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  1. What was the health violations?
  2. Get a car patch, go to a tire shop, one that is pre-glued cut to width and length one piece clean back with alcohol put it on and be done, or a piece of waterproof duck tape.
  3. Dusk/Dawn and did my best at the change of tide high outgoing and the beginning of incoming, that held true to where l fished, that was only good is fish and bait where around.
  4. Probably just something to hold moisture keep them fresh longer.
  5. That's what l was just thinking, tips l had to the delivery driver.
  6. You have a can of worms there, without all papers on every firearm it could be a nightmare, also if they're not registered here in NJ you can't bring them in NJ, you need legal help on this don't go by hearsay. Were they registered in the other state?
  7. That is true my Brother in law just passed away last year, all his rifles and pistols his wife was able to keep them, she didn't need any licenses, she made sure called the state police, and went to the Lacy police Department to confirm it, their answer was she could keep them or sell them, pistols must go thourgh an FFL licensed dealer, and today so does long guns.
  8. Those are not my cars but that was the colors l had. 59 white 62 light mint green, me and now my wife did a lot of cruising around in those cars in the 60s into the 70s, had to sell the 62 SS they kept trying to steal it.
  9. My first real nice car 1959 Chevy 348 3 on the floor. l know it's a 59. Second 1962 SS 327 325HP W/3 speed auto tricked out. Kept the stock look on both car, other than dual pipes coming out the rear.
  10. You mean something like this rod and reel w/10# mono, that was about 1970 first run of weakfish that can back after who knows how long over 20 years, Bklyn NY SeaGate Nortons Point, once the weakfish can back they went to 15# that was a great fishing spot. Jetty about the middle of the 2nd picture. Jetty is underwater on high tide, night fishing spot.
  11. Been using 9 &10ft steelhead rods now for over fifteen years with 4000 & 5000 Sustain.
  12. Nice fish and out fit l use an outfit close to that your using 90% of the time out fishing 10ft steel head cut to 9ft and custom built by me to my spec., my combo is about 10 years old and still a pleasure with, 9" rod with VS150 30# PP never a problem landing fish up to 25lb, will have 10'6" with VR175 on hand, most of the fish l catch will run 5 to 20lbs.
  13. Just remember AWD is not 4 wheel if your going to ride the beaches.
  14. Great info, when l moved to NJ got a senior lifetime clamming license in 2006 even made a clam rake, never went have to give it a try.