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    surf fishing, flounder, duck hunting, crabbing and my two boys
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  1. For 135.00 shipped I’ll take it. Pm me your PayPal info
  2. Let me know how much a total would be with shipping if you could please
  3. I gotcha. I’m in Delaware so would need shipping.... if you decide to ship let me know, I’ve been looking for one. Thanks
  4. Is that 135 picked up or shipped?
  5. I can offer 110.00 shipped to Delaware, Paypal payment
  6. Unfortunately, I have never been to that area and don't find myself that far north usually.... But I'll keep you in mind if something comes up!
  7. Have a Ruff Land "Intermediate" sized performance kennel. It's a one piece roto-molded kennel, designed to transport your gun dog or working breed safely. Should fit a dog up to around 70-80lbs or so, I bought it for my working Bloodhound puppy who is quickly approaching that size at 5 months old, so I'm going up in size..... It's in excellent condition and can be customized with different add-ons. New they hover around 220.00, I'm asking 150.00 or best offer. Will trade for a nice 5000/6000 sized, or 706Z........ Located in the Wilmington,DE area but willing to travel to Philly or South Jersey for a meet up ***** will post pics when I get home from work later *****************
  8. Still have the 706z?
  9. Any pics? Overall condition?
  10. Like the title states..... Looking for a 5000/5500/6000 sized reel, I was eyeing the Daiwa BG series, but am open to Penn Slammers, Shimano Stradic or similar, etc..... Let me know what you have and what the asking price would be shipped with Paypal. Thanks for looking! Edit - Going on a Lamiglas XS 101 MS for plugs, bucktails, and tins......
  11. Awesome rods, had mine with a VS200, natch made in heaven, and wish I never sold it...... bummer.... If you're looking for other options, you can't go wrong with a GSB, also I had a Star Paraflex that was a phenomenal rod for the money..... only downside was it was a 2 piece which may not be your thing....
  12. Awesome Sudsy! I think I'm going to look for a nice 706z to throw on it... In all honesty, I don't really need the VS200 I have, and think the Z will fit the bill nicely for what I want out of it.......
  13. Yeah man, I'm actually leaning towards a 704/706z for it......... Just something cool about them... durable and timeless
  14. Hmmmm, How does it balance out? I wouldn't rule out a 250 either.... so that's another option....