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  1. 35 mins ago, Belmo said:

    I looked, and ours are OK. I called my friend, who had a car totalled by a hail storm when he lived in Minnesota, and he said the hail has to get about an inch in diameter before it will start to dimple the steel. 

    We need the rain, but not like this. 

    All that matters is that the sunroof survives.

  2. Older house? They probably used a switch loop that looks like this20200702_102033.jpg.346205d312c74d0714022223113fbc1e.jpg

    I'd bet that someone rewired it and left out the switch loop. Take a volt meter and look for a white lead with voltage when the switch is on inside the ceiling box. hopefully they capped it somehow.

  3. 46 mins ago, Belmo said:

    If I couldn't collect anonymously, I'd legally change my name, grow my hair and beard for three months, and then collect looking like the Unabomber. Nobody would know it was me! Then I'd buy a private island in Maine, and then I'd run down the street with my balls in a fruit picker's basket. 

    And, in conclusion, Wayne sucks. :th:


    You'd probably do better getting a haircut and wearing a suit. Less degenerate might be the smarter option. 

    Oh and if you need someone to anonymously go to the track, I'd do it for a 10% fee.

  4. 19 hours ago, jettyjockey18 said:

    typical catenary lines feeding a train around here are 600 volts... not sure about India, but it looks about the same... 

    Catenary is 24,000v ac. Third rail is 600-800v dc.

    19 hours ago, peanutbunkerandjelly said:

    DC, as shown it go boom. Not a typical "shock". My first month on the job I was standing 5' from a guy who managed to contact ground and 750dc , basically melted all the flesh on his arm in a split second. 

    I watched a sign get knocked over that shorted the 3rd rail direct to the train. It looked like a mortar going off at ground level. The 3rd rail guys were 2 blocks away heard it and came flying back. 

  5. There are some automotive spray touch ups at auto zone that are in the ballpark. Other option is testors hobby paint mixed together then airbrushed. Again it wont be exact. The arras have a translucent finish that is almost impossible to mimic.

  6. 3 hours ago, MitchellNJ said:

    If it were up to me, there would be razor wire and concrete barriers places on the NJ side of each of the bridges with M60 mounted humvees on the ready to take out any blue and yellow plates.

    Thank God I have the older blue and white ny plates. I still have a set of liberty ones I could put one and really throw everyone for a loop.