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  1. Reds pot of bare handed cooking or your burnt sauce. This is quite the conundrum. Think I'd still go with the non burnt naked hands.
  2. Corn: check Potatos:check Shrimp: check Cooked pork product: check I think your starting to make some advances in the foodeh area.
  3. I bet if the meatballs hadn't been cooked by plum and there was sauce on them kids woulda shown up.
  4. Where I am, we have these things called rsvp's (reserve some vino please) they work pretty well. Teddys parents should have tried it.
  5. Every week your dying of something. A jooish red neck? Who new. Might want to get a DNA test. A Dr appointment might be good to.
  6. My wife has me on a short leash. No need for a chip.
  7. Wait a second! Hold the phone! So your ok with burnt meatballs but not some crust on the bbq ribs?
  8. Shoulda went with the lead. I hear lead imparts a nice sweetness.
  9. i dont know man. that sign looks photoshopped to me. no shadows and the writing on the bucket does not curve
  10. That is some dark sauce. What'd you boil ketchup for 3 days.
  11. Prove how dumb you are buying the smartest mans wheelchair. Very ironic.
  12. Pot roast tonight. Pre peacock plating. As per a ny times recpie. Real winner.
  13. Listen to the Greek expert.
  14. I like the slot limit but not full on trophy status. Stripers are not indangered species. While the numbers are lower now, with good management they will bounce back. There are a lot of people out there who do look to put one on the plate. If those people cannot put a striper on the plate, they will look elsewhere. Perhaps another species that is in real trouble. Winter flounder or cod? So now while trying to up numbers on one species another might get full on decimated.
  15. I've found they roast a bit quicker than potatoes. Start checking them after about 15-20 minutes. I give them a stir every 5-10 minutes after they start showing color. Last week we did the cinnamon-ginger seasoning then put some honey on right before we pulled them.