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  1. I've been fishing one since last Sept including a 3 day trip to Pulley Ridge from Key West catching amberjack and grouper up to 40 pounds. No issues what so ever. Great reel at a great price. Does not have the bearing issues that the small Avets have.
  2. As far as food safety issues you will be fine. The taste might be a little off from when it was fresh. Make sure the vacuum did not "pop" because that would cause freezer burn, if not then get the bread crumbs out and the tarter sauce made.
  3. Squirrel Hake
  4. Whiting don't have a little spike coming out from their nose. Check the picture again and look above the upper jaw.
  5. This needs to be on the first page!
  6. Done. God Bless you Anthony.
  7. They were very good reels back in the '80s however like all Fin Nors back then they had inconsistent drags. There are virtually no parts available anymore and very few people that can service them.
  8. Just an fyi, the cod fish fiasco was brought to us by NEFMC...the New England Fisheries Management Council. The ASMFC isn't even a federal council.
  9. You need to speak to the IRS about the Federal Excise Tax on fishing tackle.
  10. Jim, Give me a call. This time of the year I am in thurs-sat. Dave...732-223-5353
  11. Yes the sinking version came out at the same time. We have them at my store.
  12. Jersey Coast Anglers Association DID NOT help fund this project. Yes, SSFFF did fund the project with donations mostly from recreational fishermen along with some industry donations. No matter how you try to spin it, the purpose for all of SSFFF's science projects have been and will continue to be for the purpose of better science to insure healthy stocks as well as maintaining a healthy industry. As a founding member of SSFFF I take personal offense to your attack on our intentions and integrity by bringing Chris Hueth into this discussion. Why don't you question the fact that NMFS has flawed science and grossly inadequate means of collecting data? Why don't you question their arbitrary target numbers for all managed species? Instead of antagonizing the groups and people trying to make a difference why not try to direct your efforts towards uniting recreational fishermen rather then dividing them. For years your writings have separated us into two groups, the greedy and the elitists. And as for the recreational fishing industry, we provide thousands of jobs and generate billions of dollars into the economy so wouldn't make sense that we need to have healthy fish stocks to remain in business.
  13. People do that all the time. Many local shops have become showrooms for online stores. I will fix those brand new broken reels purchased online but it won't be free and it will not be pushed to the front of the repair line.
  14. Tim,I wasn't clear in my post. What I meant to say was how do you look a dealer in the face when your brand new reel just out of the box from an online site is broken or has an issue. This has happened to me three times in the last two weeks and I am not including the brands that we are warranty centers for.
  15. Just a question for all of the online shoppers in this discussion; where do you bring your reels you purchased online to when you have a problem with them and if you answer your local b & t shop...how do you look them in the eye as you ask for help when they know you bought it online?