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  1. My wife asked how many beers did you have ? Answer i think 3 .
  2. Im not sure i can get along with the Q guy seems like a Rat . I hope she has her shell fish license .
  3. I spent $2000 in a 1/2 hour Then spent the rest of the day at the bar with Borntafish , Big Popper ,Stripercrazy and my Brother . Wife asked what did you buy . A pair of pliers and Islander got me some rubber squids lol.
  4. Wait What ?
  5. I should be in the bar area at the show at Noon . Theres a Squid fishing seminar i want to check out but i think its before or after .
  6. Hey i was in the MENS Bathroom what did i Miss ?
  7. Will do Steve . We miss you up here
  8. Never been but if its like the springfield one not very good . The Rissa show you can pretty much get everything you need for any kind of fishing .
  9. I was thinking at the Show . Im staying at the Omni but I'm not going to Eat or drink there . Pricing is crazy . Not that the show beers are cheap .
  10. Last year Dave of Tuna.com was on the same floor as me . I was like i know that guy then on the elevator it hit me . He was alright he asked if i had a stand at the show ? I said sorta its behind the boats . He says its just the bar back there . I said thats where i will be standing .
  11. I read this entire post and still no pic of AOC's Tits ? WTH
  12. We where up in Jaffery new hampshire 3 weeks ago watching Auto Races on the ice . There were 50 trucks parked right next to each other like a parking lot . Amazing what a hour or so north does .
  13. Sounds Good .
  14. Heard it was a dude named Mac . Cheesy on Kraft and Mac