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  1. yes
  2. Do they come in green? gotta have the green.
  3. Very interesting, I am going to try this one. I used improved clinch my whole life on mono and then started getting in trouble with fluoro like the OP said, catch one bonito or albie and the second pulls the knot. WTF? I ditched the knot and started the knot with TWO loops, I believe this is called a "trilene". That one has worked well for me. I like the idea of doubling the whole line better. Problem with the palomar if you need to tie on something bulky it ain't happening. Also it is hard to pull down tight with heavier fluoro. I found another knot I like. I don't know the name. Start like a clinch but only 4 turns. Loop the line on itself and do 3 more turns coupling the loop to the original twists. Pulls down nice and clean and never slips.
  4. I have that rod, it is 100 lb rated and super light, and paired with the smallest Avet reel I took a 50 lb tuna on the Hooter. It was a nice fight but no problem really. BTW that rod when I bought it had a lifetime warranty. I broke one horsing a snag when it was new and it was replaced free. Many years later with regular use, no problems with the second rod. My go to for trolling.
  5. I had some nice neoprene LLB waders that I got as a gift. After about 8 years they sprung a leak so I called them up to order a new pair of the same. She said "what's wrong with the old ones?" I told her they leak. She said "send them back". Few days later I get a call, we don't carry that model anymore so pick out something from the catalog. I did. Oh, "that is not in stock so we are sending you a check for the original retail price." WTF? Best company service ever.
  6. Mine 10-6 is tight. Only fished it a few times but the rod is a beast. Been blown to the asphalt with a tipped over bike (who said don't leave the rod on the bike with kickstand for even a heartbeat?). Snagged and whipped bad on a cast from catching the lure in the bushes behind me which broke the line, dragged on the rocks in excitement of landing a big fish, and generally banged around (not intentionally) in my truck. Plus it is my walking stick on the canal rocks. I bought it for this reason and am going to fish it hard. Lifetime unconditional warranty. You gotta pay shipping and $45. Gotta love how Gary Loomis stands behind his rods. Somebody at a reputable local tackle shop recommended it to me when I described how I fish. He said from experience with his that it would take some serious abuse and he was right. I just can't baby a rod.
  7. time to call uncle ron
  8. I think the long cast is susceptible to bending the shaft. I may be wrong. Barrys: thanks for the suggestion will look into.
  9. Yes, the squidder jr is the one with the smart profile. one of mine pimped up with Acuframe. Indestructible and casts like a bastard.
  10. The most interesting phenomena is that slack tide does not coincide with low or high water. Actually, slack tide occurs at the same time everywhere in the canal. However, high and low tide times vary along the length of the canal. On the west end, at low tide, the current turns to flood about 1/2 hour before low tide! On the east end, the difference is even greater with low tide occurring about 2 hours after the flood begins!
  11. Got myself a new 10-6 TFO, and am using a Penn SSV 6500 for the ditch. I mostly jig. I am generally happy with the setup which is very rugged, having landed a few fish in the 25 lb range, but thinking of another reel to get some more distance (also going to take a lesson with RA when I get around to it). What to get or just go with what I have? I guess an obvious choice is the Ultegra 5500 but am afraid I would probably destroy the reel on a good fish. I am trying to avoid carrying two rods around, would rather just carry an extra spool. If I got a second rod I guess it would be an 11 footer with a 10000 reel of some sort.
  12. Get the snack size.
  13. Did you solve this? I have a 6s synced to my 2015 Silverado and can help you. PM me with a phone no.
  14. AS70MF and AS70MHF
  15. Two St. Croix Avid spinning rods. Both 7 feet fast action, one medium power and the other medium-heavy power. Completely refurbished by St. Croix, NEW eyes, reel seats and cork butts. Still in sealed factory packaging as shipped from St. Croix. Like new. Lifetime warranty. $150. each, local pickup Boston-Cape Cod.