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  1. Pvc beadboard. Homies sells it. I think its pretty cheap and it has built in tear drainage channels for after you drag it down the beach and catch nothing.
  2. I identify as trans am. The 400 version.
  3. Unico spring on rockaway Blvd. Suspension specialists.
  4. The boat for sale is part of the Viking fleet. Intresting.
  5. I would think a good chunk of their retirement plan is the value of the boat. The business itself is cheap but a 200k-500k boat is their nest egg. If there are no fish around, I would think the boat looses a lot of value, but what do I know. Oddly quick search for "head boat for sale" turned up this * A 60 year old boat still worth 44k
  6. I'd like to think she's one and done but the demographics of her district have changed significantly over the past few years. 174k doesn't seem like a lot of money unless they get housing stipends and such.
  7. She gonna arrive on an elephant? I've seen it a few times by me. Where the hell does one go about renting an elephant in NYC?
  8. Imo I think some boats might start going out of business in the next 5 years or so. A good amount of boats by me aren't leaving the dock by me during the week and on weekends some boats that used to go out with 50 people are going with 35 or so. There are no flounder and everything else is in decline. Unless you wanna go for robins or porgies.
  9. For you....the price just went up. $75 for the blank plus 2 dinics sammis. Ill get you a pizza now and keep it for whenever you get here, a few months from now.
  10. Good point.
  11. I experimented with beer in onion soup. Used a lager meh. A stout or porter might work better though. My goto is red wine with a shot of vermouth. A tablespoon of flour tempers things a little. Last time I used rye bread and swiss. Was a nice flavor change from the baguette.
  12. Did somebody say shark!?
  13. My friend had an 86 z28 iroc. He used to keep 80lb bags of sand in the trunk for that reason. A parking lot and some rain made for fun days.
  14. For the time I've had it its been in my basement. It came from another builder and its straight so I'm gonna assume it was properly stored. Sold to queensfisher pending pickup/payment.
  15. Stuttering prick