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  1. How much are the S&G's?
  2. Are you willing to split? I like the octopus.
  3. Beautiful reel! Any right handers?
  4. Frogg Toggs Hellbender II breathable stocking foots around $110 from FishUSA
  5. I have a friend of a friend who might have one.Price range? Trades?
  6. Sorry for the late response but just got in from work.It's the heavy model.I never go to Breezy so if you want to meet in Bayside we can work it out.Do you have a pic of the stick?
  7. I live in Bayside,Queens and work in Hicksville,NY I'm never in NJ.
  8. I have the 11 footer if interested,brand new! I live in Queens and work in Hicksville
  9. How much just for the Lazy Boy?
  10. Price drop on the Tiralego to $225
  11. I have a brand new Shimano Tiralego TRS-110HA line wt. 40-65 lure wt.3-6 power:heavy action:fast They go for $300 but will ask $250 and we can meet somewhere on the Island to save on shipping.
  12. I've been fishing for over 40 years and never had a fish swallow the bunker snagger and bunker (use a larger treble like a 10/0). I stick the bunker ad hold my finger on the line with the spool open waiting for the bunker to start to freak out and start to swim faster then you can feel the fish pick up the bunker and I then stick him quick and most of the time it's a mouth hookup.Most people wait to long before they set the hook.Good Luck
  13. Akios Shuttle 656 pimped out with custom mags. I also love my Penn 525 Mag,Saltist 30H with its huge line capacity,Abu Pro Rocket,and Newells.I don't like lever drags for chunking or casting.
  14. $250 plus around $25 shipping from Japan with that big knob.I like my 4000 FK for $150 with free flukie flukie and big biscuit!
  15. I'm with HLBM.When I'm chunking on my sweet magged conventionals it's all mono baby.Ryan White turned me on to a mono called Sakuma Nite Crystal that I use in 20lb. test in chartreuse that casts a mile,is abrasion resistance and doesn't telegragh any feel of the sinker like braid plus it's super cheap.Try and give it a shot.For my spinners I use Samurai and Maxcuatro for lures.