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  1. No sorry. There is not pocket under the flap. I guess at some point they changed the design slightly.
  2. Honestly I am not 100% sure.. I will have to double check the bag.. I purchased the bag new from AS a few years back and only used it a few times.. it has been sitting on my shelf for the past 2+ years unused. I am not sure if there were any design changes to the orig bags. I will not be home until Wednesday, I can check then and get back to you.
  3. Cyber Monday Price Reduction $150 shipped to the lower 48 Bag is in near mint condition.. only used a handful of times.
  4. Pliers and Wallet are sold Thank you SOL and TimS Price Reduction Van Staal VM150 - $200 shipped to the lower 48
  5. Selling my very lightly used Aqua Skinz Elite Hunter 4 Tube bag. Bag is in perfect working order and as you can see in the pics it is 9+ out of 10 cosmetic. Asking $200 Specs listed by manufacturer: Non-absorbing military grade ballistic material construction Custom 8.25” tall by 3” round tubes which are flexible, durable, lightweight, worm proof and built for strength and longevity Clear, cylindrical four tube insert assembly for easy viewing Two side pockets for carrying extra spools, rubber baits and other equipment Single front pocket capable of storing rigged eels, Hogy’s, Sluggo’s and similar baits Two individual pockets under the main flap for additional storage “Inside the bag” are tall slots to store your bucktails and tins Two stainless steel “D” rings on the back of the bag to attach to a belt clip, as well as belt loops (Your Option) to keep it securely in place while wading, walking or jetty hopping 2” wide high density shoulder strap webbing secured to the bag using heavy gauge thread that is box stitched, and an adjustable tri-glide for length adjustment Heavy-duty webbing covering the bottom for an even greater level of durability Stainless steel grommets for quick drainage on the bottom and on each outer pocket Size : W 5.5" x H 8.75" x L 12.5"
  6. Payment received for wallet and pliers. Van staal still available
  7. Pending Sales on both the leader wallet and pliers. VM150 still available.
  8. First dibs on the pliers go to Fishless. pm sent
  9. first chance to the wallet goes to R.R. Bridge Fisher.. PM sent