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  1. thanks Pogie boy have you ever tried for LMB up in the Mill River?
  2. I have fished the Taunton River from Taunton Center going north and have caught some bass. Has anyone had any luck going south from Taunton Ceneter for LMB? At some point going south from the center the water will turn brackish, does this happen in Berkley where the 3 Mile River joins the Taunton River? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am planning a September or early October trip to fish the Everglades and other locations for largemouth and maybe peacocks. Will be staying in Hollywood. I know it will be hot in September, but how is the fishing? My other option is to go in early June, but not sure if I can take the trip then. any advice is appreciated.
  4. When my kids were that age the simple Zoom soft plastic 6 inch worm worked the best and they caught plenty of bass. White, green pumpkin, june bug and black worked the best. good luck!
  5. home waters are ponds, lakes and rivers in Massachusetts for LMB and SMB. looking forward to expanding my range to NH and Maine in 2021.
  6. thanks Mako, I may try a Merc hose and fittings.
  7. it does have a vent fitting and I did open it.
  8. Stonesipher, thanks for the info. I do have the arrows in the correct direction and I do have a Moeller type hose and squeeze ball, not the Moeller brand but a knockoff. What type or brand of hose should I be using?
  9. Hi, I need some help with my Mercury 2003 5 HP 2 stroke outboard getting the external fuel tank to work. The internal fuel tank works fine and the engine runs very well. I purchased an external 3 gallon tank with the Mercury connections to the motor. I turn off the fuel line to the internal and connect the external tank. The arrows are in the correct direction to send the fuel to the motor. I also replaced fuel connector on the motor. The hose and connector to the tank seem to work as air will pass all the way thru to the carburetor. The problem is that I can't get the fuel to pump thru the line to the motor. I put more than enough fuel in the external tank. The squeeze ball works but it just doesn't suck the fuel thru to the motor. Any ideas on this? thanks!
  10. Worc Boy, try the Lunkerhunt Pop Frog, it has a trailer hook and is mostly weedless. if the 1st 2 hooks don't get set, the trailer hook does, much each than the standard hollow body frog, and worth the $$.
  11. my PB in Florida, 6.25 pb, caught on live shiner, Lake Thomas in Winterhaven/Lakeland FL.
  12. 5.25 lb from Massachusetts, caught in mid June 2019 on Lunkerhunt pop frog, my PB in Massachusetts.
  13. they work great in the early morning about an hour after sunrise, best results in mid June thru end of July. calm water seemed to be the best. I did catch a few after 6 pm as well in the summer in shady areas.
  14. Riddler, thanks for the detailed info on this!