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  1. I am going to hit the beach early tomorrow morning before work. Will post pics once I’m done. Stay tuned lol, can anyone say kiss of death lol? I’m feeling lucky. Should have died today when I was trying to cross Hope road in tinton falls NJ. Car missed me no literally 2 inches at around 60mph. Took my breathe away and put me in a state of shock. Driver def crapped his pants too. Insane to think just like that I should have been killed but god spared me. Then later in the day was working on engine and I dropped a bolt and instead of falling all the way down in the compartment it just stopped right on top of something so I have a feeling there is a 50lber waiting for me tomorrow morning as long as I get me behind up in time.
  2. nice fish
  3. Sorry my man. if you were in deal that may be my line lol. def didnt have ava on it though just lost a lot of line. i usually pick it up but couldnt find it
  4. Thank you brother I appreciate it. Thinking about going out a little later. I seem to have good luck is rainy weather.
  5. Hey Donlbi - How do you fish those sluggos you guys are talking about and the one in your picture?
  6. Hope this isnt considered spot burning. last year in November prob a day or two before thanksgiving I was fishing Long Branch Near the windmill and I got there around 430am. Nobody was around and it was a saturday. The sun just started rising and I landed a couple decent fish on a yellow bomber and than nothing for about an hour. All these guys were just watching. I made a cast landed a striper and then another cast another bass released and they ran down to me talking actually yelling stuff at me in spanish, i figured it was about throwing the fish back but they were good size so i def wanted to release them. Then they literally jumped in my grave and started casting and I Then two minutes later bunker started going crazy and 50 boats came in and were literally 20 yards away from me and casting into me which pissed me off more than these guys who ran up on me. I really thought the waves were going to catch them and send them to the shore. It was pretty funny though because I didnt really see anyone catching too many I feel like i was doing better than them for once but the ones that I did notice catcher them were big bass and they def never threw any back, and the guys who jumped all over me and tried to push me out didnt land one fish I dont remember what they were using but I usually wouldnt root against anyone from from catching fish but because of how they acted I didnt care. I ended up with 14 in about 45 -50 mins of continuous action which had never happened to me but that year i was rewarded bc i was going twice a day.
  7. Can we talk about maybe going out on our boats on here or have to go to the specific forum for that. Or okay for the occasional two sense?
  8. thank you for the advice on the reel. Yea I just bought that reel two weeks ago after regretting my other two last year. I have it paired with a Ron Arra which i love, casts like a sling shot. I really like the bailless now. Only thing is with the vs150 when you are reeling it hits your knuckles some time which really irritates me. I do not remember my vs100 or vsb150 doing that last year when I had them.
  9. He took a swipe at my lure on the first cast and than on the second somehow I hooked him on his head and fin. I cut the middle hooks off all my lures and on the treble hooks I only leave one on and cut the rest off. First fish of the season. Small but just enough to recharge the batteries and ignite that desire to fish all the time. Def going out this evening. Gotta get the reel restrung. I don’t understand why I am having such a hard time with the braid on my reels. I feel like I get it on there really nice and tight and than there ends up getting line stuck underneath the line on the spool. Can’t explain it too well
  10. Out front moco 6am. Second cast. After releasing the fish I noticed my line was all screwed up and couldn’t continue unfortunately but glad I was able to make two casts. Beautiful morning.
  11. I was just saying. I dont have any idea. you guys are the pros im a nobody
  12. Anyone going fishing out front this afernoon/evening in MOCO? Wondering if it is a good idea or a waste of time in all of your opinions
  13. Drove by the beach on the way home yesterday. Amazing what mother nature can whip up so quickly
  14. Drove by the beach on the way home. Amazing what mother nature can whip up so quickly
  15. Id release, Always regret when i used to bring a fish home. Then i had to figure out which one of my neighbors garage cans i was going to put the fish in. Easier to let them go and snap a pic for proof and grab it from a grocery store so they are not wasted, thats if you can find some Bass