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  1. they work great in the early morning about an hour after sunrise, best results in mid June thru end of July. calm water seemed to be the best. I did catch a few after 6 pm as well in the summer in shady areas.
  2. I will send pm
  3. Riddler, thanks for the detailed info on this!
  4. thanks for the info
  5. thanks for the tip Plugger, a late September trip could work.
  6. thanks Phil, good to know. maybe I will postpone until July. the spring trip could be to Florida, no black flies.
  7. thanks Peter. I will bring a good amount of bug spray. have you fished in Webber pond or China Lake?
  8. Has anyone fished in the Belgrade Lakes area in central Maine? how was the fishing? I am planning on trips in mid May and in Mid June for largemouth and smallmouth. I hear that the Black Flies can be bad in the spring in Maine. How bad are they in mid May thru the end of June? do they swarm on the lakes? Just don't want to be in the middle of the black fly swarms. thanks!
  9. I am planning a trip in mid May and in mid June to the Belgrade lakes area in Central Maine, China Lake and Webber Pond for largemouth fishing. How bad are the Black Flies this time of the spring? are the so bad that you don't want to be outside? Are they are problem on the lakes or just the rivers? thanks!
  10. I had a 21 foot proline with a cuddy cabin with a 150 Johnson 2 stroke. with 4 scuba divers, 8 tanks and all the gear it was never underpowered. though the 2 stroke has a bit lighter than a 4 stroke the 150 Yammie should work well. the boat had enough juice to double as my ski boat on the lakes. always got me up on 1 ski.
  11. thanks for info on the ETec and Ficht engines. I will expand my search to include 4 strokes.
  12. you are correct it is a Ficht.
  13. yes, it is a 2001. very little use, fresh water only. used about 5 to 8 weekends per season. they put in a rebuilt ECB in the motor a few years ago, otherwise no other major work.
  14. I am looking at a Boston Whaler with a 2001 150 HP Evinrude Etec outboard with very little use in freshwater only. I have seen quite a few bad reviews on this engine with repeated problems with the main computer control board (ECB?). I have seen a few other Etec outboards on the used market. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with the Etec that you could share? I don't want to be in the repair shop on a regular basis. thanks!
  15. 100 SMB is a great day! thanks for the update.