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  1. Great advice thank you i appreciate it. Will try that tomorrow
  2. late report as well. Prob not in the right spot so i apologize if it is. Fished out back. Had to put the boat in the water to get it to a friends house where we are keeping it for the season. Never tried fishing the river before for fluke better than I imagined for only a short period of time that we tried. I fished so much in the past in the bay and ocean and caught tons of fluke but very little keepers. This keeper i caught and released was only 19 inches but he was flat and heavy i was really surprised. caught it on a yellow gulp. All we had. werent planning on really fishiing
  3. I had a lamiglas excel II 713s that was blue in color. really nice rod. Unfortunately it broke about 1 foot from the tip. Wondering if anyone on here has one they would like to sell or know of any places that has new old stock. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. fishing MC out front 530pm-645pm. Didnt have a lot of time to fish but not a tap. Tried bucktail, shad, and ava. Another gentleman was fly fishing. I think he may have caught something really small but not sure was a good distance away. Tired of the Skunk.
  5. lol some of your guys' comments are hilarious. Thank you I really needed a good laugh
  6. Gonna try again in a little while. hopefully get something. Got stuck on two rocks last night happy to get my lures back atleast
  7. fishing MC out front 545pm - 7pm nothing going on at all. lots of sea weed. caught something dont know if it was a bunker or tiny bass got off in wash. basically where it got hooked as well.
  8. those look like some nice fish. nice going
  9. Great imput on fish caught into jan and feb. To be honest I never fished past the new year which i regret now after reading all your posts. I have the winter off for the most part so I am def looking forward to fishing a lot and hopefully learning more about fishing and how to read the conditions and water and all that stuff you need to know if you want to be successful fishing and not just catch a lucky fish one in a while. Now that I am fired up about fishing going to by myself a nice light rod. Which rods do you guys like or suggest. I def want one that is light and 7-8ft , I also like the pistol grip reel seat and real skinny handle. I purchased a lamiglas 7ft rod off ebay probably 8 years ago and I have no idea what happened to it but I loved it and I have been searching and searching and have no seen another one and it was def not a custom built rod. It was probably designated "fresh water" now that I think of it but it was so light you didnt even realize you had anything in your hand. I had it paired with a vsb100 at the time. Caught maybe 3 fish with it that were nothing to write home about but felt like a keeper. I was evening trying to go on lamiglas website and see if they had any archives but no luck. If any of you have something like that description or know what it was please let me know. Looking forward to all your suggestions on Light spinning rod
  10. been away from the site for a while and havent fished in two weeks unfortunately. this week a couple times. Hoping for just one keeper somehow so I can eat some striper once this year lol. Last year I caught my last 30 inch fish off the beach on Christmas morning. How late has everyone caught fish in december?
  11. excuse me everyone. Looking for some advice or direction. My apologies if i am not allowed to post this here. I just looked at the forum page and I couldnt find a location to post it and figured this is probably the best way to find out is to reach out to fisherman who a lot own boats even though this is the surf fishing report section. This season around august a family friend allowed me to leave my boat at their unused dock in monmouth beach after only being able to get out once last year and wasting 2k on dock fee. My father and I got a chance to go out which was a full moon and when we came back we read the tides wrong and were in 1.5-2ft of water with the motor pulled up as high as i could. I couldnt not turn around I had to just go for it due to the channel being that deep too where the we were in the river. really terrible that they dont maintain channels but thats for another time lol. I finally got to the dock but bc it was only a foot and a half i had to go up to it with throttle instead of coaster or we wouldnt have made it. Looking back I should have put it in neutral and just walked to the dock but I panicked bc of the stress i felt and how pissed off i was. as soon as we got to the dock I slammed it into reverse to avoid hitting bulk head and tied the boat up and went home. that week we had those extremely cold temps so we came back to pull the boat out of the water and when i got in the boat i started it and it started right up. There was ice on everything but ran great. cut the lines and put it in reverse. it back out of the slip and then i went to put it in forward and the boat would only stay in reverse and accelerate in reverse. I had to have it towed to the dock to get it out before a high wind storm. Ive talked to a few people some say check the throttle cable and throttle on the engine itself. When we were waiting for the tow to come we were at the dock and i pulled the cover and the throttle did not want to move all the way until we oiled it up than it moved freely but still couldnt drive it. Some say it is the whole lower end and some say its the shifter shaft. Does anyone have any suggestions or know and honest marine mechanics mobile or with a shop? My motor is a 2000 yamaha 150hp with about 40 hrs. barely used. Thank you and my apologies if I am not allowed to post this here. Feel free to Pm Me. Thank you guys appreciate it.
  12. Will December fishing reports start tomorrow?
  13. does anyone know if any brands make 2-3 oz jig heads without super sized hooks? I hate how big they make these hooks.
  14. Appreciate the info. I just finally got some nice 2 ounce jig heads so thinking maybe I can throw that out there