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  1. What? She cant pick them out? I'd go for it.
  2. Oh boy
  3. Puttanesca my friend! One of my favorites.
  4. Give him a break. Greeks dont have the best reading comprehension.
  5. But he repaired a drop light on it last week.
  6. Nathan's are good but imo sabretts are better. Not sure if sabretts are a nyc area only thing.
  7. My money is on wrong key, wrong car. Honda key dont work with ford.
  8. So the progression went, let the black guy loot them then steal them off the black guy?
  9. You just wanna take him out. I like pork on the rarer side but man that's pushing it. I pull at 135 and let the rest bring it up.
  10. Mmmmm, trichinosis
  11. No you dont
  12. Would you keep quiet. If my English teacher wife sees that she'll kill me.
  13. The Frank Rizzo statue was removed today. You filthy guys need a new line now.
  14. Absolutely. For even better performance, get the grill to a polishing shop and have them polish it to a high gloss. It'll get hotter and burn s*** moar.
  15. Many moons ago I worked for a Weber dealer. Spark igniters always break. Dosent matter the brand but the Weber ones last a but longer. The flavorizer bars last about 5 years. Grates depends on what type. Stainless and cast iron last a long time. Not sure if they still make porcelain, but they wore out pretty regularly.