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  1. Finished a small deck behind the garage. Installed an antique “death box” for decoration.
  2. Sure, $12 is fine. Will send PM. Thanks All.
  3. TTT
  4. For sale, Daiwa BG20 for parts. Well the reel was pretty new and in good shape until I took a spill and landed on top of it. Bail arm broke off, I put it away for a few years. Everything else is OK and works fine so I hope someone can use it for parts. $20 shipped. PayPal only please.
  5. For sale, Small lot of assorted open pack plastics and tsunami swim shads. Lunker city shakers, vision rain fish teasers, kalins mogambo grubs, cabelas skinny shads, shads. $18 shipped, PayPal only please
  6. Great, thanks. Will send PM
  7. For sale- Simple nylon velcro leader wallet. Has five ziploc pockets and two mesh side pockets. Includes a bunch of pre tied leaders, swivels, snaps, hooks for plugging or bait. Spro power swivels and gami hooks. Redgill teaser. $15 shipped, PayPal only please.
  8. Sure, that’s fine. will send PM with info Thanks all.
  9. For sale, small lot of some leftover beach sharking terminal tackle. Hooks, leader material, tied rigs, and some packs of crimps. $28 shipped PayPal only please.
  10. Lol, yes. Saved for future use.
  11. Wish I could find. To prove I’m right.
  12. I’ve gotten into some really heated arguments over shotgun calibers
  13. Eat one before a hard freeze. I dare ya
  14. 42

    So long and thanks for all the fish.