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  1. Best mashup ever It's wu-tang, so nsfw*
  2. Saw him do an interview a few years ago with a cute young news girl. She was obsessed over the size of his fingers.
  3. Bag has been sold. Closing this thread, thanks all.
  4. Everything in pictures is included. Aquaskinz small bag, belt pouch and belt. Used but in OK condition. Assortment of andrus and spro bucktails, tins, hooks, plastics. SP minnow and bullet, cordell pencil, RM jigsmith, large needle. $168 shipped for everything shown. Paypal only please.
  5. Great, thanks. Ill send a PM...
  6. Thanks, PM sent...
  7. Sorry, i missed it. Lowest I'd go for just both bags and belt is $70 shipped. All lures and tins- $40 shipped All bucktails, hooks, and plastics- $28 shipped
  8. Last call on the whole lot for $125 shipped, paypal only.
  9. Whole lot price to $135
  10. Id split those 9 lures out for $45 shipped.
  11. Last message "my battery is low and its getting dark"
  12. Bump and price drop to $155
  13. Its a fat needle.
  14. This is the year I will topple the dynasty. One dad and his three kids have crushed all other scouts in the derby for the past three years. It ends this year. My three boys are in it this year. Oldest got second last year without me trying much. Ive done my research. Went to the hobby store today. Picked up some graphite wheels, diamond polished axles, an axel alignment jig, a digital scale and some secret sauce. Can't wait to take my (kids) stand on the podium.
  15. Last call at $40 shipped
  16. Hi All, For sale- SS darter in solid flo chartreuse, new never used Floating popper, slight use Small sinking popper yellow over white, new Plus a little bonus of three vision rainfish $48 shipped, paypal only please
  17. Bump and price drop to $160 shipped.
  18. Hi All, Happy New Year. Up for sale is a 13' Team Alabama. 3-piece rod. Rated 2-5oz. Can be used spinning or conventional. Used a few times so some blemishes. Also includes the original sock for transport and storage. Asking $170 shipped, paypal only. Thanks!
  19. Price drop to $45 shipped
  20. Trying to keep the lot together sorry.
  21. Sorry, cant do $150, with shipping and paypal fees.
  22. Id go down to $45 shipped
  23. It's 28" to the center of the reel seat. It's a long butt, made for distance casting.