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  1. Wts vs 150. Serial 28×××. Cosmetically it has normal wear and tear. Has been normally serviced. Last one was Sept and it's been used 10 times since. Local pickup in queens. Asking 525.
  2. The firm.
  3. I need reds help. I launched today. Got home and realized a bunk from the trailer Is missing. Retraced my steps and could not find the bunk. Took a stick and felt something block like and carpety under the boat. Apparently I painted the bunk to the boat and when I launched the bunk came off with the boat and is now stuck under water. How should I resolve this.
  4. I did. I paused to wet my whistle and now no whistling.
  5. Today would have been perfect. Cant taste the paint and boat goes in Thursday. Itd be like getting paid to fish.
  6. The taste of bottom paint from sanding sucks.
  7. Is mcgreek really greek?
  8. My house only has 1 shower/tub. When I redid the bathroom, i had to install a temporary shower in the basement. Pressure was on to do the bathroom quickly. 1 month.
  9. It's all in the sales pitch. " hun, in order for me to change the cover, I might have to change the outlet. That could require me having to rewire the boiler, stove, girls bedroom and attic. You dont wanna be microwaving dinner in a cold house for a week do you?" I should get a bet going with belmo. Which happens first, the teardrop trailer or outlet cover?
  10. Dont be jealous of the one outlet cover I havent replaced since I scraped the wallpaper 7 years ago.
  11. Yep. Imma gonna get laid tonight!
  12. It's ok. How soon is now has passed.
  13. You could have come in 54,286 place.
  14. Made a lamp. Base is a valve handle, post is old too. Probably from a factory in bridgeport.
  15. Might be part of the tank scale. I would throw the sping in the teardrop then wonder where it goes in 2 years.