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  1. Saw him do an interview a few years ago with a cute young news girl. She was obsessed over the size of his fingers.
  2. Bag has been sold. Closing this thread, thanks all.
  3. Great, thanks. Ill send a PM...
  4. Thanks, PM sent...
  5. Sorry, i missed it. Lowest I'd go for just both bags and belt is $70 shipped. All lures and tins- $40 shipped All bucktails, hooks, and plastics- $28 shipped
  6. Last call on the whole lot for $125 shipped, paypal only.
  7. Whole lot price to $135
  8. Id split those 9 lures out for $45 shipped.
  9. Last message "my battery is low and its getting dark"
  10. Bump and price drop to $155
  11. Its a fat needle.
  12. Everything in pictures is included. Aquaskinz small bag, belt pouch and belt. Used but in OK condition. Assortment of andrus and spro bucktails, tins, hooks, plastics. SP minnow and bullet, cordell pencil, RM jigsmith, large needle. $168 shipped for everything shown. Paypal only please.
  13. Last call at $40 shipped