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  1. Wow. I made the cut. Unfortunately I'm out. Maybe next year.
  2. I did a few cleanout for my bil (estate lawyer). I would find random 20s in envelopes mixed with bills. Clothing pockets, taped inside furniture. The guy who did the cleanout of the house we bought found 15 lbs of gold coins scattered everywhere. I still check random areas hoping he may have missed a few.
  3. Swest, thanks for the info. I'm gonna start carrying a cordless snap on impact gun with me. Every time I see a land rover dug in, on the beach, I'm gonna suggest an on the spot tire rotation.
  4. I hate the taste of milk. Have since I was a kid. Only place it goes is in coffee.
  5. I have a suspicion you probably have a bad caliper also. I had to replace both mine (2005 chrysler) and have heard its a common chrysler problem.
  6. Jack up the car and spin the wheel. If there is a spot where it gets harder to spin, its warped. Usually you'll hear it rub also.
  7. You need to go back to red neck school. Wheel bearing is a constant noise not rhythmic. Also gets louder the faster you go.
  8. Driving through a puddle can do it as can having wear in the rotor and jamming on the brakes at high speeds.
  9. You either have a warped rotor or locked caliper or both. Sometimes a locked caliper can cause a warped rotor. Take the car for a 5 minute drive with some braking. Get out and put your hand near the wheel that's not a problem then the one that is a problem. If its much warmer, you have a bad caliper. Replace both though.
  10. You'd be surprised at how much a layer of 1/8" cork tape plus shrink will build up the thickness. After the cork tape spray it with 3m 77 spray adhesive ( any hardware store, auto parts or craft store sells it). Then slide your shrink over and shrink it down then use the plate seat. Oldest rod I did this to is 10 years old and has never shifted.
  11. Yes, me. If you wanna dispute it, we can have a tug o war across flushing bay.
  12. Not enough racism. Its all directed towards the joos, north Africans and homos. We gotta start including the micks and kraut more. Might not hurt to include the Nepalese also.
  13. Great. Now the day laborers in the hd parking lot will know where to get ices.
  14. Have you tried putting it on your pecker and see if the dog will lick it off?
  15. Gypsea out of rockaway runs a real nice operation. Call ahead as they sell out constantly.