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  1. Don't pay your taxes. Then when the irs hunts you down, sue turbotax for 10 million bucks. Winning!
  2. I believe Tim uses the wheel of fish.
  3. This was tonight's pearl of wisdom.
  4. I read some article a few days ago written by a health nut. It was as if Mr spaz was trying to convince himself that a vegan, gluten free diet didn't taste like week old s**t. "Organic kelp totally amazing" and "pine flour cookies will amaze your taste buds" I also can't stand improper use of "like". Two many others to list.
  5. I tried to get him to give me points and he Wouldent, so eff him two!
  6. Pfft. Mr no fun. I dare ya to pg ban me. In fact I double dog dare ya.
  7. Tim, you wanna give me a healthy dollup of 16 points? Extra spicy please! I'd be honored to be the first person banned pg without going in there.
  8. Ways to piss my wife off: I know this is my first summer vacation in 15 years. The Europe idea is off due to a fishing trip with strangers that week. Sorry. Throw my name on the waiting list.why not.
  9. Bitten by a death adder doesn't count?
  10. One of the things people forget is, that $80,000 light might be one of a host of options that a smaller airline in a poor country might forgo. Remove a few of those options and the savings could be millions. Also that $80,000 for an airline purchasing 100 planes is all of a sudden 8 million dollars. I know with us, the guy in charge of procurement is not an engineer so many times things are in odd positions or don't work in the most straight forward way.
  11. I'm going to venture a guess that the factory accidently gave the same serial number to two reels. Due to the design and manufacturing process along with the small amount of reels they sell, I don't think there are any knockoffs around. I would think if someone was gonna make a knockoff, they would not add a designation to make it noticeable.
  12. I got too many rods and the wife started noticing. First is a century adv 1 stealth edition. Its 12' and throws 1-4 oz. Works plugs quite nicely. Imo its slightly faster than a stealth s1. It's in very good condition with only a few slight scratches on the reel hood. Asking $250 Next is a lami xs1061pp. 10'6 rated 1-4 lure and 10-20 line. Rod is in decent shape with some scratces. One of the guides was replaced. Asking $175. This one is pickup only in queens, by or I can meet within reason. Last is a custom century slingshot 1435 with 7" chopped off the butt so total length is 11'2". Rod is rated 1-4 it has shrink wrap up the lower half for rock protection. Rod is in good shape with some scratches on reel seat and some wear on foam. Butt to center of reel seat is about 23". Wraps are drab green under wrap with black over wrap. Guides are fuji sic gunsmoke except for bottom guide which is fuji chrome alconite. Asking $275.
  13. He can only get better looking. You no what they say about rock bottom.