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  1. Good luck TideRat . Its going to be windy
  2. That crab must have put up a fight . When you unhooked it LOL
  3. I went to buy a Simrad 12 inch chart plotter with 4G radar package from them waited 3 months and still no answer . Got the same package in a week from another supplier . West marine let 5k dollars walk away on that one . Went to buy boat seats this year same thing ordered in May they told me mid July i Might see them . I got them from the manufacturer with covers and slides for the bottom of the seat $80 cheaper and faster . That was $800 they let walk away . If they don't have it on a shelf its a waste of time with them .
  4. Nice job
  5. Good been doing a lot of Boat fishing . Actually was surf casting 2 weeks ago . Bailles at 5 am with no head light is not the way to knock the rust off
  6. $2.50 a pound last week commercially is Why
  7. Hammered Monster Blues on top water at Southwest part of Block Tuesday on the boat . Biggest was 18.5 . 17 fish weighed 223 Pounds
  8. Wait What ?
  9. Growl back usually works . You also have a 10 foot bitch stick in your hand . Yotes run when you swing it . All kidding a side yotes usually don't confront you but usually run away . The Red Fox At Weekapaug waits for fish he is cool as hell
  10. Are tinker and chub the same thing ? I caught a pretty fat mack of some kind at block last week . Looked like Badmojo s but bigger . hit a fluke rig on the way up .
  11. Rouge Lobster Pot
  12. Look up AOC and a Garbage disposal on YouTube . A guy showed it to me on vacation . I am truly amazed this girl can put Shoes on .