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  1. Go old school.
  2. 1

    If james Hetfield was killed by police brutality would that be really be a tragedy?
  3. I drove through one of the most tonyist towns in America today. Had to laugh at millionaires protesting. The irony of an almost all white crowd using their "white privilege" was odd. I imagined them rioting. "Should we smash the windows at the American hotel? Nah I really like the roast duck. Sen? Nah the sushi is fantastic. How bout the liquor store? Yeah good idea. Crap that guy ran out with the last case of veuve clicquot. Robert mondavi will have to do.
  4. Black lives matter protester? Good for you red!
  5. @tomkaz Hey spaz, You ever use the lemon infused oil?
  6. Eggzactly. While it looks nice having a veggie stuffed next to a protein on the same skewer, trying to get the protein to cook at the same rate as veggies is impossible. You either get overcooked shrimp with perfect veggies or burnt veggies with raw chicken.
  7. @MikeMc Got that. Straight from the actual greek to the amatuer.
  8. Q Spaz, Which works better as anal beads on a 14 y.o. boy, red grapes, green grapes or olives? ( asking for another greek friend)
  9. The Peter lugers bacon/sauce got to me.
  10. Aren't deer piss and greek sweat the same thing?
  11. I pretty much agree with the sentence. Only thing they should have changed is extra year of probation or higher fine in exchange for a reduction in the 15 year reduction to 5 years.
  12. I'm surprised the peta/ASPCA gang didnt have more to say about this.
  13. Love Manhattan special. Great with a shot of vodka too!
  14. I dont load em. Just switch out the trebles. Absolute most fun I can have fishing.
  15. Brp announced they are immediately ceasing production of evinrude engines and Turning the factory into a boat building line with no plans to bring back evinrude production. Up until the current ride every boat I had, had an evinrude on it.
  16. Bbq thick cut bacon with raw red onions and luger sauce. Add some sliced tomato if you like. Heavenly.
  17. That has to have quite the effect on your ego.
  18. Your "friends" aren't your friends
  19. Runs is different from floats.
  20. You need a set of k5la's. Very soothing.
  21. Guy was president of the Harvard ornithological society for a few years.
  22. Odd. The guy is a writer for marvel and wrote the first gay character into the star trek comic series.
  23. Nothing some purple carpet cant handle.