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  1. Ill put $2.43 on Belmo for the win!
  2. Its tough love. We beat you cause we love you. Now get back to work slacker.
  3. I just use a ton of thread. Once its epoxied the lumps disappear.
  4. Ask mitchell. He could probably break off the top half of belmo's tomato steak rod.
  5. Red, if you win the one that I build, ill even include a guided trip on how th catch coney island whitefish.
  6. Mo, since your wrapped tighter than a smothers brothers yoyo, you wanna do a spinner, ill do a casting.
  7. Ill agree to that. I bet a sloth could climb terrys forehead faster than you could build a rod.
  8. Great. I become winner by default.
  9. As long as terry is the winner on both sure.
  10. Their gonna be built to winning bidders specs, so hard to judge on what's essentially a blank.
  11. Yeah that's right. We all know his rod building skills suck. No wonder last years rod is now a tomato steak. I'm throwing down the uncooked pork chop. I bet I could build a better rod. I propose We both build 7' fluke rods. Whoever catches the biggest fish by Sept 1, 2019 on the respective rod wins. Looser donates $50 to the 2019 auction. You in or our you gonna fold like a week old corn syrup soaked flapjack.
  12. Do it mo. You provided moths of fun last year with the thread. My wife has a hankering for cheesestakes so ill deliver it down to you. I might even bring you a pizza. Are you a chicken or a turkey?
  13. I don't believe in the glass. It was invented by "the man" to keep us down. I drink from the canteen or the puddle in my backyard.
  14. I told you I have a blank to donate. Man, them ending greyhound racing in florida is really messing with your head.
  15. Having just switched from an older LG to a samsung. I actually liked the LG better. Nothing to do with picture quality. The LG user interface was more friendly.