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  1. Bigger surf reels such as a penn 704, vs 250, mitchell 302, use a formula that put the first guide so far out that there is a lot of room for variation. More modern reels like shimano and daiwa use a different formula that might put the first guide in a bit closer. There is still room for variation but it might not be as much. In addition to spool diameter, the distance of the spool from the rod counts just as much as does the angle of the shaft in relation to the rod. You could have a 2.5" spool sitting 3 inches off the blank with a 3 degree angle. Another reel with a 1.75" spool sitting 3.75 inches off the blank with a straight shaft might put the guides in a very similar position.
  2. Find out the taxes before hand. One of my wife's coworkers bought a house in a new development, in Plainview. They were told by real estate agent, taxes would be about 14K. They close and get the first tax bill. 26k. After hiring a lawyer and some wrangling, I think they got it down to about 19K. One of the things that affect taxes is how long someone has been in their home. If someone has been in their home for 30 years, the bill is going to be cheaper than someone whose been there for a year or 2.
  3. No its not. Its a Simon.
  4. Those are some cars. Ahem, chrysler le baron
  5. Gene simmons
  6. Don't pay your taxes. Then when the irs hunts you down, sue turbotax for 10 million bucks. Winning!
  7. I believe Tim uses the wheel of fish.
  8. This was tonight's pearl of wisdom.
  9. I read some article a few days ago written by a health nut. It was as if Mr spaz was trying to convince himself that a vegan, gluten free diet didn't taste like week old s**t. "Organic kelp totally amazing" and "pine flour cookies will amaze your taste buds" I also can't stand improper use of "like". Two many others to list.
  10. I tried to get him to give me points and he Wouldent, so eff him two!
  11. Pfft. Mr no fun. I dare ya to pg ban me. In fact I double dog dare ya.
  12. Tim, you wanna give me a healthy dollup of 16 points? Extra spicy please! I'd be honored to be the first person banned pg without going in there.