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  1. Figured this should be bumped I'm the main also. Everyone should read it.
  2. I've heard oil of oregano takes the bunker taste right outta them.
  3. After cheesieyaker keels over from the death ridge, I'd take her kayaking while freeballing.
  4. Ebay. I'm guessing you got a counterfeit spool.
  5. Isn't driver retraining full of cheap Chinese tools?
  6. I'm not one of the franks or Bernie. I'd be ok with sitting across from you. We could cross swords a la game of thrones.
  7. I really appreciate the offer but I think the death ridge option might be more suitable.
  8. You think your gonna be dead, or just easily irritated? If dead, I've been meaning to get into kayak fishing.
  9. Heat wave coming to the southeast this weekend. Dubbed the death ridge. Dibs on jase's stuff. Except the kids. Not that I don't think their troublemakers or anything but my 2 are enough. Drink plenty of water Red- someone else can call dibs. Drink plenty of bud light.
  10. Brandi carlile has a great soul to her. Gotta give it to lady gaga also. While I'm not a fan, she does have quite the vocal range and can sing many different genres.
  11. I have 12 people plus kids coming over Sunday. Gonna smoke 3 racks of ribs. First rack will be espresso based. Second rack, im thinking something with Dr pepper. Third rack something with cherry bbq sauce. Also thinking about some sorta clam appetizer, but worried it might clash with the ribs.
  12. Congrads. May she have a long happy career.
  13. Sounds like you need a project. Perhaps I can toss Wayne off a bridge into said sunroof.
  14. Apparently he didn't do a good job. Ahem, sunroof leak!