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  1. We should make all schools charters then have a mandatory 20% of every school be Asian. Bam! Problem solved
  2. Easily, become Asian. They put a high value on education. NYC is about 10% Asian. The demographics in schools like towns and Harris, stuyvesant and Bronx science high schools are all over 60% Asian. These 3 schools are some of the best in the u.s. My wife worked at a test prep place that catered to parents trying to get their kids into these schools. These kids went from 4-6 pm every day plus 8-12 on Saturday. Many of the parents barely spoke English but would pay out the wazoo for this service.
  3. A good chunk do. Where I work, first offense is 9 months on the street. Second offense is fired. We have to call in EVERYTHING we take including OTC asprin, stomach meds, cold and flu meds.
  4. Charters have a few built in biases which make them look better. They require a separate application which automatically weeds out crackhead parents who don't care. They can expel students much easier than a public school. While by law, they have to offer special ed services, they will try to convince many of the more severe special ed kids that a public school may be able to better meet that kids needs.
  5. If they could implement a system that saved money I'd be for it. Unfortunately if they have a recipient report to the office, the recipient will know they are being tested and come prepared. They could do a hair test but the cost is so high, it would probably negate any savings.
  6. Its good to see he found success after the suicide cult thing.
  7. The joy of painting.
  8. You should visit the foxconn factory. Supposedly the suicide nets are something to behold.
  9. If you do a yelp search for whatever prison is nearby, there are usually some interesting reviews.
  10. Don't go. Inform them your goat broke down on the way there. They'll understand.
  11. You should read the Amazon reviews and questions for the hutzler 571 banana slicer. Its really quite the rabbit hole.
  12. Dead at age 7. Way to young. Worth an estimated $100 million. The world is a happier place today.
  13. We adopted a cockapoo ( cockerspainel poodle mix) which was VERY high energy. When he passed we adopted a bulldog. She was the mama at a puppy mill. She is fantastic but very low energy. So much so that her walks are about 200 ft before she tires out. We think she's about 11 and still going strong but me and the wife have lightly talked about what to get when she's not with us. Boxer might be next.
  14. I'm getting drunk with the pope. Eff Belmo!
  15. I don't think its the alcohol as much as what its components our. I.e. cheap liquor generally is single distilled and may have a higher methanol content - worse hangover. Alcohol dehydrates us, so pure shots with no water mixed in will cause a worse hangover than beers which are probably about 85% water.
  16. I like these. Gives the look of a sumo wrestler while fishing. I wanted to get a pic of his friend whose waders had bright orange boots.
  17. I should have kept driving further south to more fertile grounds but ran across an old timer friend and decided to fish there. At least I got to see the show.
  18. Spot burner!
  19. That's actually a he. The hat had a mosquito net on it too.
  20. Found the blues today. This guy still eye fu****g sp.
  21. I wouldn't trust any place named after porn star who made Kim Kardashian famous.
  22. This fisherman on fisherman violence has got to stop. Think of the children. I propose on May 31, we band together, link hands and sing kumbaya. Raise hands and think of the fish. then reach deep into your pocket, pull out your Jesus fish statue and stab the person next to you. Last man standing gets to lay claim to that area.
  23. I have a century 1435 with 7" cut off the butt, so its 11'2" listed for sale. Where are you located?