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  1. Thank you for letting me use your name. I actually think he fixed my prop last year. If it’s the same Steve, good guy for sure
  2. Thank you guys for all your help. I I get it in a slip we’ll go fishing. I don’t really have anyone who likes to fish
  3. Thank you R.O.G I appreciate that.
  4. I guess this COVID bs got everyone buying a boat
  5. I paid 1550- through October and an extra $100 if I went to keep it in through November for my 21fter. That was two years ago but I never got to use it once it went in bc my father needed to have emergency triple bi pass and we never got out. So I call this year to all these places and they tell me $3600-4000
  6. Hey guys. I have a 21ft center console. Looking for a slip. Not looking to spend these insane prices I have been getting. Anyone know of any marinas that are charging a decent price
  7. hope i dont get in trouble for this post but does anyone know any boat slips available from sandy hook to belmar for a 21ft center console that wont cost me 4 grand?crooks are charging almost 3 times what I paid last time
  8. nice fish local. I am looking to get into kayak fishing a little nervous though. May man up soon especially if i don't put the boat in the slip this year we'll see.
  9. what kind of tackle are you guys using out front and then out back? never tried fishing this early before but itching to go. Also think I may pony up another $1500 and put the boat in a slip again. First time I ever did it was 3 years ago and my father ended up needed triple bi pass surgery and I never got to use it that year.
  10. if the other gentleman doesnt take it. I live in monmouth county
  11. Out front monouth county 7-8pm. Nothing. Mostly my fault. I was fishing a vs150 with an 8ft st croix and everytime i cast the rod it would clank. Not sure what was happening. First I thought maybe something with the reel than Im like no way and than not sure if it was the swivel inside the guides but that wasnt it either. I couldnt see much. Not sure what was happening never had this happen to me. I was pissed too. Was planning on finally putting in a couple hours in fishing and I couldnt take it anymore. Also I wore the wrong sweatshirt and of course my dumb as for the fist time didnt have any extras in the truck. Froze my a off because of it. Oh yea I forgot to mention when i first got there I was walking down where I wanted to fish and I see some freak just staring into the abyss. Barely noticed him at first. So the very little fishing I got to do I had to look over shoulder to shoulder to see if I was going to have to shank someone. Only I can have so much fun when fishing. Going back to my 9 ft ron arra until i buy a new 10fter
  12. Good advice. appreciate it guys. Anyone hitting the beach this evening?
  13. Lol I hear ya. That's exactly how I feel when I catch a keeper. Haven't caught to many lately but have thrown them all back over the past few years.