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  1. Interested.
  2. Offer 30 shipped
  3. I’ll take this
  4. I still use mono for all my freshwater stuff and a 710z on a fiberglass rod that I like to use for schoolers occasionally. I stick with the Trilene XL for all applications and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s also great for beginners that may not be great at keeping a bend in the rod because the line stretch will help keep the tension and result in fewer dropped fish. Also spoil my bait rods with mono since they see seldom use and I can’t justify the cost of braid when I’m only casting once every half hour. It’s not an obsolete line, it’s great for certain applications!!!!
  5. I’d also like to know the asking price. I have nothing as far as bags go for a trade...
  6. Do you have a picture of the back/belt loops? If it has the straps for a belt I could offer 135 if I can PayPal you on Friday
  7. It does not say on the package. I would guess just over an ounce
  8. Pic of the package and one with a SSZZ for size reference. they also have some nice hooks with the twist lock for both sizes. I’d probably just reccomend Texas riffing your favorite worm hook for the smaller size ones, but for the large ones it’s nice to have a purpose built hook for them!!!! Can’t wait to give em a shot
  9. I’ll post pics later, but albie snacks also now makes a larger version called “fish snacks” bought a pack today. As soon as I saw them I grabbed em without hesitation. Ive has great luck with the smaller size for bass, I like the pink and the black and clear sparkles. Great lure! The bigger one has a little different profile, but if it’s the same rubber compound, I have high hopes!
  10. Last bump before I head to the tackle shop. Just worth a shot I figured....
  11. I read the post and understand that the “price is firm” but consider that my offer of $20 shipped is on the table. Thank you
  12. I’ll find my micrometer later and tell you
  13. Where you located? Fiske...
  14. Last bump
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