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  1. I was going to say you need to work on your Lawn but i know your a busy Dad .
  2. I laugh at the Gas the Boats use gassing it back and forth for a fish you Cant Eat . I heard that the guys on shore are doing the same running across Rocks . Good way to lose a Ankle , Knee or that Face Plant for a entire new grill . For something you can't eat . I fish in a well known area they are at and Taylor hasn't made a song about me Yet . I will sea bass fish and the mob shows up and then runs . Roughly 5 Minutes the water around me lights up and here come the boats again . They are Human Sea Gulls in my eyes .
  3. Almost forgetted . Last Wednesday on route to Block Island i had a Pilot Whale surface roughly where the Dragger got the White Shark that was in the news a little bit ago .
  4. Almost had a Grand Slam on one drop on the boat Thursday . I was using a high low rig with a bucktail for Weight . Top had a scup middle a Black Seabass and the bucktail had a Sea robin . The Sea Robin got off before i could grab the Leader
  5. I have Avet sx reels on mine with 40 lb braid . I fish for everything with them. I even live line scup for Stripers while drifting with one . I have 4 of these set ups on the boat
  6. I fished one time 3 days nothing . I had a new tip put on at Capt Dons and he told me try it before i drive home . I walked down to the weakapaug rocks said I'm just going to cast in this white water to hell with walking out to the end . 1 Cast 1 keeper but i casted along the beach from the rocks not across the white water . Hope that helps someone
  7. Pm me if you want them
  8. 5/0 to go on them but when ? i could tie em but epoxy needs to dry Send me where to mail them most likely out Friday
  9. Kima you need some Tails Twisted up ? What is the dead line though ?
  10. Hey Animal
  11. I was going to say the same thing
  12. Great eating but you don't get much off a 13 inch fish .