt's the line noting has change other than the line. the reel is not broken, everything is the same other than the line, simple math.
  10. Are we talking paddle tail, if so they shouldn't be spinning and twisting your line. if tube type that could do it.
  11. What kind of lures are you using and type the of fishing are you doing, is your line coming back on tight or loose, l had trouble with light lures up to 1oz, if pencil popping or just poppers it was a nightmare or fishing with the tide, ended my problems went back to Power Pro.
  12. Simple, the line is to limp soft call it what you want, when reeled back with little tension on next cast it will come off with a couple of coils all at once and as soon as it it hits the guides it will form a knot, that will happen with PP line after a zillon cast when there is no more life in the line and it's dead soft.
  13. l have used Power Pro since day one, Why l wanted to try J Braid l guess looking for something to do, l put the line on spool to spool like it's done in a tackle shop but at home, line feels soft, too soft hum, put 20lb 30lb and 40lb on my reels never had a problem with PP line on these reels, reels range from 5 to 10 years old reels, Shimano Sustain 3000FD & 5000FD & VS150, J Braid line was nothing but a headache from day one, if there is not enough line tension l got a knot on next cast of some kind, never did it with PP line, l always filled line to whiten 1/8 of spool lip on the reels above, line rollers either work or there frozen. There is nothing wrong with my line rollers or bails, nothing has change with my reels other then the line, done with J Braid.
  14. Nice to have Xray vision Used a lot of Hellcats in the early 70s, Black at night w/chrome side, Weak fish loved them, they weren't a good casting plug but were good fish catchers when they were in close.